Chapter 6.5

Hi everyone! When we last left the Reagans, Leia had just aged up to a child.

07-06-16_2-05-59 PM

The first thing I did when I went in game was make up Leia’s room using the Kids Room stuff pack. I love those butterfly night lights.

07-06-16_2-06-19 PM07-06-16_2-06-32 PM

I love how they are when they get home from school. Always entertaining.

07-06-16_2-07-29 PM

07-06-16_2-07-53 PM

*sigh* Really, Julius?

07-06-16_2-16-05 PM07-06-16_2-16-26 PM

I built an art gallery for Susan’s club to use as a hangout. It’s not great, I’m not really a builder, but it has a separate area for club privacy too, which includes easels for everyone to use (but mostly Susan because I don’t care about the other club members).

Also, what the heck is going on with that red head woman’s CC dress. I’m deleting that right now immediately.

07-06-16_2-16-13 PM

I set it up so the club had this beautiful view while painting.

07-06-16_2-34-23 PM

Not much happened, just father and daughter hanging out and watching TV in their dead grandmother/mother-in-law’s bedroom at midnight while no one else is awake.

I should do something with this room, but it will be the next heirs room.

07-06-16_2-34-34 PM07-06-16_2-35-08 PM

Julius and Leia get on pretty well, which is nice.

07-06-16_2-37-22 PM

Leia hit herself in the head, lol.

07-06-16_2-39-14 PM

There two are sweet.

07-06-16_2-46-26 PM

Leia wants to be like her mother and create art.

07-06-16_2-47-43 PM

07-06-16_2-53-45 PM

Julius, you have a bed. There is also a spare bed in the house.

At least you didn’t pass out this time, I guess.

07-06-16_2-55-36 PM

07-06-16_2-58-34 PM

Julius is taking child minding quite seriously.

Julius: They can’t leave my sight. I will watch their every move.

Slightly creepy…

07-06-16_2-59-25 PM

The boys ran off because they didn’t want to hang out with their dad and baby sister.

07-06-16_3-00-36 PM

Somehow Leia is watching the TV from that angle. That is some talent.

07-06-16_3-01-31 PM

Homework! Good boy, Anakin!

07-06-16_3-10-31 PM

Amy asked Susan to come to her birthday party, so I thought the whole family could come along!

07-06-16_3-10-55 PM07-06-16_3-12-15 PM

The two sisters were quick to catch up.

07-06-16_3-11-25 PM07-06-16_3-11-43 PM

Inside was Amy’s son and her husband.

Her son is extremely blue. I wouldn’t have thought blue.

07-06-16_3-15-37 PM

And Amy’s aging up! How can she becoming an adult already? I know Rory and Donna already are, but… legacy families just grow so fast, huh?

07-06-16_3-16-01 PM

Kids, if you want to see what’s going on, you might want to move from behind the screen.

07-06-16_3-17-07 PM

… and Leia’s started talking to Amy’s kitchen sink, so it’s time to go home.

07-06-16_3-22-01 PM

I’m glad to see the kids use the puppet thing autonomously.

They don’t use the voidcritters battle station autonomously, though, which is a pity. I would have liked to see it.

07-06-16_3-25-04 PM

Julius is being a supportive father and watching Han’s puppet show.

07-06-16_3-26-01 PM

So I’ve been playing the Blackburns (my 100 Baby Challenge) since Kids Room Stuff and the update, so I’ve had my share of monsters under beds, but I honestly completely forgot about it when I went to play the Reagans.

07-06-16_3-27-26 PM07-06-16_3-28-27 PM

Susan dealt with it, and then the boys’ beds because they were woken up pretty quickly because of a monster, too.

07-06-16_3-34-25 PM


07-06-16_3-36-37 PM07-06-16_3-36-44 PM

Han’s face when he walked in on his stepfather bathing is quite funny.

Also why did he go that close to the bath? The door is quite a way behind him.

07-06-16_3-37-17 PM

Look who fell asleep in the spa tub! Someone is taking after her great great uncle Carlos.

That is so dangerous.

07-06-16_3-39-19 PM

Please don’t watch your son nap, Julius, it’s creepy.

07-06-16_3-39-35 PM

Han is doing a bit of post-bathing exercise.

07-06-16_3-41-20 PM

Leia: My mouth looks weird under water.

07-06-16_3-42-02 PM

Poolside homework. Just don’t drop the book!

07-06-16_3-53-50 PM07-06-16_3-53-56 PM

Amy came over just to use the diving platform.

07-06-16_3-57-46 PM

2am bathroom hangout.

07-06-16_4-08-39 PM

It’s cake making time!

07-06-16_4-11-17 PM07-06-16_4-12-08 PM07-06-16_4-18-16 PM

Han is now a teenager! His new trait is Self-Assured, to go with Loves Outdoors, and his aspiration is Mansion Baron (which, thanks to what he was born into, he’s most of the way through already).

07-06-16_4-57-09 PM07-06-16_4-58-16 PM

*loud sighing*

07-06-16_4-58-50 PM

Oh good, Leia, pee yourself too. Good job.

07-06-16_5-02-19 PM07-06-16_5-03-11 PM

And now bath sleeping.

07-06-16_5-12-17 PM

Han is not in a good way when he gets home from school.

07-06-16_5-18-38 PM07-06-16_5-28-41 PM

Good girl, work on those skills. Be like your brother Han and get an A!

07-06-16_5-30-10 PM

07-06-16_5-30-27 PM

Long distance hugging is a thing apparently.

07-06-16_5-35-02 PM

Two days in a row since becoming a teen, Han has invited his friend Jagger Bjergsen over.

I kinda ship them.

07-06-16_5-37-08 PM

Julius, don’t sleep on the couch while your stepson has his boyfriend over. You’re embarassing Han!

And that’s it for this update. Next time, will the Han/Jagger romance be explored? (No this is an ISBI and so I can’t control Han.) Will the other kids age up? (Yes Anakin is like a day away from his birthday, I’ll probably include Leia’s birthday in the update too.) Will we have an heir vote? (Yes if Leia has also become a teen, so think about who you want as the next Reagan TH!)


8 thoughts on “Chapter 6.5

  1. Loved the update. Han’s (boy)friend is cute, maybe if Han gets to be the next torch holder, something might happen. 😀

    Can’t wait to see what Anakin and Leia look like when they age up!!


    • Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing what they look like too.

      Even if Han isn’t the next TH, I’ll break the rules a little, turn off aging and progression, and go set Han and Jagger up in a house together, maybe adopt a little one (assuming neither of them Hates Children).

      Liked by 1 person

      • That would be awesome and we all know some rules are meant to be broken. 😀

        Maybe if you got time, we could have mini updates about their little side family. 🙌


      • That would be really cute! I guess we just have to wait and see who the heir will be. And if I have a spare that I love particularly and goes off in a beautiful relationship with a lovely family, I do tend to keep close tabs on them.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Why is Amy’s son blue? That’s weird. Han x Jagger FTW. Heir poll next chapter already? This has been a fast generation…!


    • It hasn’t really. Susan and Merlin’s gens were just really long, the others have all been around the 6/7 chapter mark.

      I have absolutely no idea why he’s blue. It’s not like his father is (not Amy’s husband by the way). And yet again I’ve forgotten to put in the family updates in a chapter! Dammit!


      • Do you mean Ari’s gen? That was really long, wasn’t it? I don’t think we’ve had a six-chapter gen since Izzy though…


      • Oh yeah I meant Ari. For some reason I keep getting them confused. I keep writing Ari in place of Susan.
        That’s true. I wonder if that’s because she’s the founder.


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