Chapter 8.7 + TH vote!

I said the next update wouldn’t be very far away, didn’t I?

07-18-17_1-57-04 PM

Q and Vi playing a game together.

07-18-17_2-04-47 PM

Oh yeah, Vi, get down!

07-18-17_2-06-30 PM

I’m not sure I’m sold on Quinn’s party outfit.

07-18-17_2-06-44 PM

07-18-17_2-07-08 PM

Nap time for Britta!

07-18-17_2-07-26 PM

07-18-17_2-07-36 PM

Quinn hasn’t even been to school yet and she’s doing her homework.

07-18-17_2-19-59 PM

I tweeted this yesterday but… Violet can walk on water.

07-18-17_2-42-18 PM

This is Quinn’s everday outfit. I really love it.

07-18-17_3-01-01 PM07-18-17_3-01-43 PM

Vi has been fishing a lot lately since she’s completed the gardening skill. We’re even using things from her garden as bait.

07-18-17_3-03-58 PM

Q gets help with her homework from Vi.

07-18-17_3-18-38 PM

Seeing as Q’s aspiration is chomputer whiz, I can’t complain that she spends a lot of time playing video games.

07-18-17_3-21-01 PM

I’m going to have a bunch of unfinished school project all around the Reagan backyard when Quinn and Tina grow up to adults.

07-18-17_3-47-18 PM

07-18-17_3-54-47 PM

I gave the kitchen different panelling, but I’m still not happy with it. No doubt at some point I’ll renovate it.

07-18-17_4-20-11 PM

Now that her daughters are able to look after themselves, it’s back to the booze for Britta.

I mean, she was a bartender when Vi met her.

07-18-17_4-26-53 PM

Quinn has been working on her manners and cleaning up!

07-18-17_4-28-45 PM


07-18-17_5-01-06 PM

Hey Duncan!

07-18-17_5-13-43 PM07-18-17_5-14-40 PM

Someone came home in a bit of a mood.

07-18-17_6-33-53 PM07-18-17_6-34-50 PM

Honestly this girl is on top of her work without Vi having to encourage her.

07-18-17_6-49-50 PM

As much as Q is on top of her work, she is a teenager, and grumpy quite a lot.

07-18-17_6-51-05 PM

07-18-17_6-53-27 PM

Tina likes to go to Vi for advice.

07-18-17_7-04-16 PM

And another mood swing for Q.

07-18-17_7-05-04 PM

And Vi is making another cake for another birthday.

07-18-17_7-05-16 PM

We didn’t even invite Duncan this time, he just knew it was the right time to come over for a birthday somehow.

07-18-17_7-06-55 PM07-18-17_7-08-03 PM

Tina is now a teenager!

07-18-17_7-22-09 PM

Tina’s new trait is Bookworm to go with Vegetarian, and her aspiration is Musical Genius.

07-18-17_7-24-16 PM

This is Tina’s full outfit. I thought the hair style really suited her and then went with it for the whole thing.

And now it’s time to vote for the next TH since we have about a sim week left until Quinn’s birthday and that’s how long each update usually is.

Good luck voting!


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