Chapter 8.6

Hey everyone and welcome back to another Reagan update.

I may do another one soon. I can’t do any videos at the moment due to TMJ, I have a lot of pain around my mouth and cheek, so I think I’ll be playing the Reagans a fair bit.

07-17-17_1-57-01 PM

Tina’s doing a potty dance.

07-17-17_1-57-38 PM

07-17-17_1-58-49 PM

Leia’s the first one to use the block table.

07-17-17_2-08-34 PM

Like mother, like daughter?

07-17-17_2-15-07 PM

Violet had a not so good interaction with her mother.

07-17-17_2-16-12 PM

That’s a bit too close to the TV, Q.

07-17-17_2-25-59 PM

Britta has taken up yoga.

07-17-17_2-42-39 PM

Working on those motor skills!

07-17-17_2-40-00 PM

I gave her a missing tooth and she’s adorable.

07-17-17_2-57-46 PM

Violet is seducing Britta with her dancing.

This could very quickly become a lap dance.

07-17-17_3-06-55 PM

Britta is autonomously helping Tina with her homework!

07-17-17_3-08-27 PM


07-17-17_3-12-08 PM07-17-17_3-12-53 PM

Both girls work hard on their school projects.

07-17-17_3-36-55 PM

Violet had a birthday. She’s now in the adult lifestage.

07-17-17_3-48-13 PM

Since Violet is now a middle aged mother, she thought it was time to lose the crop top and try a new look.

07-17-17_3-49-09 PM

07-17-17_4-06-54 PM07-17-17_4-07-00 PM

I wasn’t paying attention to Violet for a minute, and she tried to eat the cowplant’s cake.

07-17-17_4-18-48 PM

I guess Violet and Britta decided to get it on in the sauna.

07-17-17_4-35-32 PM

Leia, take a shower.

07-17-17_4-38-47 PM

Violet and Tina became best friends.

07-17-17_4-53-55 PM

Leia: Oh, this footpath seems comfy.

No! Leia! :O

07-17-17_4-54-20 PM

Rest in peace, Leia. You were a great TH.

07-17-17_5-07-44 PM

Violet has to get the stereo fixed so she can get back to dancing.

07-17-17_5-18-00 PM

Britta has also had a birthday. She didn’t get to celebrate with a cake though.

07-17-17_5-25-56 PM

07-17-17_5-45-02 PM

07-17-17_5-47-17 PM

Tina did not have a good day at school, but Violet is taking the girls to volunteer at a soup kitchen anyway.

07-17-17_5-56-19 PM07-17-17_6-00-10 PM

Aww, look at the girls being put to bed by their mothers.

07-17-17_6-12-41 PM

Poor Q is sick.

07-17-17_6-13-14 PM

I took this picture because Violet reached level 10 of the gardening skill and completed her aspiration!

07-17-17_6-19-20 PM

Quinn got put in time out for making a mess. She’s nearly a teenager, she really should know better.

07-17-17_6-21-09 PM

At least she cleaned the mess up after Violet asked her to.

07-17-17_6-47-53 PM

It’s cake making time.

07-17-17_6-51-13 PM

Duncan made it over for his niece’s birthday!

07-17-17_6-51-52 PM07-17-17_6-52-47 PM

Happy birthday, Q!

07-17-17_7-18-41 PM

Quinn’s new trait is Genius, to go with her child trait of Mean, and her aspiration is Computer Whiz!

And Quinn’s birthday to become a teenager is the end of this update. Like I said above, I can’t record videos at the moment so I have to find something else to do with myself, also I’m keen to play more of the Reagans! So the next update shouldn’t be too far away, but don’t hold me to that!



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