Chapter 8.3

Hey! If I’m only posting once a month, I’m definitely not finishing before the end of the year, so let’s hope I speed this process up a bit.

04-02-17_4-51-26 PM

Cornelius is watching over his granddaughter as she sleeps, how sweet.

04-02-17_4-53-46 PM

Duncan did not have a very good time on the water slide.

04-02-17_4-57-01 PM

Duncan chose to sleep with his Mama.

04-02-17_5-02-48 PM

Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed.

04-02-17_5-10-56 PM

She’s so angry (about needing fun) that she destroyed the dollhouse (which could have given her fun).

You can’t reason with a toddler.

04-02-17_5-11-43 PM

Quinn: Ma, I’m sad about the broken dollhouse.

You broke it.

04-02-17_5-12-40 PM04-02-17_5-12-51 PM

Not to worry, it’s Mummy Violet to the rescue, to help Quinn have some fun.

This is too adorable.

04-02-17_5-29-11 PM

Britta has exciting new to share with Violet. She’s pregnant again!

04-02-17_5-33-59 PM

These two are still cute together.

04-02-17_5-38-42 PM

Violet is teaching Quinn to dance.

04-02-17_5-43-52 PM04-02-17_5-44-02 PM

Bath time!

04-02-17_5-48-37 PM

Mummy Violet, Ma Britta, and Uncle Duncan all came to help teach Quinn shapes.

She sure has a lot of people who care about her. Awww.

04-02-17_5-52-48 PM04-02-17_5-52-50 PM

This is what happens when you leave Quinn alone for awhile.

04-02-17_6-00-31 PM

Someone is happy.

Is this update just a lot of pictures of Quinn. Yes.

04-03-17_1-41-52 PM

04-03-17_1-51-02 PM

Uncle Duncan is pretty good with Quinn, always checking in on her and helping her with the potty and the other things.

04-03-17_2-11-56 PM

Leia, are you okay?

(Every time I write Leia my heart breaks a little for space Mom (Carrie Fisher), even now.)

04-03-17_2-26-47 PM

Quinn does not think much of her food. Do we have a snob on our hands?

04-03-17_2-45-05 PM

Well done at looking after yourself while pregnant, Britta.

04-03-17_3-05-18 PM04-03-17_3-06-33 PM

More dancing with Mummy.

04-03-17_3-07-36 PM

Someone thinks she’s cool. (That someone is 100% correct)

04-03-17_3-08-21 PM

Aww, she’s self sufficient and got her own food.

04-03-17_3-19-47 PM

04-03-17_3-38-26 PM

It’s baby time!

04-03-17_3-39-44 PM04-03-17_3-39-54 PM

It’s a girl! She’s named Tina!

And that’s all for this time! Hopefully I’ll be able to speed up Reagan updates, I’d like to.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 8.3

  1. 😒😟😵 Stupid WordPress, won’t work and let me click the like button. Ugh! Anyway, 💜 Loved this episode! Quinn is adorable! 😊 Can’t wait to see what Tina’s like. Poor Britta, falling asleep on the floor. 😁😄


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