Chapter 5.11

Here we are again with another Reagan update.

05-08-16_3-44-19 PM

Susan: Just got out of the bath. #clean #lookinggood #stoppervingyoufreaks

05-08-16_3-57-05 PM

Susan: Ugh stop crying you weirdo.

05-08-16_4-00-57 PM

Good, keep the homework up.

Susan: I’m grinning but I’m dead on the inside.

05-08-16_4-02-00 PM05-08-16_4-02-11 PM

Donna came over to hang out.

05-08-16_4-03-08 PM

Joaquin is following the Reagan family tradition of watching creepily as others sleep.

05-08-16_4-08-56 PM

05-08-16_4-09-44 PM

Amy is always getting food out of the fridge and putting it on that counter and leaving it, not eating even when she’s hungry.

It’s annoying.

05-08-16_4-11-29 PM

Kevin is back mourning himself, but this time Amy goes to chat.

05-08-16_4-20-03 PM

This is the first time someone has used this particular balcony, but I don’t know why Amy is napping there when her bed is right through the door.

05-13-16_3-31-58 PM

Amy: So I stink, what can you do?

I don’t know, take a shower?

05-13-16_3-38-22 PM

Donna came over again. She’s finding the seperation difficult, I suppose.

05-13-16_3-40-15 PM

Out of nowhere Ari started yelling at Donna and I don’t know why??? Probably her insanity.

05-13-16_3-41-10 PM

My sims keep making tea they find disgusting and then drinking it while making faces.

05-13-16_3-46-35 PM

This is the first time any of them have used them autonomously when it hasn’t been an encouraged club activity.


Her sister is pregnant with Rory’s child too. Great. Good going, Rory.


I’m happy for Fran.

05-13-16_3-50-21 PM

It’s Amy’s birthday!

05-13-16_3-51-59 PM

Bye Amy!

Her new trait is bookworm. I knew there was a reason she kept stealing books from school.

05-13-16_3-59-46 PM

Good going, Joaquin.

05-13-16_4-01-39 PM

I love watching sims dance.

05-13-16_4-03-55 PM

I love when they clean autonomously because I always forget to get Ari to clean.

05-13-16_4-04-12 PM

That’s slightly terrifying.

05-13-16_4-07-11 PM

Ah look, there’s Lindsay, one of the women Rory knocked up.

05-13-16_4-10-49 PM

Susan is enjoying the aroma of the cheesecake.

Dammit I want cheesecake now.

05-13-16_5-02-42 PM

This is Allie, Rory’s daughter with Lindsay.

05-13-16_5-03-24 PM05-13-16_5-03-36 PM

Ari went around to meet her granddaughter. Lindsay and her family live across the road from the Reagans, so that’s convenient.

05-13-16_5-06-10 PM

Next stop, the Caliente household. And there’s Nina, who is pregnant with her nephew’s half sibling. Good one, Rory.

05-13-16_5-06-27 PM

Nina’s son is called Tre.

05-13-16_5-06-57 PM05-13-16_5-07-05 PM

Ari loves her grandchildren, and that’s what’s important.

05-13-16_5-07-33 PM

The sisters don’t seem to have any bad blood, which is good. Because honestly, what a mess Rory has created.

05-13-16_5-09-24 PM

Now Ari is visiting Rory, Donna, Fran and Georgia. Amy wasn’t home.

05-13-16_5-11-08 PM

Ari gives Rory a bit of a talking to. Hopefully he gets the idea. We’ll see…

05-13-16_5-12-36 PM

Georgia is ready to burst.

05-13-16_5-14-04 PM

Nice to see the affection doesn’t disappear after they leave the home.

05-13-16_5-27-54 PM

Nice to see hard work from our future TH.

05-13-16_5-36-38 PM

05-13-16_5-38-35 PM

And Kevin’s back.

05-13-16_5-55-33 PM

Donna came over again. I guess moving out of home drove Donna to drink.

Donna: I’m not one to pass up free alcohol.

05-13-16_6-03-52 PM

Nice dancing Susan.


Are you actually messing with me right now MC Command Center?


That’s the father of the baby that Georgia’s twin sister is currently prengnant with!!! What is going on in this family?

05-13-16_6-15-01 PM

Ari is making a cake. You know what that means? Her time as TH is coming to an end…

05-13-16_6-16-53 PM05-13-16_6-16-59 PM

Her new trait is art lover, which helps me decide which career path I’ll send her down.

05-13-16_6-31-49 PM

And a look at our lovely TH. Good luck, Susan.

To Ari, you were a great TH, and I look forward to seeing your antics now you’re no longer under my control.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 5.11

  1. Brilliant update! Rory, I love you. You sure do get “around”. So many babies been born and Rory is doing his best to repopulate the sims world with mini Rory’s. Haha. Love it. 😀😀 💜


    • Oh yeah, he repopulates, but then his spawn will go off and spawn more and more and then eventually the whole town will be Reagan descendants and I’ll have to bring in ‘immigrants’ to be spouses. (Not necessarily a bad thing. I do like my spares going off and having lives.)
      I’m looking forward to seeing what his kids all look like.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my God RORY. MC Command Centre causes weird stuff. Right now I’ve got a townie marrying a spare’s descendant after having a baby with her older sister way back (the kid with the older sister is an adult now, but still! Weird.)


  3. And yes, they spawn a lot. I have had this mod since Generation 2. Every time a kid ages up I’m genuinely surprised if they’re NOT a Sutherland.


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