Chapter 5.5

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all have a good day and week.

01-21-16_3-47-19 PM

01-21-16_3-50-17 PM

Donna thought it would be best to eat her pancakes on her bed.

01-21-16_3-52-21 PM

Donna is making friends with the dinosaur.

01-21-16_3-54-13 PM01-21-16_3-54-35 PM

They got a popcorn popper.

01-21-16_3-56-49 PM


01-22-16_5-21-57 PM

Ari almost falls into the river trying to greet this guy.

01-22-16_5-29-26 PM

Ari is making friends with the mailwoman.

01-22-16_5-29-52 PM

Oh, look at Summer being a good citizen.

01-22-16_5-33-21 PM01-22-16_5-34-13 PM01-22-16_5-35-30 PM01-22-16_5-35-38 PM

Ari talks to a few people in the neighbourhood to make friends. Bob Pancakes is not in a good mood, apparently.

01-22-16_5-36-03 PM

Thank you Kevin.

Wait a second… didn’t you age up to elder? Why is your hair red? I’m pretty sure I left it grey.

01-22-16_5-38-55 PM

What a face, Rory. Not that I blame you with the stink cloud following you around.

01-22-16_5-40-22 PM

I have nothing to say about this, I just thought it was amusing.

01-22-16_5-40-50 PM

Now he’s back to grey hair?

01-22-16_5-41-16 PM

Instead of a shower Rory chooses to watch the comedy channel.

01-22-16_5-42-37 PM

You better not pee yourself, Kevin, there are four bathrooms in the house.

01-22-16_5-43-07 PM

Rory: Gross, I stink!

That’s what happens when you don’t take a shower.

01-22-16_5-44-43 PM

Finally he takes a shower.

01-22-16_5-45-45 PM

Joaquin: Where did this thing come from?

I’m almost certain you’ve interacted with him before.

01-22-16_5-46-24 PM

01-22-16_5-46-48 PM

Donna likes the activity table.

01-22-16_5-47-00 PM

Rory is doing sit ups on the kitchen floor. Ok.

01-22-16_6-03-50 PM

Donna: I did my homework and I am fantastic!

01-22-16_6-12-19 PM

Look at that confident strut.

01-22-16_6-14-11 PM01-22-16_6-17-19 PM

Kevin is still switching between red and grey hair.

01-22-16_6-19-51 PM

Joaquin is sick.

01-22-16_6-21-28 PM

But despite being sick, he still cleans our disgusting sink.

01-22-16_6-22-15 PM

The rainbow picture is Donna’s and the house is Rory’s.

01-22-16_6-29-44 PM

Hugging is so weird when one of the sims is pregnant.

01-22-16_6-36-04 PM

They became BFF’s.

01-22-16_6-44-06 PM

Donna is fairly enthusiastic about orange juice.

01-22-16_6-44-31 PM

Now Kevin is sick (and red haired again)

01-22-16_6-52-48 PM01-22-16_6-53-24 PM

Ari gave birth to a baby girl, who was named Amy. Which might seem odd considering Rory is her older brother, but I had Cecil and Carlos as brothers too.

01-22-16_6-56-40 PM01-22-16_6-56-44 PM01-22-16_6-56-48 PM

Joaquin has a bit of a boogie to celebrate the birth of his third child.

01-22-16_6-58-08 PM

And then it’s just before het goes to bed that Joaquin has his ‘pre-parental’ panic, though Amy has been born for a few sim hours.

01-22-16_7-06-10 PM01-22-16_7-06-21 PM

Ari wanted to cannonball.

01-22-16_7-07-18 PM

The bath broke while Kevin (with grey hair again) was in it, and it created a nice fountain effect for him.

01-22-16_7-09-34 PM

Kevin (with red hair YET AGAIN this reminds me of when Cecil first grew up into a child) decided to take a nap on the couch next to the baby so it will wake him up while Ari and Joaquin are at work.

01-22-16_7-11-14 PM01-22-16_7-11-16 PM01-22-16_7-11-17 PM

Oh yeah, you go Donna!

01-22-16_7-11-40 PM

The family continues to be affectionate this generation.

01-22-16_7-14-59 PM

Donna is getting into science.

01-22-16_7-16-00 PM

Kevin was so upset about the sink breaking that her put his arm through it.

01-22-16_7-21-08 PM

Kevin: What am I supposed to do with this wailing creature?

Change her nappy?

01-22-16_7-21-17 PM

He’s getting there.

01-22-16_7-21-54 PM

Rory does his homework. Good boy.

That’s all for this update! Next time we’ll see Amy grow up, and I have no idea what else.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 5.5

  1. Good chapter! I like Amy, it’s cool you got a green baby. And yes, my Sims eat on the beds so much! It doesn’t make sense, the table is RIGHT THERE and completely empty of things.


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