Chapter 6.3

Hi! Here we go again with another update in the life of the Reagans!

05-19-16_2-16-33 PM05-19-16_2-16-42 PM05-19-16_2-17-04 PM

As promised, some pictures of the house’s facelift.

I need to change the windows. It’s a constant work in progress. Maybe a bit of a roofing change?

05-19-16_2-19-36 PM

Ari picked up the guitar for the first time since needing it for a promotion early in her career.

05-19-16_2-21-43 PM05-19-16_2-21-44 PM

Go Ari!

05-19-16_2-27-41 PM

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it, but this is such a wonderful view for painting.

05-19-16_2-40-35 PM05-19-16_2-41-28 PM

Han aged up to child! His trait is Loves Outdoors, and his childhoos aspiration is Social Butterfly.

05-19-16_2-44-59 PM

This is Han!

05-19-16_2-53-34 PM

Han’s first meal that isn’t mother’s milk is ice cream.

05-19-16_2-56-57 PM05-19-16_2-58-35 PM

We really need to get that dollhouse repaired.

05-19-16_3-09-00 PM

Ari: Dammit.

05-19-16_3-16-19 PM

Han is doing science things.

05-19-16_3-17-20 PM

Julius is back at mourning for Kevin and Joaquin. He never met either of them.

05-19-16_3-23-03 PM05-19-16_3-23-17 PM

The science table caused a fire and Susan and Ari are quick to put it out (Mama bears).

05-19-16_3-23-22 PM

Susan: Mum, the fire is out, you can stop.

Ari: But your butt is so hot.


05-19-16_3-33-15 PM

Third trimester brings about bladder failure. Sorry, Susan.

05-19-16_3-40-45 PM

And after a shower, she naps. I think that’s what this last day of pregnancy will be for her. Napping, peeing, eating, start over again, and in varied order.

05-19-16_3-47-50 PM

Ari ❤

05-19-16_3-54-51 PM


05-19-16_3-56-25 PM

Someone is freaking out about becoming a father.

05-19-16_3-57-38 PM

It’s another boy. He was named Anakin.

05-19-16_3-58-58 PM

Kevin doesn’t seem too happy about a new great grandson.

Kevin: I wanted it to be a girl!

Same. I wanted to name her Rey. I’ve since realised that Rey Reagan is perhaps not the best name so maybe we had a lucky escape.

05-19-16_4-01-38 PM

And Kevin goes back to mourning himself.


Amy is having a baby! That guy is worse than Rory when it comes to babies with random women.

05-21-16_5-33-20 PM05-21-16_5-33-32 PM

I gave on of the second floor bathrooms a makeover. I added a door from Ari’s room because she had to walk a ridiculously long way to get to the bathroom right next to her bedroom.

05-21-16_5-49-05 PM

Han invited his friend Jagger over after school. He is entirely too cheerful.

05-21-16_5-49-23 PM

Han is not feeling cheerful.

05-21-16_5-50-03 PM05-21-16_5-50-11 PM

05-21-16_5-51-06 PM

Anakin has a stinky nappy, and Susan is at work. Let’s watch as the other adults in the house (Ari and Julius) never quite figure out what to do with an infant.

05-21-16_5-51-54 PM05-21-16_5-52-28 PM

They did finally figure it out. I didn’t catch either of them changing Anakin’s nappy, but it happened. And Julius seemed to figure out that Anakin needed to be fed, too.

05-21-16_6-10-26 PM

05-21-16_6-11-31 PM

Han: OJ, you’re my best friend.

That’s depressing.

05-21-16_6-19-12 PM

Something about the fact that their baby is right next to their bed and they’re about to WooHoo makes me extremely uncomfortable.

05-21-16_6-22-28 PM

Ari: I can’t believe this kid is related to me.

I very much can.

05-21-16_6-23-43 PM


05-21-16_6-25-33 PM05-21-16_6-28-27 PM

Kevin came by. He was feeling pretty down. He did recently age up to adult so maybe that’s why.

05-21-16_6-30-40 PM

Han: Ssshhh, baby, it’s okay. Why do none of the adults care that you’re suffering?

Seriously, Han was there for two hours trying to get Anakin to stop crying, but and Ari and Julius just sat downstairs watching TV. Han couldn’t help, either, because Anakin was hungry.

05-21-16_6-34-54 PM

Rory: Woah, Mum, calm down. I’m married now, no more sleeping around for me, I promise.

05-21-16_6-35-29 PM

Uncle Rory is tried to help with Anakin. I hope he’s like this with his five kids. Though they’re all children now.

05-21-16_6-35-42 PM

What a face.

05-21-16_6-43-23 PM

Susan needed a massage.

05-21-16_6-48-55 PM

Anakin grew up. His trait is Insane and his childhood aspiration is Artistic Prodigy.

05-21-16_6-52-36 PM

Look at this cutie.

05-21-16_7-00-41 PM

And Susan is pregnant again!

05-21-16_7-01-40 PM

Julius: *applauds* Yes, I did a great job impregnating you, honey!

So with the news that another Reagan is on the way, that’s the end of this chapter.

I don’t know when the next update will be. Life stuff is happening, and could get in the way.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 6.3

  1. I love this chapter! And yes, Amy’s baby daddy is awful in my game as well (he eventually did get married to one of them). Anakin and Han are adorable.

    For Star Wars, if you’re short on girl names, may I suggest Chewbacca (someone in another ISBI I read used it)? A girl called Chewie would be really cute.


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