Chapter 8.4

Second update this month! We’re really getting somewhere!

As you may remember, we left the last update with baby Tina being born.

04-18-17_4-47-14 PM

Can one of you just take the child out of the high chair?

04-18-17_4-48-36 PM

Now that she’s no longer pregnant, Britta can safely spend her time drinking.

04-18-17_4-52-50 PM

Quinn went wandering around the house and walked in on her grandparents WooHooing.

04-18-17_4-59-25 PM04-18-17_5-01-38 PM04-18-17_5-07-04 PM

What a sweet little family.

04-18-17_5-07-43 PM

Oh yeah, and Duncan is still around.

04-18-17_5-49-17 PM

04-18-17_6-33-17 PM

I had to move the Reagans to a new save, so I put the bowling alley across the road from them.

04-18-17_6-33-40 PM

Two of our girls dancing together.

04-18-17_6-37-53 PM04-18-17_6-38-00 PM

Leia had a birthday. I feel kind of sad seeing her old.

04-19-17_2-19-31 PM

04-19-17_2-20-09 PM

These two are both mean, and often it’s aimed at each other.

04-19-17_2-33-54 PM

Look who aged up!

04-19-17_2-40-27 PM

Tina’s toddler trait is Charmer.

04-19-17_2-57-47 PM

04-19-17_3-04-32 PM

They may be mean to each other, but these two are still quite lovey dovey.

04-19-17_3-10-34 PM

Look at the lil monster.

04-19-17_3-21-43 PM

The only picture we’re going to get with both girls as toddlers because…

04-19-17_3-26-19 PM

it’s Quinn’s birthday!

04-19-17_3-33-33 PM

Quinn’s child trait is Mean, taking after her grandparents.

04-19-17_4-07-46 PM04-19-17_4-08-00 PM

04-19-17_4-12-49 PM

Quinn is quick to find something to do as a child.

04-19-17_4-27-48 PM

Tina is a crier.

04-19-17_4-33-48 PM

Tina: No, don’t want ganma.

04-19-17_4-34-51 PM

Uncle Duncan is helping Tina with flash cards.

He really is great with the kids. I hope when he moves out he has a family of his own.

04-19-17_4-43-25 PM

Quinn just keeps finding her grandfather in compromising positions.

04-19-17_4-59-12 PM

Cake for breakfast, how healthy.

And that’s all for this time! Don’t forget I have a youtube channel where I do some Let’s Plays, some fandom discussion, a few vloggy thing, and also some other stuff you may be interested in (I recently posted a video called ‘A Hufflepuff’s Guide to Surviving Hogwarts’ which you may like if you’re into Harry Potter). You can find my channel here: Anneliese_MB


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