Chapter 7.5

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great New Year! It’s time to get back into the Reagans, but before we do, I have an announcement!

I’ve started posting sims videos on youtube! Yep, I now have a Sims 3 and a Sims 4 Let’s Play series. You can check out my channel here: Anneliese_MB.

What does this mean for the Reagans? Nothing, probably. Reagan updates always take me awhile because I play quite a few sim days at a time, and I should post with some regularity.


Thank you, Cornelius.


You have a bed Violet but okay.


Gross. Great, more work for Leia.


Violet: Gross, Dad, can you put on clothes?

Klaus: If I cloce my eyes I can pretend my father isn’t mostly naked in front of me.


Poor Leia has so much to do. Don’t worry, one day your time as TH will be over.


Did Violet just punch herself in the face?


Mother and daughter working out together. Nice.


Homework, that’s what we like to see?

How many times have I said that or similar, I wonder?


Thanks, Vi. Good practice for if you become TH.


Leia did some gaming with her brothers, and lost.


Vi: Hi Grandad!

I love how sims just accept the ghosts of dead ancestors roaming their home.


Thanks, Julius. That’s more useful than anything you did while alive.


Leia had a bit of fun messing with her coworkers.


Leia got a promotion and this is her new work outfit.



Duncan aged up!


And here’s Duncan! His trait is evil.


Vi: If I learn to cook, it will really help me to become TH.


The first thing Duncan does once he ages up is go mourn his grandparents that he never met.


And now it’s time for Klaus to have a birthday.


This is Klaus as a teen. His new trait is Self-Assured to go with Gloomy (?) and his randomised aspiration is The Curator.

I just did this with Leia. I did it with Isabel. This means Klaus is officially out of the running for TH. It’s going be either Violet or Duncan.

And with Klaus aging up, I’ll leave the update here! See you next time!


7 thoughts on “Chapter 7.5

  1. I shall check out your YouTube when I have the time! Great update, Duncan is rly cute and I like the Evil trait, but I love Vi as well, so I’m going to have the hardest time picking. The last two times I had a clear fave from the gen.


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