Chapter 6.6

Hello everyone! First things first, I’ll share the family updates that I’ve forgotten the last couple of times.


Donna is pregnant, and having a Goth baby. I guess we’ll see how that goes.


At one point, Ari called Julius to invite him out for dinner because she ‘needed to get out of the house’. Ari. You’re dead.


Also, Ulrike, who is the mother of one of Rory’s kids, asked Susan on a date.

07-14-16_3-20-03 PM

Rory’s son Bronson became a teen. You can definitely see Rory in him.

07-14-16_3-21-34 PM

Rory’s daughter Casey (mother Ulrike, mentioned above) also grew up to a teen. She possibly has his nose, but that would be about it.


Also Donna had a baby boy (who was named Shaowen).

07-14-16_3-31-34 PM

Susan had a club meeting at the art gallery across the road, and Donna was there.

07-14-16_3-34-06 PM07-14-16_3-34-13 PM

One of the club members went into labour while the club gathering was happening.

07-14-16_3-40-37 PM

Han invited Jagger over again.

Yep, definitely ship it. 

07-14-16_4-28-38 PM

07-14-16_4-32-30 PM

Julius and Han are sleeping in the spa tub. At least they haven’t passed out I guess. But still, that’s so dangerous.

07-14-16_4-34-20 PM

Jagger and Leia clearly get along. Good. You want to get on with your boyfriends family.

07-14-16_4-42-33 PM

The family keeps making ice cream, so that’s all I ever see them eat.

The cone is bigger than her head.

07-14-16_4-44-16 PM07-14-16_4-44-20 PM

Julius thinks he’s hot stuff at this game.

07-14-16_4-47-50 PM

Han, we don’t need more ice cream.

07-14-16_4-48-36 PM

Anakin is so happy!

07-14-16_4-50-35 PM07-14-16_4-51-42 PM

Anakin grew up into a crop top! I love it!

07-14-16_4-55-35 PM

And here’s Anakin as a teen! He looks so much like Julius. I think the only thing he has of Susan’s is the hair colour.

His new trait is Foodie, to go with Insane, and his aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy.

07-14-16_4-57-26 PM

Susan and Leia don’t get along. Susan always rolls whim to be mean to Leia, and she will do it autonomously, too. I don’t know what her issue is, but then Susan is Mean. She doesn’t need a reason.

07-14-16_5-01-06 PM07-14-16_5-07-20 PM

The kids all get along, anyway.

07-14-16_5-09-34 PM

Anakin looks drunk.

07-14-16_5-10-10 PM

Anakin has taken up the family hobby of sleeping in the spa tub.

07-14-16_5-12-05 PM

07-14-16_5-13-17 PM

07-14-16_5-13-36 PM

07-14-16_5-17-32 PM

Normally I wouldn’t take toilet photos but this was too amusing.

07-14-16_5-17-50 PM

Julius just cooked.

Autonomous cooking.

And he didn’t start a fire. Wow.

07-14-16_5-36-23 PM07-14-16_5-36-54 PM07-14-16_5-39-06 PM

07-14-16_5-50-26 PM

More ice cream being made by Anakin.

07-14-16_5-55-52 PM

*high five*

07-14-16_6-22-02 PM

The family is living off ice cream.

07-14-16_6-27-48 PM07-14-16_6-28-07 PM

Anakin is doing a bit of grilling and telling a story to himself while he does it.

With the family cooking like this, Susan doesn’t need to.

07-14-16_6-29-18 PM

Oh no, Anakin, don’t tell me you’re sick.

07-14-16_6-36-47 PM

Han didn’t go to school, but he is doing his homework in his sister’s room.

07-14-16_6-42-31 PM

Anakin brought his friend Brenda over after school.

07-14-16_6-42-54 PM

We don’t need more ice cream, Han!

07-14-16_6-48-06 PM

Donna called and asked Susan to meet her for dinner at Villa Bovine.

07-14-16_6-51-46 PM07-14-16_6-55-20 PM

They had a nice sister night out. Amy should have been there too. Maybe Rory. Didn’t think about that at the time.

07-14-16_7-03-55 PM

I love this picture.

07-14-16_7-04-42 PM

Julius: I’m awesome.

07-14-16_7-15-54 PM07-14-16_7-16-13 PM

Susan aged up to adult.

07-14-16_7-24-06 PM

Leia looks like she’s having the time of her life.

07-14-16_7-26-19 PM

More grilling from non-TH family members. What is with the newfound fascination with the barbecue?

07-14-16_7-33-18 PM

Anakin: Ta da!

07-14-16_7-54-23 PM

Seems like Han is sick.

07-14-16_7-56-49 PM

Susan’s work outfit is ridiculous. I love it.

07-14-16_7-58-42 PM

Amy’s son came home with Leia. His name is Marcus, I checked and wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget again.

07-14-16_8-21-41 PM

Aww, how sweet are these two?

07-14-16_8-27-27 PM

It’s cake time for Leia!

07-14-16_8-28-21 PM

I do like Leia.

07-14-16_8-30-47 PM

I had to take the opportunity to dress her up. I had to do it.

07-14-16_8-41-07 PM

Leia is now a teenager! Her new trait is Mean, to go with Insane, and her aspiration is The Curator.

07-14-16_8-42-26 PM

The first thing she does as a teen is take a nap.

Anyway! Now that Leia is a teenager, it’s time for a TH vote! Our options are Han, Anakin, and Leia.

Han: Loves Outdoors, Self Assured, aspiration is Mansion Baron

Anakin: Insane, Foodie, aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy

Leia: Insane, Mean, aspiration is The Curator

Good luck voting!



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