Chapter 5.8

Hey, everyone! Here we go again with another Reagan update.

03-11-16_5-09-55 PM

You may remember (or you may not) that last time Rory grew up to a teen.

03-11-16_5-10-15 PM

Yeah, Donna looks like she needs a bit of relaxation.

03-11-16_5-14-57 PM

Rory and Susan apparently do not get on.

03-11-16_5-15-10 PM

What a grin.

03-11-16_5-15-46 PM

Rory: This homework is so frustrating I feel like doing the chicken dance.

… ok

03-11-16_5-42-36 PM

That’s the face you make when you realise how much you stink.

03-11-16_5-44-19 PM

03-11-16_5-45-31 PM03-11-16_5-51-06 PM

Susan is still upset about her grandfather’s death.

03-11-16_5-59-02 PM03-11-16_5-59-31 PM

03-11-16_6-00-35 PM


03-11-16_6-02-27 PM

Donna walked in on her brother having a bath and then just stood there for awhile.

03-11-16_6-02-55 PM03-11-16_6-03-18 PM

Amy is cute.

03-11-16_6-08-51 PM

Thank you, Rory.

03-11-16_6-10-18 PM

Family meeting in the hallway.

03-11-16_6-13-05 PM

Yes, doing pushups on the wet kitchen floor is a great idea.

03-11-16_6-14-21 PM

Donna nearly always has a confident strut going on, and it took me awhile to remember it’s because she has self assured as trait.

03-11-16_6-19-23 PM

Ari, sweetie, you might have more luck if you fixed the bath first.

03-11-16_6-27-12 PM


03-12-16_1-14-41 PM03-12-16_1-14-54 PM

Selfie time

03-12-16_1-15-29 PM

You two were just getting on though!

Siblings, I suppose. I can be having a laugh with my brother one minute then arguing with him the next.

03-12-16_1-15-54 PM

Ari: I’m awesome.

03-12-16_1-25-55 PM

This can only end badly.

03-12-16_1-45-38 PM

03-12-16_1-48-11 PM

Susan posed for me, I had to take a picture.

03-12-16_1-49-37 PM

Amy is quite upset the broken dollhouse.

03-12-16_1-50-52 PM

03-12-16_1-57-34 PM

Hi, Kevin!

03-12-16_1-57-58 PM03-12-16_2-00-39 PM

Kevin doesn’t really do the haunting thing well. He mourns his own death, and then possesses his grave marker.

03-12-16_1-58-55 PM

Donna’s great.

03-12-16_2-04-42 PM


Is there some competition for best Reagan poser going on that I don’t know about?

03-12-16_2-07-25 PM

Amy: I need the bathroom! Help!

You know where all four are.

03-12-16_2-27-52 PM


03-12-16_2-38-35 PM

So much dancing.

03-12-16_2-41-16 PM

She just sneezed in the meal she’s making for her family.

03-12-16_2-44-16 PM

Ari wanted to paint.

03-12-16_2-44-45 PM03-12-16_2-44-50 PM

Again, so much dancing.

03-12-16_2-45-22 PM

Amy has become a contender in this Reagan posing competitin.

03-12-16_2-48-45 PM03-12-16_2-49-10 PM

Ari was performing a comedy routine for her career. Rory and Donna loved it.

03-12-16_2-50-59 PM

Pouty model Rory Reagan has entered the posing competition.

03-12-16_3-12-10 PM

Susan submits another pose.

03-12-16_3-13-30 PM

I mean, at least dancing helps gain motor skill.

03-12-16_3-13-50 PM

And another entry into the posing competition.

03-12-16_3-14-40 PM03-12-16_3-15-06 PM

Rory: Why didn’t you let me join in your selfie? sadface

03-12-16_3-18-20 PM

This is Rory’s ‘I just broke the dishwasher’ pose.

03-12-16_3-54-20 PM

Oh, thank you, Rory.

03-12-16_3-58-44 PM

Is this an entry to the posing competition?

03-12-16_3-59-02 PM

This definitely is an entry to the posing competition.

03-12-16_4-23-25 PM

I love that these two still do this completely autonomously. And Ari always has at least one whim towards Joaquin.

(They’re nearly as in love as Journetrius, my heir and spouse for gen 7 of my Famacy, who were so adorable I even combined their names)

03-12-16_4-33-17 PM

I honestly have no idea why I took this picture.

Rory: You loooove me.

03-12-16_4-38-29 PM03-12-16_4-40-40 PM

Ari performed some comedy routines around the neighbourhood on her night off.

03-12-16_4-51-43 PM

That’s the second time this chapter that Donna has stood there watching her brother, this time while he’s sleeping rather than in the bath.

03-12-16_4-53-26 PM

I see that Donna and Amy have claimed this little nook of Kevin and Caitlin’s old room.

03-12-16_4-59-33 PM

It’s birthday time!

03-12-16_5-00-54 PM

This is how Donna grew up. What a face to pull.

Donna: I don’t like this hat.

03-12-16_5-15-17 PM

Donna! Mum’s eyes and I think nose? But I’m pretty sure those are Joaquin’s lips.

Her new trait is Bro, to go with Self Assured, and her aspiration is Joke Star.

03-12-16_5-17-09 PM

Donna: This is my teen entry into the Reagan family posing competition.

03-12-16_5-17-23 PM

And she’s channelling the spirit of Cecil and Dana.

Donna: Gotta take my birthday selfie!

And that’s where we leave the Reagans off today. Who do you think won the posing competition?




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