Chapter 7.1

Generation Seven is beginning! Woo!

“Wow Anneliese this is such a quick update the last one was only a few days ago.” Yeah I know, don’t get used to it.

Last time with the Reagans Lei, our gen 7 TH, aged up to YA.


Her aspiration is The Curator, which I’ve done before with Isabel. I wasn’t sure what career path to put her on for awhile, and I thought maybe Leia could just make money from collecting. Which isn’t all that lucrative if we’re honest, especially with $11,000 bills each weeks.

It took me awhile to come up with the obvious answer.


Not only is Leia collecting objects, she’s collecting male acquaintances. We would like someone to help make babies.

And I am still hesitant to use MC Command Center for same-sex pregnancy at this point, and I like having the family genetics be passed down. So we’re looking for male spouses.


Leia continues with the collecting. And I thought that she could do some fishing, too.


Leia met this guy but they immediately disliked each other. Considering Leia is mean and insane, making friends is going to be tough for her, I think.


Now that Susan has been released into autonomy, she and Julius have a bit of loving going on.



I just took this picture because it was pretty.


We saw Anakin while Leia was out and about, but he’s not the male acquaintance we’re trying to collect.


Leia met a few guys, but we weren’t really feeling it.


This game really is quite pretty.


While out and about, Leia met this guy, Cornelius Caliente.

“Hang on!” you may be thinking, “Didn’t Rory, Leia’s uncle, have kids with both Caliente sisters?”

Yes. He did. Luckily this guy is not one of those children. He’s the half-brother of Tre, Rory’s son, cousin of Adeline, Rory’s daughter, and not blood related to the Reagans. Is it a bit too close for comfort? Probably, but let’s go with it.


Besides, these two are sort of perfect for each other. They share two traits, insane, and mean.


First kiss!


And now they’re boyfriend and girlfriend!


And back home the two of them share their first WooHoo in the sauna.


In nothing but a towel, Leia asked Cornelius to move in.

So a spouse has been found. Yay! A lot quicker than I thought, too. I didn’t feel any rush, but once I decided on Cornelius we had to work quick because who knows what MC Command Center would have done.

And it was after this that I realised the scientist career track would be a good idea for someone whose aspiration is about collecting stuff.


Susan was glaring at Julius, so he thought he’d snog the anger out of her.


It didn’t work, Susan was still grumpy.


Cornelius: Wow, this is a sweet house. I really lucked out.


Leia had another busy day collecting and fishing.


When Leia got home I had her and Cornelius get started on gen 8.


Leia is pregnant!


Cornelius: Oh yeah, I knocked you up good.

He just looks so proud of himself.


Susan: But I’m not old enough to be a grandmother!

You have three grown children, of course you are.


These two are bonding over the waterslide.


Ouch. That looks painful, Susan.


Second trimester has begun!


Someone needs to pee. Someone also knows where the bathrooms are.


One of Leia’s work colleagues is her cousin Tre (also Cornelius’s brother). Tre is that baby’s uncle and also first cousin once removed.

I’m totally looking forward to the next couple of generations where there’ll be actual interbreeding with other Reagan descendants. Great.


Anakin came to visit with the news that he got married!


Fun fact! Katelynn is the half-sister of Cornelius, they share a father.


These two are sweet autonomously.


Susan aged up to elder!


Cornelius is enjoying a bit of dancing in the sauna while sick, and while he’s doing that…


Leia is giving birth!


It’s a girl! Her name is Violet.


Leia: I made a person. I’m awesome.

So, the first baby of generation 8 has been born! I can’t quite believe I just typed that. We really are moving along with this family!

See you next time! Whenever next time may be.



9 thoughts on “Chapter 7.1

  1. Wow. Can’t believe Gen 8is here! Where did the time go? Finally Susan is an elder. Hopefully she and Julius will live to see more grandchildren been born. Violet, what a beautiful name. Violet Reagan has a lovely ring to it.

    What’s the name theme this Gen?


      • Also, I’m not sure if this is cheating, but if you really don’t want someone to be shoved into a random relationship, you can flag them to be passed over for the pregnancy and marriage checks.


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