Chapter 8.9

This is the last update of Gen 8! It’s all leading up to Tina aging up and being the new TH.

08-08-17_1-35-55 PM

Tina is still working pretty hard for school, and doing her homework and school projects without Vi encouraging her.

08-08-17_1-55-38 PM

Despite having a lot of work to do, being TH, Vi still finds some romantic time with her wife.

08-08-17_1-56-15 PM

Tina: Right, time to hop into the hot tub my parent’s just woohoo’d in.

08-08-17_2-01-26 PM

Britta’s getting in some yoga time.

08-08-17_2-14-13 PM

Quinn called Vi asking her out to dinner, so Vi also invited Tina and Duncan.

08-08-17_2-15-19 PM

I really like Quinn’s formal dress.

08-08-17_2-16-04 PM08-08-17_2-18-39 PM

Gotta love some family time.

08-08-17_2-58-43 PM

Tina: Just broke the bathtub #yolo

08-10-17_1-21-41 PM

I redid the kitchen because I could. It’s very red. I dunno. I’m never happy with the kitchen.

08-13-17_1-08-20 PM

Tina is in a mood.

08-13-17_1-13-50 PM

Vi got sick, but the TH doesn’t have time for that, so medicine down the hatch!

08-13-17_1-17-29 PM

Ah, some nice family downtime.

08-13-17_1-49-06 PM

Hey, look, both Quinn and Duncan are out jogging.

08-13-17_1-50-29 PM

Tina is apparently interested in chess.

08-13-17_2-20-10 PM

Britta sure loves mixology.

08-13-17_2-20-39 PM

08-13-17_2-24-10 PM

Tina used Quinn’s old room to do her homework.

08-13-17_2-38-22 PM

Vi and Britta went to visit Q.

08-13-17_2-39-03 PM

08-13-17_2-41-20 PM

Since Q has a dance floor at her house, I had Vi and Britta do a group dance.

08-13-17_2-41-37 PM

Britta hit herself in the face.

08-13-17_2-42-57 PM

08-13-17_2-56-17 PM

08-13-17_3-17-43 PM

Vi is the first person to the use the breakfast bar. I’m pretty sure no one ever used the old one, either.

08-13-17_3-28-03 PM

Vi’s garden is all gone! I put it in the family inventory because the plants might be used at a later date, but for now, it’s gone. It’s Tina’s birthday and autonomous Vi won’t look after the plants properly.

08-13-17_3-30-43 PM

And that’s the birthday cake made.

08-13-17_3-34-51 PM

08-13-17_3-54-14 PM

This is Tina as a YA!

Her new trait is Dance Machine, to go with Bookworm and Vegetarian, and her aspiration is Musical Genius.

08-13-17_4-10-42 PM

I redecorated Cornelius and Leia’s old room for Tina.

And that’s the end of generation 8! Next update will be Tina finding the Gen 9 spouse, starting on her musical journey, and maybe getting started on those generation 10 babies!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 8.9

  1. Brilliant update. Sad to see Gen 8 pass, but excited to see Gen 9 begin and looking forward to what Gen 10 could become. Stop aging Vi, not ready for her older years. Want her and Britta to live a really looong time! 😄

    Love Tina’s new look. Very cool. Sad to see the garden go, but I understand if she won’t take care of it autonomously, it’s too much work. Love the kitchen, big fan of red. That said, mine is yellow and my sitting room is red. Haha 😄

    Look forward to the next chapter! Love this family. 💜


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