Chapter 8.5

Hello all, it’s time for another Reagan update!

As you may or may not recall, last time Violet and Britta’s second child Tina became a toddler while their first child Quinn became a child.

06-11-17_3-09-20 PM

Now that we have the Parenthood game pack, we can teach the toddlers things like saying please and thank you.

06-11-17_3-13-15 PM06-11-17_3-13-31 PM

Well isn’t this just a great way to begin an update?

06-11-17_3-14-21 PM

Rest in Peace, Cornelius. Your family will miss you. Thanks for giving us Violet.

06-11-17_3-16-22 PM

The Grim Reaper decided to stick around for a awhile and watch a movie.

06-11-17_3-30-45 PM

Britta is helping Tina with her dancing.

06-11-17_3-34-58 PM

06-11-17_3-35-24 PM

Miss Quinn is tends to be in a lot of negative moods.

06-11-17_3-36-47 PM

Someone had been playing with her mothers’ vanity table.

06-11-17_3-38-42 PM

I like that they can put children to bed now, not just toddlers.

In fact, a lot of the stuff that came with Parenthood will be great for an ISBI, such as the ‘Influence to’ or ‘Force to’ interactions. Kids need to do their homework, go to bed, or shower? You can tell them to using your TH!

Though if you use Influence they won’t always do it, and Force affects the relationship negatively.

06-11-17_3-45-18 PM

Duncan came asking his sister for advice.

06-11-17_4-05-29 PM06-11-17_4-06-23 PM

Tina’s favourite time: bath time!

06-11-17_4-18-58 PM

Duncan came home from school having a mood swing. Violet adopted Duncan as a are dependant and helped him through it.

06-11-17_4-24-34 PM

Violet asked Duncan to have a shower, and just look at his moody walk.

06-11-17_4-43-52 PM

Leia is still around.

06-11-17_4-51-48 PM

06-11-17_5-03-16 PM

Duncan’s birthday finally came along. His new trait is Hot-headed to go with Evil and Bookworm. I’m sure he’ll have fun with that.

He was then moved to a home in Willow Creek.

06-11-17_5-05-33 PM

I decided to give Quinn the new hair that came with Parenhood because it’s so cute.

06-11-17_5-13-12 PM06-11-17_5-13-41 PM

How sweet, a lovely mother-daughter bonding moment by the pool.

06-11-17_5-47-50 PM

Leia reached level 10 of the Scientist career.

Too bad I can’t go with her and see what she can now invent. I haven’t completed any of the GTW careers personally. And Leia is non-TH now.

06-12-17_4-55-44 PM

06-12-17_5-02-52 PM

06-12-17_5-04-07 PM

The family is use the bulletin board, which is nice to see. Curfew is set at 9, but sims don’t really leave the house unless your direct them to, so I don’t know if it will ever matter.

06-12-17_5-08-33 PM

06-12-17_5-17-19 PM

06-12-17_5-44-06 PM

Nice to see that Quinn is following the unhealth Reagan tradition of cake for breakfast.

06-12-17_5-51-43 PM

Already time for Tina to be a child? How has time gone by so quickly?

06-12-17_5-59-38 PM

Here’s Tina as a child! Her child trait is Vegetarian.

06-12-17_6-14-01 PM06-12-17_6-14-14 PM

And this is Tina’s bedroom!

We’ll finish this update with Tina just becoming a child. It’s going to be interesting to see how Parenthood changes doing as ISBI.


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