Chapter 5.7

Hello everyone, how are you? It’s been a while since the last update, I know, but here I am.

But from now the updates might slow a bit because from the end of this month I’m back at study.

02-12-16_1-25-34 PM

Joaquin chooses to nap on the couch that isn’t very far from his bed.

02-12-16_1-30-42 PM

The kids invited Alexander Goth over after school. He might be a spouse if one of the girls becomes TH.

02-12-16_1-35-19 PM


02-12-16_1-41-57 PM02-12-16_1-44-02 PM

I sent Ari to one of the lounges so she could perform her comedy routines for $$$$. She had a bit of an audience.

02-12-16_1-45-28 PM

Steve was at the lounge. Nice to see you, Steve, even though you’re technically not related since the save move.

02-12-16_1-53-08 PM

The life of a TH.

02-12-16_1-57-11 PM

Alex waved good bye at 1.30 am. Are you kidding. Surely your parents were wondering where you were.

02-12-16_1-59-23 PM

Yes, because outside with dim lighting is the best place to do your homework.

02-12-16_2-01-58 PM

Donna was just posing so perfectly for the camera.

02-12-16_2-02-58 PM

02-12-16_2-04-49 PM02-12-16_2-05-28 PM

I’m glad they’re making use of the play equipment.

02-12-16_2-05-55 PM

Ari works hard as TH so she deserved a bit of relaxation.

02-12-16_2-09-02 PM

And she continues her relaxation.

02-12-16_2-13-44 PM

02-12-16_2-14-18 PM

Ari autonomously made herself a cup of tea and then autonomously got in the bath. Nice.

A cup of tea in a warm bath sounds amazing.

02-12-16_2-19-11 PM

Kevin is freaking out in the sauna.

02-12-16_2-19-24 PM

These two are so sweet.

02-12-16_2-20-28 PM

No, Ari! Don’t go in the flaming rocket ship!

She and Joaquin went for some rocket ship WooHoo.

02-12-16_2-27-21 PM

I have… a lot of questions, Ari.

02-12-16_2-28-24 PM02-12-16_2-28-28 PM02-12-16_2-28-29 PM02-12-16_2-28-33 PM02-12-16_2-28-38 PM02-12-16_2-28-38 PM-202-12-16_2-28-39 PM

I don’t know what happened but Ari bugged out or something and rapidly changed between her everyday and nude about twenty times in the hallway? And every time I gave her a command it was cancelled out before she changed again? And I was very confused and yelled ‘what the fuck, Ari?’ at my monitor.

02-12-16_2-28-04 PM

Also Kevin and Rory were both in the hallway at the time.

What a great impression on your young son, Ari.

02-12-16_3-30-13 PM

Ari stopped bugging out, and went to flirt with Joaquin, who is still in his astronaut outfit from the rocket WooHoo.

02-12-16_3-43-59 PM

Ahh, how sweet.

02-12-16_3-56-46 PM

Donna is just really photogenic.

02-12-16_4-08-26 PM

Susan is aging up!

02-12-16_4-12-42 PM

This is Susan! She’s got Ari’s hair colour, Joauqin’s eye colour, and I think a mix of her parents facial wise? I suppose we’ll see as she gets older.

Her childhood trait is Mean.

02-12-16_4-21-36 PM

I put the secret garden thing or whatever it is that came with Romantic Garden Stuff in the neighbourhood and sent Ari and Joaquin down.

02-12-16_4-22-34 PM

Ari wished for skills, and instead she got a sad moodlet and was told that she would have trouble progressing her skills while she had that moodlet.

02-12-16_4-27-50 PM

Joaquin starts doing sit ups while talking to his youngest daughter, ok.

02-12-16_4-29-06 PM


02-12-16_4-29-17 PM

No! Kevin!

02-12-16_4-30-20 PM

Joaquin and Susan are the only ones home. Susan starts crying. Joauqin continues eating.

02-12-16_4-30-53 PM02-12-16_4-30-54 PM02-12-16_4-31-03 PM

I was so confused where I saw the grave marker and then I remember that Kevin is an alien, and that’s why his was different.

Rest in Peace, Kevin. You were well loved.

02-12-16_4-34-36 PM

I put Kevin’s grave outside, and Joaquin quickly went out to mourn him.

02-12-16_4-39-59 PM

Joaquin was crying in the closet.

02-12-16_4-43-21 PM

Rory is creeping on his sister while she sleeps.

02-12-16_4-55-47 PM

Susan also goes to the grave to mourn Kevin.

02-12-16_5-13-28 PM

Ari knocked the gnocchi she was making to the floor, then kicked it back on to the counter with her shoe? Ari! You’re going to feed that to your family?!

02-12-16_5-21-55 PM

Aww, you guys.

02-12-16_5-25-40 PM

It’s a birthday cake!

02-12-16_5-26-33 PM02-12-16_5-27-21 PM

It’s Rory! He aged up!

02-12-16_5-32-35 PM

Alright, this is Rory. He’s definitely a mix of his parents, but his eyes are definitely from Joaquin. His new trait is Geek, to go with his other trait of Neat, and his aspiration is Party Animal.

And that’s all for this update.

I have absolutely no idea when the next update will be. I have just over a week before I go back to study. But please, if it’s awhile, don’t worry. I am going to finish the Reagans, I just have things going on.



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