Chapter 5.1

Gen 5! What is this?

12-13-15_1-23-53 PM

First pic up is the new house across the road from the Reagan’s. I built it! You can find it here, or in the game gallery, my EA ID is ginnymalfoy22. I have a few buildings and some Reagans up on the gallery. Building is still not something I’m particularly good at, but I’m getting better at it and I think over time I will share more on the gallery.

Enough about that, now on to the Reagan’s!

12-13-15_1-30-17 PM

Ari made a club! Because she has a social aspiration, I thought a club based around social interactions would be good. So I’ve called it ‘The Socialites’ not that she is a ‘socialite’ per se, but the encouraged activities are being friendly, being funny, playing pub games, drinking bar drinks, and drinking coffee. Just general things that you do to be social.

12-13-15_1-31-43 PM


12-13-15_1-33-53 PM

This isn’t Windenburg. It’s a cafe that was just in my gallery from Maxis and I shoved in to Newcrest.

12-13-15_1-36-41 PM

Ari meets and chats with Marcus Flex, but they won’t be anything more than friends. My test sim for Get Together got with him and he is noncommittal and nah.

12-13-15_1-41-18 PM 12-13-15_1-41-21 PM

This guy that is in Ari’s club is a secret alien.

12-13-15_1-41-55 PM 12-13-15_1-42-35 PM

Don’t Wake the Llama!

Ari won lol.

12-13-15_1-45-04 PM

Steve is out and about in Windenburg.

12-13-15_1-50-05 PM

Be careful with the fiery nightmare of a drink, Ari.

12-13-15_2-03-09 PM

Kevin is making good use of the diving platform.

12-13-15_2-09-28 PM

I put Ar in the entertainer career because I thought she could make a good comedian. She needs guitar skill for her promotion, though.

12-13-15_7-02-20 PM

Ari also needs charisma for her aspiration.

12-16-15_1-31-56 PM

Still a very affectionate family.

12-16-15_1-40-17 PM

The guy Ari is hugging is Joaquin Le Chien who lives in Windenburg. He’s in Ari’s club and I have plans to get the two of them together.

12-16-15_1-41-01 PM

Ari and Joaquin are getting alon well.

12-16-15_1-43-46 PM

I sent Ari and Joaquin to the Von Haunt estate because I thought the gardens could make a nice romantic backdrop.

12-16-15_1-45-27 PM

I also really love this as a wedding venue and will probably be used in a future generation.

Not Ari, though, I don’t think she’s going to get married. I might change my mind, but at the moment I don’t feel like Ari would get married.

12-16-15_1-46-06 PM 12-16-15_1-46-56 PM 12-16-15_1-47-44 PM 12-16-15_1-53-40 PM

I was right about the romantic backdrop.

12-16-15_1-54-22 PM 12-16-15_1-54-23 PM


12-16-15_2-32-25 PM 12-16-15_2-32-59 PM 12-16-15_2-33-08 PM 12-16-15_2-34-15 PM

I actually really like these two together.

12-16-15_2-36-52 PM 12-16-15_2-36-54 PM 12-16-15_2-37-25 PM 12-16-15_2-37-34 PM

These two had to try out the bush WooHoo

12-16-15_2-42-44 PM

And then Ari asked Joaquin to move in.

12-16-15_2-46-58 PM

So, Joaquin Le Chien. Welcome to the ISBI household. Try not to go crazy.

12-16-15_2-47-47 PM

Bless you, Cait.

12-16-15_2-54-26 PM

As nice as having your own Sauna is, the downside is that you have to keep it clean.

12-16-15_2-54-40 PM

Joaquin: This food is glorious.

12-16-15_3-02-45 PM

So I added another bedroom, this one on the third floor, in the hopes that a chilkd will be on it’s way soon, so the outside has had a little bit of a renovation.

I might change the windows, though, I don’t really like them.

12-16-15_3-03-38 PM 12-16-15_3-03-47 PM

Some nice closet WooHoo.

12-16-15_3-05-05 PM 12-16-15_3-05-07 PM

Georgia has level 1 dance skill.

12-16-15_3-05-36 PM

Ari: Please leave the bathroom, I’m using the toilet.

Don’t you just love when your younger sister comes into the bathroom when it’s occupied?

12-16-15_3-05-45 PM

Not pregnant 😦

12-16-15_3-07-16 PM 12-16-15_3-07-23 PM

Gotta get that baby.

12-16-15_3-12-26 PM

Kevin got abducted as if he wasn’t an alien himself.

12-16-15_3-13-23 PM

Not pregnant this time either, I am so disappointed.

12-16-15_3-14-02 PM

I made the right choide with Joaquin.

*cough* I mean Ari made the right choice with Joaquin.

12-16-15_3-15-53 PM

Kevin came back.

You din’t want to join your people, Kev?

Kevin: My family are my people.

Ok sure hold in the sap.

12-16-15_3-16-27 PM

The joys of being an ISBI TH.

12-16-15_3-38-01 PM

Ari: I am awesome.

You keep believing that.

12-16-15_3-40-47 PM

And now for the third try.

12-16-15_3-42-55 PM

Third time lucky! The first gen six baby is on the way!!

12-16-15_3-46-14 PM 12-16-15_3-46-22 PM 12-16-15_3-46-38 PM 12-16-15_3-46-44 PM

And since Ari has another day off work, she invites the club over and they play some games together.

Next update will include babies. Georgia and Francesca will grow up and actually appear in the chapter. Who knows what else?


10 thoughts on “Chapter 5.1

  1. Rereading this for fun…I think that Susan, as a Romantic, Mean, Regina George-ish type would definitely get married in the Chalet Gardens…instead of the living room, lol.

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