Chapter 6.2

This is the third update in five or so days. I’m in a Reagan phase at the moment, apparently. Don’t gets used to this frequency of updates, but I have no idea how long this will last.

We begin this update with news from Rory that I forgot to add in 6.1.


This is number five.

05-16-16_5-10-57 PM

Susan: Get over here, my creator told me I have to make a decision and I need to test you again.

What does that even mean?

05-16-16_5-12-16 PM

Emerson came over, and the spark isn’t really there. They do not get along.

We still want something from Emerson though.

05-16-16_5-17-53 PM

So that’s what Susan meant by testing him…

05-16-16_5-19-17 PM05-16-16_5-19-34 PM

The first gen 7 baby is on the way!

05-16-16_5-20-20 PM

Emerson is not thrilled to become a father.

05-16-16_5-20-57 PM05-16-16_5-22-00 PM

Yeah okay, it’s time to stop dragging this on.

05-16-16_5-22-32 PM

Emerson and Susan have now broken up.

05-16-16_5-23-51 PM

This may be the first time Ari has ever done anything remotely active.

05-16-16_5-24-30 PM

Ari: Not to worry, honey, I’ll help out with the little one.

I’ll believe that when I see it, you’re NTH now.


That night Emerson got married so he can’t be too upset about the break up.


Rory also got married! Nice to see him settled.

05-16-16_5-37-07 PM

Joaquin continues drinking tea he doesn’t like.

05-16-16_5-46-41 PM

Look at the lil bump.

05-16-16_5-48-10 PM


05-16-16_5-48-19 PM

Oh no

05-16-16_5-48-26 PM

No no no no

05-16-16_5-49-17 PM05-16-16_5-49-26 PM05-16-16_5-49-41 PM

Oh God Ari I’m so sorry.

05-16-16_5-50-56 PM

Rest in peace Joaquin. You were a fine spouse, who helped to create four great kids, and you really loved Ari. And that was all I could ever ask of you.

05-16-16_5-52-59 PM05-16-16_5-53-49 PM

Ari immediately went out to the grave to mourn. Oh honey…

05-16-16_5-54-23 PM

Ari: Not even cake can bring me joy.

05-16-16_6-19-07 PM

Ari had a bit of a cry in the closet.

05-16-16_6-25-21 PM05-16-16_6-29-40 PM

Susan had a bit of a club gathering, but I didn’t take many pictures because the club just wandered around the house looking at art while Susan painted. I just needed another couple of hours in a club gathering so Susan could get to 12 for her aspiration.

05-16-16_6-30-48 PM

Julius came over!

05-16-16_6-32-14 PM

Julius seems to welcome the idea of a baby, even if it’s not his.

05-16-16_6-33-05 PM

Susan asked Julius to move in.

I guess Susan made her choice.

05-16-16_6-39-27 PM

Kevin came out that night and mourned for Joaquin, as well as himself.

Not to worry, Kev, if he’s anything like you we’ll see him every other night.

05-16-16_6-49-06 PM

Julius brought a fair amount of money with him, so I set up a small outdoor movie theatre for the family.

05-16-16_6-51-32 PM

One of the first things Julius does after waking up in the morning (after eating) was go mourn Joaquin.

We’ll keep you, I think.

05-16-16_6-55-53 PM

Julius is crying under the covers, and Ari just got done crying in the closet.

05-16-16_7-00-08 PM

This is just an amusing screenshot.

05-17-16_4-52-51 PM

Susan is in her third trimester.

05-17-16_4-58-03 PM05-17-16_4-59-35 PM

These two are pretty cute.

05-17-16_5-00-12 PM

Some autonomous WooHoo, nice.

05-17-16_5-21-48 PM05-17-16_5-22-05 PM

Ari got old! 😦

05-17-16_5-28-14 PM

Julius is back mourning. Also, some of the exterior changed, and I forgot to take a picture. You might see glimpses, and I’ll try to remember proper pictures for next time.

05-17-16_5-31-52 PM

Emerson: Is that my ex-girlfriend? In labour? I’m outta here!

And then he disappeared, I’m not making this up.

05-17-16_5-33-24 PM

One of the members of Susan’s club was the doctor.

05-17-16_5-34-24 PM

Susan gave birth to a baby boy who was named Han.

05-17-16_5-34-35 PM05-17-16_5-34-43 PM

Susan: Welcome to the world, sweetheart.

05-17-16_5-37-24 PM

When Susan gets home, Ari is already having a cuddle with her grandson.

05-17-16_5-38-24 PM05-17-16_5-38-29 PM05-17-16_5-43-17 PM

Susan and Julius got engaged!

05-17-16_5-44-17 PM05-17-16_5-44-47 PM

Of course, they have to celebrate their engagement.


Fran is pregnant again!

05-17-16_5-48-58 PM

This is so sweet.

05-17-16_5-50-02 PM

Joaquin came to meet his new grandson.

05-17-16_6-13-22 PM

Ari: Oh. So that’s what that thing is used for.

Susan doesn’t have any traits that would suggest working out, but I feel like she would be the kind of person to try to be a ‘do it all’ mother. You know, successful career, workout routine, involved and loving mother. I’m not sure that will actually work out well for her, but she’s going to try!

05-17-16_6-14-12 PM05-17-16_6-14-23 PM

Ari: Well, that failed.

05-17-16_6-40-16 PM

Look at this good looking couple, all dolled up.

05-17-16_6-41-15 PM05-17-16_6-41-56 PM05-17-16_6-42-01 PM

05-17-16_6-43-46 PM

They had a ghost play piano for the ceremony.

05-17-16_6-45-51 PM

Julius: I’m gon’ get some!

05-17-16_6-57-23 PM

Susan is pregnant!

05-17-16_6-57-46 PM05-17-16_6-57-51 PM

Julius is thrilled to hear the news! And I’m sure you all are too!

That’s it for this update. One baby born, another one on the way. A wedding, a death. Life goes in in the sims.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 6.2

  1. I’m guessing Star Wars is the naming theme. Cool. Never watched it but it certainly has some interesting names. I like Susan and Julius as a couple- Emerson, you lost out when you were being a dick about the baby.

    Nice wedding as well.

    I have a biology exam in two and a half hours. :O


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