Chapter 8.8

Hey everyone and welcome back to the Reagan ISBI! So many updates lately!

To begin, an announcment:

The Generation 9 TH will be Tina!

07-24-17_1-21-56 PM

Tina: Selfie of the next TH, heir to the Reagan fortune!

At one point I thought Quinn was going to win, but Tina edged her out by one vote. Someone did ask if we could have joint TH’s, but I have no idea how that would work. However, maybe she can be used in a future sim story. Maybe a founder of something? Who knows?

Maybe I’ll upload Quinn and you guys can use her in your games, too.

07-24-17_1-28-31 PM

Quinn is not pleased about losing the vote.

07-24-17_1-37-15 PM

However, it doesn’t seem to have affected the sisters’ relationship, still pretty friendly.

07-24-17_1-46-56 PM

Why would you do that to yourself, T?

07-24-17_1-48-11 PM

Tina: I’m awesome

You sure are.

07-24-17_1-50-10 PM

Everyone knows that if you want to find Violet, to go to the garden.

07-24-17_1-54-51 PM

Violet having on of her regular boogies.

07-24-17_1-57-34 PM

Vi took Tina and Quinn to the flea market to get out of the house.

07-24-17_1-59-33 PM

07-24-17_2-00-38 PM

Quinn needs a shower, but she’s singing her heart out anyway.

07-24-17_2-01-59 PM

07-24-17_2-18-17 PM

Q fell asleep in the bath.

07-24-17_2-18-38 PM

I feel like Tina is the first person to use the hot tub since I rebuilt the Reagan house but I may be wrong.

07-24-17_2-19-07 PM

So many hugs.

07-25-17_3-10-03 PM


07-25-17_3-41-05 PM

Quinn: Oh yeah, looking HOT

07-25-17_3-46-04 PM

Well, someone thinks they’re cool.

07-25-17_3-46-55 PM

Duncan was jogging by while Vi fished.

07-25-17_3-49-53 PM

Hey, if Tina wants to work on her cooking skill before she becomes TH, I’m not complaining.

07-25-17_3-52-21 PM

I love how you can see the smoke coming off the candle.

07-25-17_4-07-34 PM

It’s a good morning to be fishing.

07-25-17_4-28-40 PM

I don’t think I’ve shown Vi’s tattoo before. She’s generally got her jumper on.

I gave them to her for her adult birthday.

07-25-17_4-55-07 PM

Quinn: Why, creator! Why me?

I don’t know what she’s whining about.

07-25-17_4-56-34 PM

Q landed badly.

07-25-17_5-00-22 PM

I just love how Violet’s garden turned out. I won’t be able to appreciate it for much longer, either, because once Tina becomes a YA, I’ll be getting rid of it. There’s no way that Violet will look after it autonomously.

07-25-17_5-28-36 PM

Mmm, coffee.

07-25-17_5-29-41 PM

Interesting how the handle of the mug seems to go through Vi’s finger.

07-25-17_5-31-56 PM

So many selfies. Also I love Quinn’s expression in this picture.

07-25-17_6-33-34 PM

Tina is actually level 3 or 4 of the athletic skill because of constant use of the water slide.

07-25-17_6-46-04 PM

Quinn is feeling sick, and it’s her birthday too. Poor thing.

07-25-17_6-48-27 PM07-25-17_6-49-10 PM

And like that, Quinn is a YA.

07-25-17_6-57-46 PM

Quinn’s new trait is Clumsy. Her other traits are Mean and Genius, and her aspiration is Computer Whiz.

07-25-17_7-10-51 PM

Then I put this house down the road from the family and moved Quinn in here. I built it! There’s a speed building video on my channel! LINK

And with Quinn now a YA, that’s the end of this update. Next time will be the last one in which Vi is TH. Wow.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 8.8

  1. Congratulations, Tina! You’ll do fantastic as TH. Commiserations, Quinn. You would’ve been a brilliant TH. We’ll see you again tho. Excellent update! Your spares hours build was brilliant. Love the look inside and out. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Maybe Vi will still autonomously look after it. You never know. You could always leave it and see if she does. It does look wonderful.


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