Chapter 8.2

Hey everyone!

Last time with the Reagans, Violet got married to Britta Wallis. So that means gen 9 babies are close. 03-10-17_3-41-17 PM

So close, in fact, that Britta is telling Violet that she’s pregnant.

03-10-17_3-52-12 PM

Leia may no longer be TH, but she’s still helping out.

03-10-17_3-58-55 PM

Look at that cute lil belly!

Though Britta really could do with taking a shower.

03-10-17_4-21-15 PM03-10-17_4-21-45 PM

Leia and Cornelius are still very much in love.

03-10-17_4-24-58 PM

03-10-17_4-32-25 PM03-10-17_4-33-48 PM

They make such a sweet family.

03-10-17_4-38-12 PM

I don’t know why Cornelius is so angry, he’s the one that walked in on Violet.

03-10-17_4-40-43 PM

Wow, someone is actually using the couch autonomously.

03-10-17_4-49-01 PM

At least you didn’t pass out.

03-10-17_4-49-50 PM

Klaus: Oh yeah, look at these guns.



03-10-17_4-58-57 PM

Cow plant!

03-10-17_5-00-33 PM

Britta is the first one to interact with it. Perhaps having a cowplant in an ISBI household isn’t a good idea.

03-10-17_5-00-51 PM03-10-17_5-01-10 PM

As long as Violet keeps it well fed, it should be okay.

03-10-17_5-09-10 PM

Britta just keeps going to it.

I ended up fencing it in with a gate only Violet can get through.

03-10-17_5-25-42 PM

Cornelius got old!

03-10-17_5-27-04 PM

03-10-17_5-29-59 PM

Duncan aged up to teen.

I just let him age up without cake, I couldn’t be bothered. He’s just gonna be sad for a bit, so will Cornelius.

03-10-17_5-36-03 PM

Duncan as a teen looks a lot like Klaus.

03-10-17_5-37-55 PM

Interesting place to do some sit ups, Klaus.

03-10-17_5-42-51 PM

Sign the cowplant needs to be fed.

It’s like having a baby before the baby actually arrives.

03-10-17_6-03-16 PM

Anakin’s daughter Kelly came over, she’s taken to the family hobby of selfies.

03-10-17_6-08-04 PM

Britta has gone into labour.

03-10-17_6-09-01 PM

Britta hasn’t quite figured out how to take care of herself.

03-10-17_6-10-16 PM03-10-17_6-10-37 PM

Finally, Britta gets up after passing out and goes to give birth. Violet is freaking out.

03-10-17_6-11-18 PM

It’s a girl! They named her Quinn.

03-10-17_6-11-39 PM

The first think Violet does, before meeting her daughter, is kiss Britta. This was completely autonomous, too, I didn’t direct her. How sweet.

03-10-17_6-12-07 PM

03-10-17_6-15-41 PM03-10-17_6-15-55 PM

Klaus also had a birthday, and since he’s now a Young Adult, he has been moved out.

03-11-17_1-16-03 PM03-11-17_1-16-14 PM

Uncle Duncan is very helpful with baby Quinn.

03-11-17_1-48-27 PM

Every now and then, Violet’s TH duties stop long enough to let her dance.

03-11-17_2-07-10 PM

Oh Britta. I sure hopw you figure it out someday.

03-11-17_2-15-40 PM

It’s time for Quinn to age up!

03-11-17_2-16-14 PM03-11-17_2-17-14 PM03-11-17_2-17-33 PM


03-11-17_2-23-54 PM

Quinn is so adorable! And her toddlers trait is Independent, which is good.

03-11-17_2-25-45 PM03-11-17_2-25-56 PM

Quinn is upset because someone broke the dollhouse, but not to worry, little one, Mama is fixing it.

03-11-17_2-27-30 PM03-11-17_2-28-21 PM

Violet read little Quinn to sleep.

I don’t think I’ll ever be over the fact toddlers are in the game now.

That’s all from the Reagans for this time. Next time perhaps we’ll get working on baby #2.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 8.2

  1. Aw, Quinn is adorable. Super happy about toddlers as well, I kinda like how they’re a little self-sufficient (my last Gen 7 kid Summer was able to skill herself and grab food sometimes even though she was an NTH)

    Liked by 1 person

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