Chapter 6.9

Hey everyone! Here we are with another Reagan update. Since the last update I got a job so things may slow down a bit. I do still intend on doing some spin off with Han and Jagger, it’s just going to take a bit longer to get that one started.

This is the last chapter for generation six! It’s a bit of a short one, to get through to Leia’s YA birthday.


Leia is still very much the same.


Julius: Come on, Leia, take a sick selfie with your old Dad.

Leia: I’m covered in a rash. I don’t want to remember this.


Poor Leia is cleaning the bath while sick.


Now Leia has gotten Julius sick.

This is the weekend for my sims. Illness spreading through the family. It happens in my 100 Baby Challenge too.


Well, that was a pretty awesome slide.


That one… not so much.


Leia: Ow, my butt.


Leia: Ohhh, my head.

That’s your illness. Though you probably did hit your head when you slipped. Especially since it happened twice.


Susan reached the top of the painter career! Patron of the Arts ladder.


Hey look! Rory’s daughter Allie is pregnant! Rory is going to be a grandfather!

I really love having MC Command Center. The neighbourhood growing with you was one of my favourite things about TS3.


Susan: I am amazing.


Leia’s rash is back.


Julius is getting his boogie on while itchy all over.


Leia is making good use of the new outdoor furniture.


These two are enjoying a bit of private sauna time together.

I don’t know why Julius is looking so grumpy about it, though, he’s about to WooHoo his wife.


Leia fell asleep in the spa tub. This happens frequently.


Julius is enjoying the water slide now.


Julius is old!


Susan: Woo! Leia is becoming TH! I’ll have freedom again! Woo!


Leia: Oh yeah, looking good.


And here’s a look at our Generation 7 TH as a YA! Her new trait is Perfectionist. As a reminder, her other traits are Insane and Mean, and her aspiration is The Curator.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Leia gets up to as TH.


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