Chapter 5.4

Hi everyone! I’ve sorted out my game save issues. Basically, I saved the family and the house to my library and put them in a new save (and then cheated so that they could afford the house, and made sure they had the same amount of money that they had in the old save). Georgia, Fran, and Steve are still around (sadly not Carlos, since he has now passed away), but they’re no longer related.

I also deleted the other Joaquin, and the Travis that’s running around this new save so that we don’t cause some sort of paradox and stop Amanda from ever being born.

01-15-16_1-22-32 PM

So, how do you like your new home?

Arianna: Everything is the same.

That was the point.

Fun fact: Ari now only has 2 friends, and they are Joaquin and Rory. Got to make a bunch of new friends, but that’s the trade off for being able to play the game without wanting to scream.

01-15-16_1-24-44 PM 01-15-16_1-25-15 PM

01-15-16_1-25-50 PM

Rory is doing things now… amazing. My sims are doing things.

01-15-16_1-27-12 PM 01-15-16_1-28-03 PM 01-15-16_1-29-07 PM

I had Ari go around and meet a bunch of people in the neighbourhood because she needs to make all her friends again.

01-15-16_1-30-13 PM

Ari wandered away from the group of people and towards the bin and I was very confused. Her queue said talking to friends with a picture of the bin, and then she started talking to it. Unfortunately, this friend doesn’t count for her aspiration.

01-15-16_1-32-48 PM

I didn’t even realise it was dirty, thank you, Kevin.

01-15-16_1-37-36 PM 01-15-16_1-37-41 PM

Kevin is old 😦

01-15-16_1-38-22 PM


01-15-16_1-46-18 PM 01-15-16_1-48-45 PM

Rory is making the most of all the toys around the house.

01-15-16_1-49-39 PM 01-15-16_1-50-13 PM 01-15-16_1-51-16 PM 01-15-16_1-52-12 PM

Making friends in the middle of the street.

01-15-16_2-05-01 PM

The next baby is on the way!

01-15-16_2-05-51 PM

It’s a girl! She is named Donna.

Rory and Donna. Who knows the naming theme?

01-15-16_2-06-01 PM

This is sweet.

01-15-16_2-10-25 PM

Now that Donna is born, Joaquin has his ‘pre-parental panic’, because he was asleep when Ari went into labour.

01-15-16_2-21-51 PM 01-15-16_2-23-03 PM

More friends.

01-15-16_2-25-20 PM

We’re just collecting acquaintances, and then Ari is going to build up the friendships individually.

01-15-16_2-27-49 PM

Kevin exhausted himself. Please don’t do that, Kevin, I’m not ready to lose you yet.

01-15-16_2-36-32 PM 01-15-16_2-36-49 PM

01-15-16_2-37-47 PM

Rory: Just looks straight ahead and ignore him. He’s not there doing weird things. Nope.

01-15-16_2-42-57 PM

Joaquin: I’ll just stand creepily at the end of the bed my son is sleeping in.

01-15-16_2-43-58 PM 01-15-16_2-44-13 PM

I decided that they could go for baby #3, and I feel like I might regret that in the future. But we’ll see.

01-15-16_2-45-24 PM

And Ari is pregnant again!

01-15-16_2-46-04 PM

Ari tells Joaquin the news, and Kevin comes in to hear it as well.

01-15-16_3-12-07 PM

Joaquin is so shocked.

01-15-16_3-14-09 PM

Ari goes out to meet J Huntington III in her nightshirt.

01-15-16_3-22-04 PM

Joaquin just wants to be involved in Donna’s life.

01-15-16_3-23-36 PM

Ari needs a bit if guitar skill for her job.

01-15-16_3-24-13 PM 01-15-16_3-24-15 PM 01-15-16_3-24-18 PM 01-15-16_3-24-19 PM

Joaquin also does, but he does nothing to gain the skills needed for his job.

01-15-16_3-26-23 PM

Rory is a bit wiped after his day at school.

01-15-16_3-26-42 PM 01-15-16_3-26-43 PM

Kevin isn’t too good at this game.

01-15-16_3-28-33 PM

Rory fell asleep in the bath.

01-15-16_3-30-54 PM 01-15-16_3-32-38 PM

I kinda love seeing grandparents with grandkids.

01-15-16_3-35-08 PM

Joaquin: I smell like that?

01-15-16_3-36-49 PM

Falling asleep in the bath is the way you know you’re a true Reagan.

01-15-16_3-38-28 PM

Donna grew up!

01-15-16_3-44-12 PM

Her child trait is Self Assured and her child aspiration is Social BUtterfly.

Isn’t Self Assured just a hidden Reagan trait anyway??

01-15-16_3-45-30 PM

Anyway, she’s cute, and I love her.

And that’s all for this time. Next update will include another baby. And much smoother gameplay.




4 thoughts on “Chapter 5.4

  1. Yay!!! Huge DW fan here too. Love Rory and Donna too. They were too funny. Miss them lots. Love all the companions too, tho still not totally loving Clara. I liked her when she was introduced in “The Dalek Asylum”, but afterwards she just never grew on me like all the others did. 😞 I miss Amy lots and River/Melody too.


    • Donna was my favourite companion but yeah, I miss Amy too. And Rory. River was in the Christmas ep so haven’t really had time to miss her lol. Clara had her moments, but I think some of what I didn’t like was to do with writing (inconsistencies in the character) but I still liked her overall.


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