Chapter 4.7

Hello! It’s time for another Reagan update!

Part of this chapter was played before Get Together came out and part of it after Get Together came out. I have played around with the new gameplay with Get Together, but that was in a different save, and when I opened the Reagan save after installing Get Together, Ari was three days off her birthday and there wasn’t any point in Kevin starting a club.

However. Next chapter, who knows?

12-09-15_1-25-35 PM

And of course Cait is dancing.

12-09-15_1-26-43 PM

They are always such a mess when they get home from school.

12-09-15_1-34-12 PM


12-09-15_1-35-28 PM

Ari looks angrily at Fran while Fran looks like she’s ready to slap someone.

12-09-15_1-47-25 PM 12-09-15_1-47-41 PM 12-09-15_1-50-01 PM

Cait was abducted.

12-09-15_1-48-40 PM

Kevin is still cute.

12-11-15_1-58-36 PM

It’s time for a birthday! Not Kevin’s. Not quite Ari’s, either.

12-11-15_1-59-09 PM 12-11-15_1-59-11 PM

Cait is becoming an elder!

12-11-15_2-17-15 PM


12-11-15_2-18-23 PM

This is Cait as an elder. I gave her a Get Together outfit and hair style.

She is still absolutely gorgeous. I love her a lot.

12-11-15_2-25-07 PM

Kevin was invited to Carlos’ birthday so I figured Kevin could bring the whole family along.

Carlos is old now, too. 😦

12-11-15_2-26-29 PM

Cecil! ❤

12-11-15_2-27-11 PM

Ari: What did you just call me? *goes for a slap*

Georgia: *cowers in fear*

Caitlin: Oh, you girls are so amusing!

12-11-15_2-28-17 PM

This family goes from violence to affection in 0.2 seconds.

12-11-15_2-35-08 PM

This family is incredibly affectionate.

12-11-15_2-37-20 PM


12-11-15_2-48-28 PM 12-11-15_2-48-30 PM

Hey, she might get some new dance moves since Get Together is installed.

12-11-15_2-50-41 PM 12-11-15_2-51-41 PM 12-11-15_2-51-43 PM

Yes, I did get a closet so that my sims could WooHoo in it.

12-11-15_3-19-13 PM

Kevin: What stinks? Is it one of you girls?

That’s not very nice, Kevin.

It was a plate.

12-11-15_3-30-55 PM

So much affection.

Like at least they have good relationships.

12-11-15_3-31-23 PM

12-11-15_3-33-33 PM

12-11-15_3-49-56 PM

Georgia: We’ll keep you company while you clean, Dad.

Kevin: Or you could clean?

Fran: Nah.

12-11-15_3-50-35 PM

I have no idea what she’s so excited about.

12-11-15_3-50-57 PM 12-11-15_3-52-07 PM

So. Affectionate.

12-11-15_3-52-35 PM

Yes, Kevin, you deserve a bet of relaxation.

12-11-15_3-53-15 PM

Wow, Ari, what got your knickers in a twist?

12-11-15_3-56-54 PM

Steve invited Kevin out to ‘Guys Night’ at the bar and Kevin turned up in his towel because he was still in the sauna lol.

12-11-15_4-38-58 PM

So I added this little corner into Cait and Kevin’s room.

12-11-15_4-41-28 PM

12-11-15_4-45-26 PM 12-11-15_4-45-37 PM

The Reagans also got a diving platform and Kevin is the first to try it out.

12-11-15_4-46-00 PM


12-11-15_5-09-33 PM


12-11-15_5-15-51 PM

I’m getting Kevin to makes a few meals because Ari’s birthday is very soon and the family is going to go back to having someone with no cooking skill cook for them.

12-11-15_5-37-33 PM

When I say soon I mean right now.

12-11-15_5-37-58 PM

Ari grew up with the trait Outgoing. Her other traits are Cheerful and Insane, and her Aspiration is Friend of the World. So yes, we will be making use of the new clubs system.

12-11-15_5-49-09 PM

I also gave Ari some Get Together clothes, and I think she looks good.

That’s all for this chapter! Next time will begin Ari’s reign as TH!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 4.7

    • Oh wow, congrats!
      Oh well, when you can’t get an expansion pack, you just live vicariously through the people who do. That’s what I used to do when I had to wait a few months before being able to get an expansion.


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