Chapter 6.4

Hi! It’s been a bit longer than a month. Whoops.

If you don’t recall, we left the Reagans after Susan’s second son, Anakin, aged up to child, and Susan was pregnant again!

06-04-16_3-39-49 PM

Aww, look at the affectionate family!

06-04-16_3-45-01 PM

Julius is back at the gravestones.

I got tired of him always going and mourning and making himself sad, so I’ve put them both in the inventory. No more Kevin and Joaquin visits.

06-04-16_3-50-37 PM

Susan is posing for us.

06-04-16_3-51-18 PM

06-04-16_3-54-52 PM06-04-16_3-56-32 PM

06-04-16_4-01-36 PM06-04-16_4-01-47 PM

Han is enjoying the movie area.

06-04-16_4-04-46 PM

Sorry, Susan, so much cleaning for you.

06-04-16_4-05-23 PM06-04-16_4-05-32 PM

Anakin is a cutie.

Oh man I’m so looking forward to this next stuff pack, I hope the ISBI kids use the items autonomously.

06-04-16_4-11-13 PM06-04-16_4-13-19 PM

I need an evil sim again to shake things up and stop all this affection.

06-04-16_4-16-06 PM06-04-16_4-28-10 PM

Ari had a bit of a relax in the sauna and then wandered around in her towel.

Sounds about right for an insane sim.

06-04-16_4-30-08 PM

Julius is sick apparently.

06-04-16_4-33-01 PM

Tre, Rory’s son with Nina Caliente, grew up to teen. Can definitely see Rory in him.

06-21-16_4-54-14 PM06-21-16_4-54-25 PM

Try taking a shower, Ani, then you won’t feel so sick.

06-21-16_4-55-20 PM

Han is so happy.

06-21-16_5-28-55 PM


06-21-16_5-31-35 PM

Susan got a promotion at work, so one of her friends asked her to go out to dinner to celebrate, and Julius came along too.

06-21-16_5-33-06 PM

They got a nice outdoor seat.

06-21-16_5-37-47 PM

Susan may not be able to drink, being pregnant, but nothing it stopping Julius from chugging it down.

06-21-16_5-38-51 PM06-21-16_5-44-17 PM

Donna was at the restaurant! Was she on a date? Is this a romance in her future? Will there be Donna spawn?


Don’t know about Donna spawn, but Amy had a baby boy!

06-21-16_6-01-30 PM

Susan has gone into labour!

06-21-16_6-01-41 PM

Julius, calm down. This is Susan’s third go round.

06-21-16_6-02-18 PM

It’s a little girl! Her name is Leia!

06-21-16_6-07-35 PM

Rory’s daughter Allie with Lindsay Piper also aged up to a teen. She’s pretty. She look’s a fair bit like Rory.

06-21-16_6-12-40 PM

Good, homework. Just what we want to see, Ani.

06-21-16_6-19-42 PM06-21-16_6-24-18 PM

Julius actually knows what he’s doing with baby Leia! I’m so glad to have a clued up non-TH.

06-21-16_6-25-12 PM06-22-16_5-27-43 PM

The boys are a bit tired.

06-22-16_5-30-44 PM06-22-16_5-30-52 PM

Ari is good at taking care of Leia, too. Susan doesn’t have to do anything.

06-22-16_5-37-38 PM

Rory’s third kid also age up to teen. This is Adeline, her mother is Dina Caliente.

Honestly she is gorgeous.

06-22-16_5-44-19 PM06-22-16_5-45-23 PM

These two are having a bit of fun in the sauna. *waggles eyebrows*

06-22-16_5-50-52 PM

Susan called together a club meeting because she needs to earn 1000 club perk points for her aspiration.

It wasn’t very interesting, they just looked at art around the museum, so I didn’t take many pictures.

06-22-16_6-38-14 PM06-22-16_6-38-29 PM

… Ari?

Dammit, I only just lost Demetrius from my Kleos family. I don’t want this, too.

06-22-16_6-38-50 PM06-22-16_6-39-56 PM

The family is pretty upset.

Rest in peace, Ari. You were a great TH.

06-22-16_7-01-23 PM

As if this update hasn’t already slapped us in the face with the reminder that this is a legacy home and family life just keeps moving, it’s time for Leia to age up to child.

06-22-16_7-08-43 PM

Leia is pretty! Her trait is insane, like her late grandmother, and brother Anakin.

That’s all for this update. The next one may not take as long. I just finished my course today and am job hunting, but it means I have nothing to do most of the time.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 6.4

  1. Brilliant update. Still love the Regans family! Rory’s kids are so cute and you can so tell that they are all his kids. Hehe 😉

    🎉🎊🙌 Congratulations on finishing your course, I hope it went well, good luck with the job hunt!! 😀😀


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