Chapter 5.9

This update has been a long time coming. I’ve been far more interested in playing sims 3 lately and just couldn’t muster enough interest to play the Reagans for long enough. But we’re here now.

This update also includes an heir vote, so be ready to pick your favourite!

04-15-16_9-48-54 AM 04-15-16_9-49-11 AM

Amy is working on her skills. I wish I could still make science jokes but the generation named after WTNV is all dead.

04-15-16_9-57-08 AM

Susan is upset about the broken dollhouse.

I’m looking forward to seeing what she looks like when she grows up.

04-15-16_10-02-54 AM

Joaquin is taking a leaf from his children’s books and trying this modelling posing thing out.

04-15-16_10-05-07 AM

What a glare.

04-15-16_10-06-53 AM

Thank you, Joaquin.

04-15-16_10-12-50 AM 04-15-16_10-12-58 AM

These two are so cute.

I made a good choice in Joaquin as Ari’s spouse. They both roll whims towards each other all the time, and they are also very autonomous in their loving actions. When I let Ari do anything autonomous, that is.

04-15-16_10-14-51 AM

See? Cute autonomous actions.

04-15-16_10-15-50 AM

These three did not have a good day at school.

Donna decided to skip.

04-15-16_10-18-48 AM 04-15-16_10-18-59 AM

What dorks in love.

04-15-16_10-30-13 AM

04-15-16_10-54-56 AM

Amy fell asleep in the bath.

04-15-16_10-57-25 AM

Kevin is roaming and mourning his own death again.

04-15-16_12-11-16 PM 04-15-16_12-11-54 PM 04-15-16_12-14-33 PM

Ari did some comedy performing at a lounge, and she had quite a good reception.

Mortimer Goth was a huge fan!

04-15-16_12-24-48 PM

Donna needs a bit of relaxation after actually making it to school the day.

04-15-16_12-55-55 PM

I love seeing siblings playing together and getting along.

04-15-16_12-56-57 PM

What a face.

04-15-16_12-57-57 PM


04-15-16_1-12-55 PM

Rory just stands and watches creepily as his mother goes to bed.

04-15-16_1-31-50 PM

How sweet.

04-26-16_1-16-25 PM

Instead of going to school, Rory is doing homework, and he’s not happy about it.

I don’t know why he seems so angry all the time. His traits are Neat and Geek. He’s not surrounded by anything dirty.

Maybe he needs video games, but he knows where the computers are.

04-26-16_1-27-34 PM

Rory is very excited about whatever is on TV.

04-26-16_1-29-04 PM

Donna did not have a good day at school.

04-26-16_1-34-41 PM

OMG Joaquin’s athletic wear is really something.

I love it.

04-26-16_1-46-06 PM 04-26-16_1-47-47 PM

This is a rather affectionate family still. I love it.

04-26-16_1-48-49 PM

Dancing in his amazing athletic wear. Nice.

04-26-16_1-58-53 PM

Ari is still up to her old tricks of telling herself very expressive stories.

04-26-16_2-11-45 PM

Donna peed herself… *sigh*

04-26-16_2-26-29 PM

Susan had a thrilling day at school, according to that expression.

04-26-16_2-29-06 PM

Ari: That’s my son? Gross.

04-26-16_2-30-39 PM

She has a bed, but sure, take a nap on the couch.

04-26-16_2-32-07 PM

04-26-16_2-35-05 PM

Susan is having a bit of fun in the wardrobe.

Which is amusing to me. Queen Susan? Are you on your way to Narnia?

04-26-16_2-35-16 PM

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of a dance in the sauna?

04-26-16_2-48-30 PM 04-26-16_2-48-39 PM

Amy grew up!

04-26-16_2-49-51 PM

Nice to see this little nook being used.

04-26-16_2-51-16 PM

This is Amy in Ari’s hair. I’m convinced she looks just like Ari.

04-26-16_3-00-03 PM

Anyway, this is Amy as a teenager. Her new trait is Kleptomaniac to go with Glutton, and her Aspiration is Big Happy Family.

When I was dressing her in CAS, my mum came in and goes “she’s green”. Had to explain she’s part alien. She just accepted it.

04-26-16_3-18-14 PM

Amy: Looking good, Ames, looking good.

04-26-16_3-20-59 PM

Birthday hugs.

Also, is it just me or is Amy a lighter shade of green? I thought there was only one green skin shade in TS4, but I’m almost certain Amy is lighter.

04-26-16_3-22-12 PM

I have a feeling that watching Amy eat is going to be great and hilarious. It looks like she’s snorting the parfait.

04-26-16_3-22-50 PM 04-26-16_3-22-52 PM

Rory is back to dancing in the sauna.

04-26-16_3-26-34 PM

Susan: I like Rory better than you Daddy.


04-26-16_3-27-41 PM

I mean, your bed is right behind you, Joaquin, but sure, take a nap on the couch.

04-26-16_3-31-08 PM

I’m not sure right there is a great place to do your homework, Amy.

04-26-16_3-42-29 PM

04-26-16_3-44-13 PM

These two get along, which is nice.

04-26-16_3-47-29 PM

Donna made black tea and then made faces as she drank it. Guess she’s not a fan.

04-26-16_3-52-42 PM

Amy: Need food now.

04-26-16_3-54-16 PM

Amy: Take a shower, bro.

04-26-16_3-54-24 PM

Rory: Don’t tell me what to do.

04-26-16_3-56-14 PM

Donna, there’s plenty of places for you to sit, you don’t need to stand so close to the TV.

Donna: I’m blocking Amy from being able to see the TV.

04-26-16_3-59-37 PM

Ari took the kids down to the lounge so they could get out of the house while she performed some comedy routines for money.

Amy is definitely a lighter shade of green, right?

04-26-16_4-00-19 PM

04-26-16_4-01-07 PM 04-26-16_4-03-00 PM

04-26-16_4-02-39 PM

Nice dancing, Rory.

04-26-16_4-03-55 PM 04-26-16_4-04-09 PM

Rory decided to cook some burgers.

04-26-16_4-06-08 PM

Donna cooked some hot dogs to go along with their impromptu barbecue picnic.

04-26-16_4-06-58 PM

Nice family picnic.

04-26-16_4-07-11 PM

Everyone loves hugs with Rory, apparently.

04-26-16_7-05-54 PM

Ari invited her club over, which not includes Bob and Eliza Pancakes. I just randomly added people when I realised no one was in the club anymore except Ari.

04-26-16_7-11-18 PM

This club member went to mourn Kevin. I like her.

04-26-16_7-33-24 PM 04-26-16_7-33-56 PM

Georgia was at the lounge when we went there to perform. Nice to see her.

04-26-16_7-46-36 PM

Joaquin is bonding with his dead father-in-law.

Only in the sims.

04-26-16_7-49-56 PM

Watch TV in your parents room while your mother is sleeping. Great idea, Donna!

04-26-16_8-05-22 PM

Ari is getting very good at cooking.

04-26-16_8-06-57 PM

Ari celebrates her birthday to Adult alone and with cake, and only because I like to avoid the sad moodlet when they don’t celebrate their birthdays.

She’s been a YA all this time. This is what happens when you TH is pregnant 4 times, because pregnancy, unlike in real life, pauses your aging.

04-26-16_8-11-01 PM 04-26-16_8-12-33 PM

Ari was invited to a friends birthday party but only one other guest turned up and nothing interesting really happened. Ari left early.

04-26-16_8-28-58 PM

I’m pretty sure I didn’t pick Donna’s athletic wear.

It’s nice to see the gym equipment being used.

04-26-16_8-38-12 PM 04-26-16_8-38-38 PM

Ari went to perform for $$$ again (I send her out every night if she’s not working) and we saw Francesca!

04-26-16_8-44-38 PM

Amy: Homework is great!

04-26-16_8-53-54 PM

This family really loves it’s couch naps, doesn’t it?

04-26-16_8-59-54 PM

Being flirty over breakfast.

04-26-16_9-03-45 PM

I’m sure Ari enjoys seeing you wander around like that, Joaquin.

04-26-16_9-13-13 PM

Susan brought a friend from school home. Watch was we never see him again after this!

04-26-16_9-15-38 PM

Nice dive Donna.

04-26-16_9-19-09 PM

I’m not sure a cellphone in the spa tub is a great idea, Amy.

04-26-16_9-29-40 PM

What a face.

04-26-16_9-50-12 PM

Joaquin is enjoying a bit of ‘me-time’ in the sauna.

04-26-16_9-52-57 PM 04-26-16_9-54-09 PM

Susan grew up to a teen!

04-26-16_10-07-10 PM 04-26-16_10-08-15 PM

She’s so pretty! Her new trait is Romantic to go along with Mean, and her aspiration is Leader of the Pack.

She sounds like one of those typical Queen Bees. Is Susan the new Regina George?

Is Susan the new TH?

Who knows! Now that she’s a teen, and Rory has one day before his birthday to YA, it’s time to an heir vote! Who are our options? Let’s go over them again.

02-12-16_5-32-35 PM

Rory Reagan is the eldest gen 6 kid and the only boy. His traits are Neat and Geek, and his aspiration is Party Animal.

03-12-16_5-15-17 PM

Next is Donna. Her traits are Self Assured and Bro, and her aspiration is Joke Star.

04-26-16_3-00-03 PM

Amy is the only one to have inherited her mother’s green skin. Her traits are Glutton and Kleptomaniac, and her aspiration is Big Happy Family.

04-26-16_10-07-10 PM

Last but not least is Susan Reagan. Her traits are Mean and Romantic, as said above, and her aspiration is Leader of the Pack.

Good luck voting!


17 thoughts on “Chapter 5.9

  1. Come to think of it, he probably loves been the only boy! This way he’s the special one!! Haha. So glad your studying is going well. Next gen is going to be very interesting. You thought of a naming theme yet? 😀


  2. I voted! :D. And I love this chapter. Shame that all the Gen 4 kids are dead. Cecil is dead in my game also, and so is my Gen 3 heir Wanda, who he married. Because of my rules I had to pass the torch to the child with the freaking hates kids trait…

    I love ISBIs and glad you’re back!


      • I need to catch up on your ISBI, though I don’t know if I can go through Cecil’s death again.
        Thanks for voting! And yep, definitely looks like Susan is going to win. May as well close the poll, because I can’t see any of the others overtaking her at this point.


      • Yeah…Cecil’s death was sad. He was a lot of fun and had three awesome children though, and the next TH got his hair colour, so he had a good run in my game.


      • Thanks for reading! I don’t think it’s as good as yours but it definitely entertains me to write it…I have so many exams coming up and it’s how I relax after studying for six hours…


      • Hey, don’t go comparing yours to others. Everyone writes differently, and if you enjoy it then that’s all that’s important. I enjoyed reading it. And it’s good to have a way to relax. Good luck for your exams!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Also have you never had a fire from that science table? I had it for my second gen kids because it was the cheapest object, but after the first three kids of that generation caused a fire it was hello chess table…


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