Chapter 6.8

Hi! Last time we were with the Reagans, Han aged up and moved out to live with Jagger. I’ve actually put them both on the gallery now if anyone wants to play with them. I’m also considering doing a spin off about their life, and have already set them up in a new save, with a house I built for them, which is also on the gallery (my user is ginnymalfoy22). I just can’t decide whether I should do pictures like I always do, or if I should try something new and do an LP with them. I would just have to figure out how to do that.

Anyway… none of that is relevant right now, because we have a Reagan ISBI update to get to.

08-09-16_1-21-20 PM

Julius has gotten a little tubby, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just odd, because my male sims tend not to change body shape the way my female sims seem to.

08-09-16_1-25-41 PM08-09-16_1-25-56 PM

I got Backyard Stuff, so a few things have been added. The Reagans already have an outdoor table, but it’s on the other deck.

I keep making nice little areas for the Reagans to spend time in, and then they’re never used. I guess we’ll see.

08-09-16_1-33-46 PM

These two didn’t have a very good day at school.

08-09-16_1-35-10 PM

Susan was the first to make use of the new water slide.

It’s very odd for me to be playing this at the moment, because it’s winter here in New Zealand and has been really cold this week – I’ve been wearing thermals! In fact, today our hot water cylinder FROZE, it was that cold overnight.

08-09-16_1-37-36 PM

Susan: I’m hot.

The Reagans have never been lacking in confidence.

08-09-16_1-38-04 PM08-09-16_1-39-44 PM

I see Susan very much as one of those ‘has-it-all’ mothers, and every other mother on the PTA is jealous of how her life is so together. And she has the perfect homemade lemonade recipe.

08-09-16_1-40-58 PM

Han came for a visit!

He misses his Mum.

08-09-16_1-42-14 PM

Han: Mummy, can I move back in? Jagger and I don’t know how to cook and nearly burned the house down.

Susan: Rules are rules. I’d love for you to live here close to my bosom forever, but if you’re YA and not the next TH, you’re out.

Han: Don’t say bosom.

08-09-16_1-48-50 PM

Susan: Maybe if you didn’t live off ice cream you wouldn’t get an ice cream headache, idiot.

Just you wait. Once Leia takes over as TH, you’re going to be the one eating ice cream all the time, Susan.

08-09-16_2-02-59 PM

I enjoy watching Leia talk to herself while she eats. I suppose it’s the only way she can have a decent conversation.

08-09-16_2-07-01 PM

Sibling hugs!

Leia is mean, and still affectionate.

08-09-16_2-09-04 PM

Leia: Oh yeah, looking good.

08-09-16_2-26-23 PM

Things to remember: They are both mean.

08-09-16_2-29-21 PM

Anakin is enjoying the waterslide now.

Han came over too.

08-09-16_2-30-35 PM

Leia is taking it upon herself to hug every member of her family, apparently.

08-09-16_2-46-02 PM

Yes, Leia, we most definitely need more ice cream in the house, thank you so much.

08-09-16_2-56-52 PM

Julius was halfway to work and then turned around like ‘nah not feeling it today’.

08-09-16_3-05-28 PM

Cousin Marcus came over. He and Anakin are friends.

Well, once Anakin ages up, I know where I’m moving him, then.

08-09-16_3-13-58 PM

Leia: I’m disgusting.

Well, you know where the four bathtubs and three showers are.

08-09-16_3-14-14 PM

Her brother isn’t too disgusted, apparently, because he’ll still hug her.

08-09-16_3-14-54 PM08-09-16_3-15-02 PM

Julius walked in on Leia in the bath.

08-09-16_3-15-28 PM

Leia: Gross, Dad, why haven’t you left yet?

08-09-16_3-46-02 PM

Nice facial expression.

08-09-16_3-52-10 PM08-09-16_3-52-18 PM08-09-16_3-52-24 PM

A new olympic event. Synchronised insanity.

08-09-16_4-12-34 PM

I don’t mind Leia skilling up in cooking before she takes over as TH.

08-09-16_4-27-29 PM

Susan is making a cake. That must mean a birthday is upon us!

08-09-16_4-29-51 PM08-09-16_4-29-55 PM

Anakin is aging up to YA!

08-09-16_4-30-16 PM

Anakin’s new trait is Dance Machine. His other traits are Insane and Foodie, and his aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy.

He was moved in with Amy, Marcus and Amy’s husband.

08-09-16_4-39-00 PM

And this is what’s left of the ISBI household.

Now, family updates over this period:


Donna is pregnant! Justice, btw, is Rory’s step-son, but his wife/Justice’s mother has died so there’s no family connection anymore. Still a little weird.

That’s all that happened to the extended family this update. But who knows what will happen to Anakin now he’s moved out!

Also, let me know if you’d be interested in me doing something about Han and Jagger’s life, whether it’s written or in LP form.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 6.8

  1. 🙌 Awesome update!! Love the idea of tracking Han and Jagger’s life together. Either written or LP would be fantastic. 😀

    For a second when I saw the change in Julius, I thought he was pregnant with an alien baby, however it’s most likely due to his love of ice cream. 😸


    • I think I will track Han and Jagger’s life. I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how to go about creating an LP for it, and I’ll make a post on the blog once it’s started.
      Oh yeah, it’s definitely the ice cream. Haven’t had an alien abduction since Merlin.

      Liked by 1 person

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