Chapter 5.3

Hey everyone, I’ve been working on this update for the last couple of days and was planning on playing more but my ISBI save is being quite jumpy and annoying. All my other saves are fine, I think it’s because I’ve played six gens of the same family (I mean I played Isabel’s parents before she was born, and I think another family before that as well, so the save has been going for a long time).

Anyway, I’ll go into this a bit later, for now, let’s see how the Reagan’s are doing.

01-05-16_2-11-16 PM

Aww, Fran, how sweet. It’s easy to forget she’s supposedly evil.

01-05-16_2-16-35 PM

Kevin: I’m awesome.

01-05-16_2-16-47 PM

Georgia and the Reagan confidence. Good on you.

01-05-16_2-20-37 PM

Joaquin and Kevin seem to get on.

01-05-16_2-21-58 PM

Joaquin: I’ll feed this kid that Ari says is mine.

He definitely is, I don’t get genetics in this game.

01-05-16_2-22-10 PM

Caitlin: What is that crying thing in the corner.

Your grandson?

01-05-16_2-25-40 PM

01-05-16_2-27-04 PM

Yes, Kev, cooing at the baby will help with it’s dirty nappy, definitely.

01-05-16_2-28-41 PM

They just stand a safe distance from the bassinet and have an argument.

01-05-16_2-29-26 PM

Aunt Georgia finally changes Rory’s nappy.

01-05-16_2-31-55 PM

Yes, Kevin, keep autonomously cooking, take some of the pressure off Ari.

01-05-16_2-38-02 PM

I like Georgia, she’s helpful.

01-05-16_2-41-57 PM

Kevin is trying to help with the crying baby.

01-07-16_8-13-02 PM

Joaquin and Ari get on making the next baby. I haven’t decided how many babies will be this gen, we’ll see if the next pregnancy is multiples or not, and then go from there.

01-07-16_8-14-32 PM 01-07-16_8-14-48 PM

And Ari is pregnant!

01-07-16_8-36-50 PM 01-07-16_8-37-58 PM

Fran grew up to a Young Adult, and her new trait was Neat.

01-07-16_8-39-03 PM 01-07-16_8-40-29 PM

Georgia also grew up (of course, considering they’re twins), her new trait is Snob.

And they’ve been moved out into the Reagan Spare home, which currently also houses Carlos and Steve. Sadly, Cecil and Dana have passed away, as I learnt when I was moving them to the house.

RIP Cecil and Dana. Cecil was a favourite of some readers (and mine shhh), but Dana was pretty great too. Luckily I still have both of them saved, and Cecil is shared on the gallery.

01-07-16_8-53-53 PM 01-07-16_8-54-11 PM

Kevin is a pretty good grandfather.

01-07-16_8-54-26 PM

Cait: Ew, what’s that smell.

Your grandson.

01-07-16_8-54-48 PM 01-07-16_8-55-03 PM

Caitlin does finally help look after Rory.

01-07-16_9-04-59 PM

Ari is having quite a lot of morning sickness this pregnancy.

01-07-16_9-18-19 PM 01-07-16_9-18-31 PM

Rory aged up!

01-07-16_9-23-38 PM

He looks quite a lot like Joaquin. His child trait is Neat, and his childhood aspiration is Artistic Prodigy, but we all know that won’t be completed.

01-08-16_5-04-38 PM 01-08-16_5-05-02 PM

Ari tries to make friends with club members for her aspiration, but it may be completely pointless for her to have done so, I’ll go into why further down.

01-08-16_5-08-04 PM

Ari had a whim to marry Joaquin so I was like why not? (A great foundation to any lasting relationship, trust me)

01-08-16_5-11-00 PM 01-08-16_5-11-01 PM 01-08-16_5-11-10 PM

And then the two eloped in the living room immediately because my save is so damn terrible at the moment that there was no way I was having a wedding party.

01-08-16_5-14-05 PM

It looks like Joaquin is double checking it’s actually his son.

He has your hair and eyes, definitely your son. The game just got confused because Ari is green.

01-08-16_5-24-15 PM 01-08-16_5-24-22 PM

I transformed Georgia and Fran’s old room into a room for Rory. There’ll be room for another bed in here at some point, if necessary, as well. I like it.

01-08-16_5-29-51 PM

Caitlin keeps her mind active in her old age.

01-08-16_6-07-04 PM

I love the little onesie that came with Get Together.

01-08-16_6-11-01 PM

Caitlin: Is that you, Creator?

01-08-16_6-11-18 PM

Caitlin: Hmm, yes, this seems like a comfy bit of flooring to die on.

01-08-16_6-11-38 PM 01-08-16_6-12-01 PM 01-08-16_6-12-47 PM

Aww, poor Kevin 😦

01-08-16_6-13-56 PM

Rest in Peace, Caitlin. You were pretty great. Also, you are still alive in the original save you’re from, so I’ll go play you and your AU kids at some point.

And that’s about all the pictures I have for this update, and now I’ll go further into my issues with my Reagan save at the moment.

It’s going quite slowly, and they’ll sit not being able to do anything for ages, I have to pause the game for longer than I can actually play it so that actions clear and they can get on with the next one. At first I thought it was to do with the new expansion pack, as others have been reporting similar issues, but it’s only for this one save. My other saves are all fine. And, tbh, getting 6ish generations in one save is an improvement over TS3, where at this point I can manage maybe two before it becomes unplayable.

My solution at this point is to save the family and the house into my library, and maybe the spares, and put them all in a new save, but the problem with that is they’ll lose all their relationships, and Ari’s aspiration is Friend of the World, and she has 15 of the required 20 friends.

I was going to wait until she got all her 20 friends, and the beautiful golden tick, before moving them to a new save, but the save has been so awful that she’s losing friends at a faster rate than making them, and it’s probably not worth trying, because I’m just getting so frustrated and it’s sucking the fun out of the game.

So that’s where things are right now. I haven’t fully made my mind up, but the next update may well be in a new save.

In other news, I have started posting my 100 Baby Challenge over on my simblr, and you can find it all here.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 5.3

  1. Awesome update. So sorry you game save is been so jumpy for you. OMG! Cecil died!! 😮😞😞😢😢😭😭💔💔 (and poor Dana too, of course)

    R.I.P Cecil, you fantastically vain guy, you shall be missed.


    • I think I’ve sorted it now, I’ve placed them in a new save and cheated so they could afford their house and them cheatrd to get the exact amount of money they had. I’m just going to have to get Ari to make all new friends.
      Also, I haven’t actually played yet, just set the neighbourhood up, so we’ll see how it plays.
      At least Cecil is in the gallery 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s true, plus he’s still running around my current game too. Sadly, I’ve not been able to play much recently, due to extreme nausea and tiredness. That’s the joy of pregnancy folks. Lol.


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