Chapter 4.6

This update has been two weeks in the making, and as of writing this part of it, I still haven’t finished playing it, because for some reason I just can’t get into the Reagans lately.

However, I have been building a lot, which is odd for me, so watch this space and maybe I’ll share things along those lines.

11-17-15_9-35-31 AM

Fran: What do you mean I didn’t win the TH vote?

11-17-15_9-36-10 AM

Georgia didn’t win either, which does indeed mean that Ari is our next TH!

11-17-15_9-36-56 AM

Kevin: Sorry you didn’t win, Fran.

Fran: Not to worry, I am making evil plans.

No you’re not.

11-17-15_9-44-13 AM

And here is out next TH, making the good choice of chocolate cake for breakfast.

11-17-15_9-52-13 AM

Cait jams on the guitar.

11-17-15_10-10-50 AM

Um… I’m pretty sure that’s not how you hug, girls.

11-17-15_10-10-55 AM

Just some girl hang out time.

11-17-15_10-11-37 AM 11-17-15_10-12-08 AM 11-17-15_10-12-11 AM 11-17-15_10-12-12 AM

Yeah, that’s some great dancing.

Well, I guess that’s a skill my non-TH sims will get autonomously once Get Together comes out.

11-17-15_10-15-11 AM


11-17-15_10-19-33 AM 11-17-15_10-19-44 AM

That seems like a very interesting story, Ari.

11-17-15_10-28-29 AM

Ari broke the sink.

11-17-15_10-36-19 AM

Fran dances a bit too.

11-17-15_10-38-33 AM

Fran: What is this garbage?

Uh… french toast?

11-17-15_10-42-25 AM

Georgia doesn’t look too happy about this swim.

11-17-15_10-42-47 AM

Fran: I do my homework, I should be TH.

The vote is done, results are final. Sorry, Fran.

11-17-15_10-43-40 AM

My darling Cecil baby is old </3

11-17-15_10-52-15 AM

So is Dana 😦

11-17-15_10-45-18 AM

Cecil is not a fan of Fran.

11-17-15_10-53-29 AM

Steve: I didn’t do anything!

There’s nothing going on, I just saw that Cecil and Dana were old now when I looked at Kevin’s relationship panel and decided he should invite over his siblings.

11-17-15_10-54-33 AM

Thanks Steve.

11-23-15_5-50-43 PM

I changed the living room a little.

11-23-15_6-33-45 PM 11-23-15_6-35-24 PM

This family is a great example of healthy living.

11-23-15_6-36-50 PM

Cait: Look at me. I’m having pasta!

11-23-15_6-42-00 PM

11-23-15_6-45-49 PM

Georgia is following the fine Reagan tradition of the after school selfie.

11-23-15_6-46-54 PM

Sleeping in the spa, Fran?

11-23-15_6-47-08 PM

Soak it up while you can, Ari, because once you take over at TH, there will be no relaxation for you.

11-23-15_6-49-17 PM

So far this update we have seen both kids who aren’t the future TH do their homework.

11-23-15_6-55-32 PM

You probably can’t tell but I changed to wood flooring and changed the counters to the lighter brown option.

11-26-15_2-42-10 PM

Are you going to just wander around in your towel, Ari? You are? Okay.

11-26-15_3-28-22 PM 11-26-15_3-28-39 PM

So much cleaning for Kevin.

12-01-15_5-41-09 PM

And we finish this update with a picture of the Christmas tree the Reagans got to celebrate the festive season because it is now December where I live and it’s allowed!

I’m also listening to Christmas music sigh.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 4.6

    • I didn’t do too well. I got to 17,000 ish words. I managed to write a lot in the first eight days and then I was exhausted. Without going into details, I have an autoimmune disorder that makes me tired and sluggish, and I thought I could handle NaNo but I couldn’t, those first 8 days of 17,000 words took a lot out of me.
      However, those words were good words! And this novel that I’m writing will definitely still be finished and hopefully published, it just might take a little longer to write the first draft. I just took a bit of a break and have been using the rest of November to apply for jobs.


  1. Aww, that’s okay. 17,000 is a lot in only 8 days! You should be proud! Autoimmune disorders are a bitch. My fiance has Ulcerative colitis. I myself have M.E, more commonly known as CFS – Chronic fatigue syndrome, so I know quite a bit about feeling tired and sluggish. It’s so difficult to get stuff done when you don’t have the energy, not just physical, but mentally too.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what’s your novel about?

    A few years ago I started a novel about a family living in the latter part of the 1800s. It’s based loosely about my grandfather’s family. Sadly however, I’ve not written anymore of it for quite a few years. Mainly due to my grandfather’s passing. It just made me sad to think about him and his life all those years ago. My health is another reason too.

    I know I’ll finish it some say tho, as it would be even sadder not too.

    Any luck on the job front?


    • My novel is a fantasy novel with an ass kicking lesbian queen (well she’s more demisexual homoromantic but hey) and a myriad of other LGBTQ+ characters. There’s magic and a misogynistic cousin who steals the throne.
      Sometimes health just has to come first, and if you know you will finish it someday, it doesn’t matter how long it takes.
      No. Luckily I’ve enrolled to do the next level up course in admin stuff that starts in February so if I don’t get a job before then I have that.


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