Chapter 5.2

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas! I personally had a really good day, though I did end up with a bit of sunburn. I used sunscreen as well! Ah well.

Anyway, we’re here for a Reagan update, right?

12-26-15_9-15-59 PM

Caitlin: Hello, readers!

She is so beautiful, even still.

12-26-15_9-16-38 PM

This is what happens when you set one of your club activities as drinking coffee.

12-26-15_9-19-12 PM

Kevin: This is amazing!

I’m pretty sure this is his first ever bath because I never let him as TH because they take too long.

12-26-15_9-21-17 PM

Ari has all the joys and responsibilities of being TH now.

12-26-15_9-23-41 PM

These two both desperately need a shower.

12-26-15_9-23-54 PM

Kevin has taken up the family pasttime of dancing since becoming NTH.

12-26-15_9-24-24 PM

Georgia decided to watch TV in her sisters’ room rather than having a shower.

12-26-15_9-25-30 PM 12-26-15_9-25-41 PM

Good one, Joaquin, eat the cake in front of your pregnant girlfriend.

12-26-15_9-26-34 PM 12-26-15_9-26-54 PM

See? Dancing is the family pasttime.

Joaquin comes to us with level 5 dancing skill already.

12-26-15_9-35-52 PM

Ahh, a nice dip in the pool would be perfect right now. This summer heat will be the death of me, I swear.

12-26-15_9-36-24 PM

Kevin is giving Ari some cooking tips.

12-26-15_9-36-54 PM

How sweet.

12-26-15_9-37-10 PM 12-27-15_1-02-17 PM

That must be a fascinating salad.

12-27-15_1-05-35 PM

Ari is pleased with the turn of events that led to her boyfriend standing behind her in purple speedos.

12-27-15_1-05-57 PM 12-27-15_1-07-25 PM 12-27-15_1-08-41 PM 12-27-15_1-13-30 PM

I really do love this family.

12-27-15_1-16-09 PM

Caitlin naps on the couch because she got up at 3am. It’s not as if she doesn’t have a bed she can sleep in.

12-27-15_1-32-05 PM

Poor Ari has morning sickness.

12-27-15_1-36-33 PM

The bathroom is obviously a great place to hang out and eat cake.

12-27-15_1-36-49 PM

Joaquin looks like he’s barely managing to keep hold of that cup of coffee.

12-27-15_1-37-45 PM

Joaquin joins the bathroom party.

12-27-15_1-38-41 PM

Well, they seem to get along, which is nice.

12-27-15_1-42-41 PM 12-27-15_1-43-43 PM 12-27-15_1-44-32 PM

Ari got asked to join the Good Timers club so she went to a club gatherin, and they have their own little space under one of the bars in Windenburg.

12-27-15_1-51-05 PM 12-27-15_1-53-33 PM

So, how long are you going to wander around in your towel, Joaquin?

12-27-15_1-58-38 PM 12-27-15_1-58-53 PM

Ignoring the fact that the lump of clay looks weird as heck right now, it’s floating! Georgia has the Force!

12-27-15_1-59-31 PM 12-27-15_2-01-02 PM

Idk why but these two just went from the backyard to the path out the front of their house and just stood there doing their thing.

12-27-15_2-01-56 PM

And then Cait just left the bowl on the footpath.

12-27-15_2-02-44 PM

I’m glad she’s using this little TV nook.

12-27-15_2-15-54 PM

While Ari is doing weird things at the computer, Fran takes a selfie.

Fran: I’m the best look Reagan sister.

Confidence is a good thing.

12-27-15_2-19-03 PM

Ari: I need to give the computer a hug.

I do that sometimes because I can’t hug the person on the other side 😦

12-27-15_2-29-37 PM

Kevin: This food is great!

That’s because you cooked it while you were still TH.

12-27-15_2-35-28 PM

I really want to know what they are talking about here, because Caitlin looks pleasantly amused, Joaquin looks disgusted, and Kevin is clealry telling some riveting tale.

12-27-15_2-39-36 PM

Ari is in her third trimester.

12-27-15_2-43-46 PM

Caitlin takes naps outside now.

12-27-15_2-44-16 PM

Fran takes after her mother.

12-27-15_2-49-35 PM

Ari: What a juicy piece of gossip!

She looks Shocked And Alarmed.

12-27-15_2-52-58 PM

Ari is fixing up the dollhouse so the baby can have the use of it once it’s a child.

12-27-15_2-55-14 PM

This family gets on so well, and I still remember the days of Amanda disliking Elaine and Morgana being grumpy all the time.

12-27-15_2-56-23 PM

She really does take after her mother wow.

12-27-15_2-59-14 PM

Georgia is just ignoring her father.

12-27-15_2-59-58 PM

What a face.

12-27-15_3-03-07 PM

Kevin looks so worried about Georgia’s arm being stuck in the counter.

12-27-15_3-16-53 PM

Ari is so great.

12-27-15_3-36-41 PM


I’ve gotten the first notification saying that Caitlin’s life is coming to an end 😦

12-29-15_9-38-58 AM

She’s quite pretty too.

12-29-15_9-40-11 AM 12-29-15_9-55-40 AM

Ari meets a couple of people around the neighbourhood.

12-29-15_9-57-07 AM

The first Gen 6 baby is coming!

12-29-15_9-57-34 AM

Ari gives birth to a little boy who was named Rory! I have no idea where that skin colour came from, I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that Ari has alien skin.

And the birth of Rory is where we leave this update.

Next time: Fran and Georgia will grow up. We might lose Caitlin??? Idk maybe Kevin will become an Elder? Also at least one more baby will come at some point because that’s what the ISBI rules say.

I hope you all have a great New Years, and see(?) you all in 2016!


One thought on “Chapter 5.2

  1. Awww Rory is so cute! I look forward to your 100BC. I’m kind of dragging my feet on finishing mine and just playing through with a very dysfunctional family I made. The parents are the survivors of my asylum challenge, and they are Insane, Creative and Cheerful, and Insane, Romantic and Evil, so the evil one keeps fighting with his kids (which they have eight of, the first two moved out). It’s wonderful chaos, a bit like an ISBI at times since the house is always full.


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