Chapter 5.6

Hi everyone, welcome to another Reagan update!

01-27-16_4-21-28 PM

01-27-16_4-24-38 PM01-27-16_4-25-57 PM01-27-16_4-27-55 PM

Donna is not having a good time. Just go to bed, girl!

01-27-16_4-29-03 PM

Ari is freaking out about the new baby.

Ari: What was I thinking, another one?

Just you wait, Ari. What happens later in this chapter is because of one of your whims.

01-27-16_4-32-52 PM

Kevin is still around.

01-27-16_4-33-42 PM

So much affection in this fmaily still. I love it.

01-27-16_4-33-56 PM

Donna fell asleep in the spa pool.

01-27-16_4-34-44 PM

There are six chairs right there which you could sit on, Rory.

01-27-16_4-35-31 PM

Ari: I had a whim to try for baby with you, wanna?

Kevin: More grandchildren?

Kevin, it’s kinda creepy for you to be watching them while this is going on.

I feel like I’m going to regret this but Ari wanted to so who am I to say no to my TH?

01-27-16_4-38-26 PM01-27-16_4-38-48 PM

And Ari is pregnant for the fourth time.

01-27-16_5-17-39 PM

The bathroom is not a good place to eat.

01-27-16_5-18-31 PM

Ah, Kevin, never change.

01-27-16_5-19-17 PM

The barbecue is used occasionally.

01-27-16_5-24-32 PM

*sigh* Joaquin…

Also… I’m rewatching Sense8 at the moment and I have to giggle because the Joaquin on that show is so different from this Joaquin.

01-27-16_5-28-22 PM01-27-16_5-34-15 PM

Amy is now a child! Her trait is Glutton.

01-29-16_4-10-30 PM

Donna is working on maths (mental really) skills. Good girl!

01-29-16_4-22-21 PM

What a face, Ari.

01-29-16_4-25-45 PM

I made this small outdoor balcony area attached to the lounge with the intention of creating a movie area eventually.

01-29-16_4-57-37 PM

Got the monkey bars and the pirate ship for the kids.

01-29-16_4-59-09 PM01-29-16_4-59-24 PM01-29-16_4-59-34 PM

Amy is the first to make use of the pirate ship.

01-29-16_5-00-15 PM

Donna is perfectly happy with the doll house.

01-29-16_5-02-00 PM01-29-16_5-02-20 PM01-29-16_5-02-28 PM

Kevin joins in with his granddaughter.

01-29-16_5-23-24 PM

Sister selfie.

You’ll see in this pic and coming pics that I’ve changed the kitchen/dining a bit, but I didn’t get any proper pics.

01-29-16_5-38-11 PM

I also changed the lounge! I used one of the new couches from Get Together and the matchin chair, and there was a bit of yellow in the one I picked out so the walls changed a bit as well.

The lounge just change a bit after I took this pic, but it’s miniscule changes.

I don’t normally use yellow in house building/decorating, but I quite like how it turned out.

01-29-16_5-58-10 PM

And the balcony up on the third floor that connects to the girls’ bedroom is no longer empty.

01-29-16_6-02-15 PM01-29-16_6-02-22 PM

It’s Joaquin’s birthday to Adult!

01-29-16_6-29-39 PM


01-29-16_6-38-00 PM

How sweet, you two.

01-29-16_6-38-19 PM

Wait… Joaquin was just kissing you on the cheek, Ari, the two of you were being so sweet, why are you yelling at him?

Insane sims make no sense.

01-29-16_6-43-41 PM-2

Rory: I can’t believe that stink is me.

You know where all the showers and baths are.

01-29-16_6-48-08 PM

You could sit on the completely free couch, or the chair.

01-29-16_6-50-30 PM

Rory does a bit of dancing.

01-29-16_7-05-20 PM

Amy is enjoying the pirate ship.

01-29-16_7-05-54 PM

Joaquin: Help! I need to pee.

You know where the toilets are. Do not pee yourself, Joaquin. You’ve already given me one fail this chapter.

01-29-16_7-07-14 PM

That is a really big grin for someone pooping.

01-29-16_7-23-00 PM

Donna finally uses the pirate ship.

01-29-16_7-25-27 PM01-29-16_7-25-32 PM01-29-16_7-25-33 PM01-29-16_7-25-35 PM01-29-16_7-25-37 PM

Gotta love Joaquin’s dancing.

01-29-16_7-28-38 PM

Somehow Donna managed to get a glas of orange juice on the half wall which is taller than the adults.

01-29-16_7-41-06 PM01-29-16_7-41-45 PM01-29-16_7-41-53 PM

Ari gave birth to a baby girl! She was named Susan.

And that’s all for this update! Next chapter… who knows? Susan will grow up, and I think Rory is due to age to teen soon.

Not sure when the next update will be, in a week I’m going up to Auckland for the weekend for the Welcome to Night Vale live show (I’m SO excited), and I want to get a bit more of my 100 Baby Challenge done before I go away.



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