Chapter 5.10

04-26-16_10-07-10 PM

We’ll start this update off with the announcement that Susan won the heir vote by a landslide!

04-29-16_3-08-03 PM04-29-16_3-08-10 PM

I thought I’d send Susan with Ari when she went down to the lounge to perform. Some TH bonding time.

04-29-16_3-10-00 PM04-29-16_3-10-03 PM

Susan has some fun dancing.

04-29-16_3-17-58 PM04-29-16_3-18-14 PM04-29-16_3-18-31 PM

I changed the wallpaper and colours of furniture in Caitlin and Kevin’s old room, so that Susan could use it. I’d left it on purpose so that it would be the TH room once I knew who it was.

04-29-16_3-20-26 PM04-29-16_3-22-27 PM

So much love in this family.

04-29-16_3-22-47 PM

… or not.

With a mean TH, we might actually get some drama in this family again. It seems like so long since Amanda hated her daughter-in-law, and constantly fought with her husband.

04-29-16_3-22-58 PM

Susan: Ugh, Dad is so lame.

04-29-16_3-34-30 PM04-29-16_3-34-36 PM

Joaquin has taken up Rory’s favourite activity of dancing in the sauna.

04-29-16_3-35-47 PM

Whenever Kevin comes out haunting, he spends most of his time mourning his own death.

04-29-16_3-42-38 PM

Susan: A ghost!

She’s actually been in the kitchen for awhile, I watched her complain about all her problems, walk in a circle because she couldn’t figure out how to get to the toilet, and then react to the ghost of her grandfather.

04-29-16_3-46-29 PM

So it seems Susan never did figure out how to get to the toilet. *sigh*

04-29-16_3-51-24 PM

04-29-16_4-00-46 PM

He’s in a terrible state, but it’s time for Rory to age up!

04-29-16_4-01-36 PM

Rory grew up with the trait Evil (which really doesn’t suit him). And this is the last shot of him before I sent him to go live with Fran and Georgia.

I now have MC Command Centre, so we’ll see if he spawns anything.

04-29-16_4-25-05 PM

Amy has taken on some of this families creepy tendencies and is watching her sister sleep.

04-29-16_4-27-08 PM

Ari was invited to a party at a nightclub, but she wasn’t there for long because she was hungry and tired.

04-29-16_4-40-52 PM

Amy, it isn’t your last meal.

04-29-16_4-41-21 PM

Susan: I’m so hot, all the boys at school will fall in love with me.

Well, I can’t control you, so no romance for you yet.

04-29-16_4-59-23 PM

Amy did not have a good day at school.

04-29-16_5-05-36 PM04-29-16_5-09-31 PM

Rory came over and just went straight to the computer in Susan’s room.

Rory, there’s a computer in hour house. I know because I built that house and it’s the house Isabel grew up in.

04-29-16_5-11-05 PM

Susan: I’m fantastic.

Nice to see some confidence in our TH.

04-29-16_5-11-44 PM

Susan seems to be into Sci Fi…

… and I think she just decided the next naming theme for me. I was tossing up between two or three things.

04-29-16_5-12-04 PM

Nice to see some homework being done around here.

04-29-16_5-12-49 PM04-29-16_5-13-02 PM

Rory distracted Susan from her homework, but then when he walked away she went right back to it!

04-29-16_5-14-20 PM

I’m not sure right there is the best place to do your homework, Susan.

04-29-16_5-14-52 PM

One, Rory is sick and came to our house and infected us all with his gross germs.

Two, the back he’s holding is one Amy stole from school.

04-29-16_5-27-07 PM

It’s nice to see some autonomous skilling from our future TH.

04-29-16_5-30-16 PM04-29-16_5-30-28 PM04-29-16_5-30-59 PM

So much hugging in this family. I know I comment on this a lot but seriously. So much. It’s lovely.

04-29-16_5-40-07 PM

I suppose you can’t help but be an affectionate family when these are your parents.

04-29-16_5-41-27 PM

Ari has now reached level 10 cooking skill. The first TH to do so. She has apparently done a lot more cooking than previous TH’s. Even though she had less children than Merlin.

04-29-16_5-43-12 PM

Donna: Look, I do my homework too! Don’t forget me!

04-29-16_5-45-21 PM04-29-16_5-45-41 PM

These two, I swear.

04-29-16_5-51-25 PM

There are four bathrooms in this house and people are still walking in on each other on the toilet.

04-29-16_5-54-03 PM04-29-16_5-54-05 PM04-29-16_5-55-36 PM

Susan knows there’s likely a lot of clubbing in her future, so she’s working on her dancing skill.

I mean, Leader of the Pack means clubs, but also she is definitely the type of person to be going to nightclubs. Maybe there will be more than one romantic partner in her future. Who knows.

04-29-16_6-11-31 PM

Ari has gotten quite high in the comedy career (level 9 I think) and can now perform her comedy routines in space to her alien brethren.

It’s nice that that side of the family can see how well she’s doing, too.

04-29-16_6-19-03 PM04-29-16_6-20-01 PM04-29-16_6-21-28 PM04-29-16_6-33-40 PM

While it’s nice to see the family getting along, it doesn’t make for anything particularly interesting. Maybe Susan should be involved in drama.

04-29-16_6-38-50 PM

Wow, Ari.

Also, Joaquin’s hand is going through his headphones.

04-29-16_6-40-15 PM

Ari wanted to do some painting. Now that she’s finished her aspiration and reached level 10 of the skills she needs for her job, plus cooking, I’m using her whims to decide what to do with her.

04-29-16_6-57-51 PM

Rory came over to use the bath for a citrus soak.

There is a bathtub in your house, Rory.

04-29-16_6-59-25 PM

After his soak, Rory went to mourn Kevin.

Did he ever do that while he was living in the house?

04-29-16_7-05-46 PM

Now Joaquin is feeling ill.


Rory is going to be a father!

04-29-16_7-10-33 PM

Thank you for eating our cake, Kevin, we have way too much of it and still have three birthdays to get through.

04-29-16_7-18-29 PM

Amy: I am just having a stellar hair day #alien #greathair #yeahimgreengetoverit

04-29-16_7-19-37 PM04-29-16_7-19-50 PM

Joaquin got old! 😦

04-29-16_7-24-52 PM

Ari: They’re out to get me! I see you villain! I see you with you villain moustache!

04-29-16_7-27-22 PM

I’m so worried about Ari. Joaquin is so much older because of all her pregnancies (which, by the way, she wanted another one which I refused), and she’s going to lose him…

04-29-16_7-31-04 PM

She’s painting Melapples!!

04-29-16_7-33-42 PM

And now it’s time for Donna to grow up and get out.

04-29-16_7-34-16 PM

Donna grew up with the trait Neat. And she has now been moved in with Rory, Francesca, and Georgia.

04-29-16_7-39-34 PM

Susan is doing a bit of angry dancing.

04-29-16_7-49-29 PM

Joaquin is sick again.

And no I didn’t change his clothes even though an old man is unlikely to wear those things. It just doesn’t seem right.

04-29-16_7-52-45 PM

I sure hope you like cake, Susan, because there is a lot of it in your future.

04-29-16_7-53-06 PM04-29-16_8-05-35 PM

Good, get those selfies.

04-29-16_8-11-11 PM

Susan didn’t have a good day at school, so is relaxing a bit. Enjoy it while you can, because you bet there won’t be a moment of relaxation once you’re TH.

04-29-16_8-13-48 PM

And now she’s going to wander around in her towel.

Susan: What? I look good.



In other news, someone else is pregnant with Rory’s kid, and the other one isn’t even born yet. Tsk tsk, Rory. Use some protection.


Also, Georgia is going to be a mother!

And before we end this update, I just want to let you all know a couple of things.

First of all, Cecil was in another ISBI! That’s right, he was the spouse of a TH in the Sutherland ISBI, which you should all check out!

Second of all, while I hadn’t updated the Reagan in two months before the last update, I wanted to let you all know what I have been doing. As I’ve said before, I work on a few other sims related stories. I finished the first generation of A Dash of Magic, and am getting preperations ready to start the next gen soon. I’ve also been playing quite a lot of the Kleos Famacy lately, and gen 9 has recently been born, so I really am getting close with them. If you don’t see me update the Reagans for awhile, at any point, then I will probably be working on one of those, and my simblr will be somewhat active.

I’m back to study next week, so I’m not sure when the next update will be. Hopefully you won’t have to wait two months again.



6 thoughts on “Chapter 5.10

  1. Would you link those other stories on the forum? I don’t keep up within blogs. It’s too confusing for me. The forum is much easier.


  2. I’m late. I’m so late for this! I’ve been doing a bunch of studying and I’ve forgotten to read everything! Thanks for linking to my blog, and it was a massive pleasure to have Cecil in my blog (still my favourite spouse personality-wise). Poor Ari, she’s going to be crushed when Joaquin goes.

    Also Rory’s situ with getting two women pregnant is familiar to me. One of my male spares got SEVEN women pregnant and then married a dude because…MCCC. Gosh that mod.


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