Chapter 6.7

Hello everyone! Last time with the Reagans, all the generation seven kids were teenagers, and we had an heir vote.

It was a close one. At one point I thought Han was going to win, but then Leia pulled ahead. So Leia will be our next TH, so now we just have to wait for her to become a YA.

But we have so much before that too.

07-22-16_1-56-28 PM

Han, I’m sorry to say you’re not the next TH.

Han: Fine by me. I’ll go live a happy life with Jagger.

I’ve decided that I’m going to break the rules a little bit once Han becomes a YA, turn off aging and progression in played households, and get Han and Jagger settled together. Maybe adopt a kiddie or two.

07-22-16_1-57-48 PM

These two are very much still in love.

07-22-16_2-08-38 PM

After everyone else had gone to bed, Leia went to have a bath in her parent’s ensuite bathroom.



Oh well. I can fix that too, if I’m going to be breaking the rules.

07-22-16_2-12-13 PM

A bit of midnight cake? I approve.

07-22-16_2-12-59 PM

Leia: I can’t be TH. They’ll come after me if I’m TH! Get away from me! Get away!

07-22-16_2-14-49 PM

I found this facial expression amusing.

07-22-16_2-16-03 PM

07-22-16_2-17-25 PM

Leia: It’s a beautiful day!

It’s 3.30 in the morning.

07-22-16_2-17-59 PM

We don’t need more ice cream Anakin.

07-22-16_2-18-49 PM

Anakin: Mmm… delicious.

07-22-16_2-19-15 PM

Han went to cry under his covers.

I think he’s a bit upset about Jagger getting married.

07-22-16_2-24-33 PM

Han really is sad.

He’s actually sad because he’s lonely and needs some social interaction, but maybe he’s also sad because he’s feeling lonely because Jagger got married.

07-22-16_2-32-45 PM

None of the kids are in a good way when they get home from school.

07-22-16_2-33-12 PM

Leia: Get me away from my brothers.

07-22-16_2-33-36 PM

And Leia fell asleep in the spa tub. Again.

07-23-16_2-38-45 PM

Everyone is eating at the same time, wow.

07-23-16_2-40-01 PM

Oh no, don’t fight!

07-23-16_3-25-44 PM

Han: Ah… just some sweet relaxation.

07-23-16_3-26-22 PM


07-23-16_3-33-52 PM

Leia: I love the feeling of my full bladder!

TMI, Leia.

Honestly, who is that cheerful when they could pee themselves at any moment?

07-23-16_3-34-40 PM

Han: Oh neat! I have a hand.

07-23-16_3-36-20 PM07-23-16_3-37-12 PM

Sibling love!

07-23-16_3-39-07 PM

Leia and Anakin are study buddies!

07-23-16_3-43-04 PM07-23-16_3-43-19 PM

Julius was having a bit of a boogie in the sauna.

07-23-16_3-48-24 PM07-23-16_3-48-28 PM

Leia destroyed the dollhouse.

07-23-16_3-48-42 PM

Leia: That was fun!

07-23-16_4-13-48 PM07-23-16_4-14-12 PM07-23-16_4-14-21 PM07-23-16_4-14-34 PM

Guests arriving must mean birthday time!

Rory got old. Also I invited Emerson since it’s Han’s birthday. He may not have ever met his son, but that’s on me being lazy and never inviting people over.

Also I didn’t realise I gave Donna and Amy the same skirt but in different colours for their party outfits.

07-23-16_4-16-16 PM

And it’s time for Han to become a YA.

07-23-16_4-17-37 PM

Han: Looking good.

Han’s new trait is Romantic. This goes with Loves Outdoors and Self Assured.

07-23-16_4-25-04 PM

Susan: It’s good to see you, big brother.

07-23-16_4-25-12 PM

Woah, Rory! What are you yelling at Susan for?

07-23-16_4-25-57 PM

Anakin: Aunt Donna is cheating.

No she isn’t.

Anakin: She’s cheating.

07-23-16_4-26-10 PM

Leia: Happy birthday, Han. I’m going to miss you.

Han: You can come visit me all the time.

She can. But it’s doubtful that I’ll be bothered to have family visits.

07-23-16_4-26-29 PM

Emerson and Julius are having a nice friendly chat. Let’s not mention the fact that Susan was dating both of them at the same time at one point.

07-23-16_4-28-59 PM

Han: I’m heading off now Mum.

Susan: Okay, have you got everything? Your toothbrush? Look after yourself out there.

And now… we break with the usual Reagan tradition of moving the spare out and letting them go on their own. And I am breaking the rules for this. But I want to set Han and Jagger up happy okay? I turned off aging and everything first.

07-23-16_4-36-50 PM

First things first… we get rid of the wife.

She just had someone else’s baby. It obviously wasn’t a good marriage.

I’m just making excuses. I was going to do this anyway.

07-23-16_4-41-27 PM07-23-16_4-41-57 PM

Yay! We may come and check in on them every now and then. Perhaps. But they’re boyfriends now.

With Han out of the house and living with his boyfriend, we leave off this update. Next time is trying to get through the rest of Leia’s teenagehood.


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