Chapter 6.1

Sixth gen! Unbelievable!

05-15-16_1-19-14 PM

I had to change Susan’s everday outfit because the mesh of the CC dress she was wearing was doing weird things to her hand.

05-15-16_1-19-20 PM

Since her aspiration is Leader of the Pack, we are setting up a club. It’s based around her traits. I’ve called it the ‘Flirty Artistes’ because I’m not good at names, but basically they look at art, make are, flirt with people, and be mean to people (because Susan is mean).

05-15-16_1-29-01 PM05-15-16_1-30-11 PM

And here’s the club. They all gather at the door to stare at the same painting.

05-15-16_1-32-45 PM

Susan has no painting skill, and since I’ve gotten her a job in the painter career, we better fix that quickly.

05-15-16_1-34-48 PM

Gotta make sure you feed yourself while out and about.

05-15-16_2-56-59 PM

Amy was at the museum!

05-15-16_3-00-48 PM

Susan is just giving flirty introductions to everyone.

I would get her with a female but I want to see how MCCC works for same-sex pregnancy in another save before using it for the Reagans. And yes, technically I could have them adopt, but I like to see how the genetics carry through.

05-15-16_3-02-38 PM05-15-16_3-02-42 PM

Yeah, that wasn’t going to end well, Alexander is married and also dating Donna.

05-15-16_3-07-26 PM

I wanted Susan to flirt with that guy but instead she insulted him.

05-15-16_3-10-40 PM

And we keep painting.

05-15-16_3-14-28 PM

I sent Susan to the gym because I thought she might meet someone there.

05-15-16_3-15-47 PM

She did meet Emerson, but she was tired and only got in an introduction before I sent her home.

05-15-16_3-35-45 PM

Susan: I don’t like being TH, can you give the job to someone else?

Sorry, too late. They’ve all moved out and are now ineligible. It’s all down to you, sweetheart.

05-15-16_3-43-13 PM

Cheesecake for breakfast, nice.

05-15-16_3-43-15 PM

They are so sweet.

05-15-16_3-49-55 PM05-15-16_3-51-29 PM

Ari and Joaquin enjoyed some autonomous rocketship WooHoo.

(So that’s why Draco wanted Hermione Granger and a rocketship)

05-15-16_3-55-27 PM

Susan is not enjoying work. Sorry, part of being TH is making money because no spouse ever gets promoted. And you have quite expensive bills.

05-15-16_4-05-54 PM05-15-16_4-05-59 PM

Susan made a wish for romance, and was given the secret knowledge of the ultimate pick up line, but she can only use it once.

05-15-16_4-12-23 PM

Susan used it on Emerson.

05-15-16_4-13-00 PM

First kiss

05-15-16_4-16-24 PM

Have fun! Use a condom!

05-15-16_4-40-24 PM

This is Susan’s other everday outfit. I decided she’d be the type of sim to have more than one.

05-15-16_4-45-12 PM

I put an easel on the balcony outside her bedroom, I thought it would be a nice inspirational room to make art. I’ve also locked the door so Susan is the only able to get to it, because Ari instantly started a painting on it even though she had an already started painting on the easel downstairs.

05-15-16_4-49-13 PM

I love these two a lot.

05-15-16_5-03-40 PM

And now they enjoy some autonomous WooHoo in the observatory.

They’re WooHooing more now that Ari’s NTH.

05-15-16_5-08-17 PM

Susan, you must be wondering why I sent you to this mysterious (?) house. Well, just knock on the door.

05-15-16_5-08-43 PM

Susan: My neck hurts, can I just go home?


05-15-16_5-09-00 PM

Susan, meet Julius. Enjoy xx

05-15-16_5-12-03 PM

A rose, nice.

They’ve moved things to the bedroom. They know what’s going on *waggles eyebrows*

05-15-16_5-13-09 PM.png

And the first kiss between Susan and Julius.

05-15-16_5-13-51 PM


05-15-16_5-14-18 PM05-15-16_5-14-24 PM

Now they’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Emerson is also Susan’s boyfriend.

05-15-16_5-15-06 PM

Ah yes, things are moving along quite nicely.

05-15-16_5-16-02 PM

How sweet.

05-15-16_5-26-52 PM

Honestly if I had that view I would never leave the balcony.

05-15-16_5-29-50 PM

Ari: Oops.

05-15-16_5-34-36 PM

So I have now received two notifications that Joaquin’s time is coming to an end… I’m not ready.

05-15-16_5-35-17 PM

That was a bit of a flop, wasn’t it Joaquin?

05-15-16_5-35-55 PM

They are obviously making the most of the time they have left.

05-15-16_5-40-05 PM

And as we close this update, we look on our TH, who has a choice ahead of her. Emerson or Julius?

Susan: Why not both?

While that would be a great solution, I can’t deal with the jealousy that would come with it. Also, I’m not adding an extra person to the household that I can’t control when it’s not necessary.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 6.1

  1. Wow Susan. Interesting start to the generation. Normally I’m just like here’s your spouse, here’s your job, learn to cook, keep the power on and make sure nobody dies.


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