Chapter 4.5

So, I’ve managed to get in one more update before NaNoWriMo insanity begins.

10-30-15_4-00-00 PM

Hey Carlos!

10-30-15_4-20-32 PM

Check out Kevin’s snazzy new work outfit.

10-30-15_4-22-50 PM

This is the first time I’ve seen someone use it.

10-31-15_1-37-17 PM

Love your meal choices.

I keep having Kevin make ice cream so it’s my fault, really.

10-31-15_1-38-15 PM

Fran is very worried about something.

10-31-15_1-40-51 PM

Cait: No one can see me eat cake for breakfast, right?

10-31-15_1-47-33 PM

Kevin got this shower for his promotion.

10-31-15_1-47-41 PM 10-31-15_1-47-46 PM

Also I thought I would show you how I updated Kevin and Caitlin’s ensuite bathroom.

10-31-15_1-48-47 PM

Caitlin very quickly made sure to enjoy the new bath.

10-31-15_2-01-20 PM

Don’t pick on your sister, Ari, the voters won’t pick you that way. (Who knows, they might. Bennett Gilbert was a favourite heir and he killed four people.)

10-31-15_2-36-26 PM

Fran broke the sink.

10-31-15_2-37-22 PM

Wow Dana calm your tits.

10-31-15_2-38-15 PM

Caitlin: Ahh, some time away from the kids.

10-31-15_2-38-53 PM

Are you okay, Ari?

10-31-15_2-39-04 PM

Dana, don’t be mean to your niece!

10-31-15_2-46-42 PM

Some sister dancing time.

10-31-15_2-46-58 PM 10-31-15_2-47-02 PM

Kevin was desperately needing fun so a bit of grumpy dancing from him.

10-31-15_2-48-30 PM

Dana is still grumpy.

This family has anger issues.

10-31-15_2-49-34 PM

Oh wow Ari what is that expression.

10-31-15_2-50-14 PM

Georgie is telling a very captivating story about a chicken.

10-31-15_2-51-12 PM

*sigh* Fran…

10-31-15_2-51-42 PM

Georgie is quite a dancer.

10-31-15_2-53-36 PM


10-31-15_2-54-04 PM

And Fran passes out again…

10-31-15_2-57-38 PM

Good good, do your homework.

10-31-15_3-18-47 PM

Wow, Ari, what got up your butt?

10-31-15_3-22-39 PM

Wow, way to set an example to your daughter, Cait.

10-31-15_3-23-43 PM

Fran fell asleep in the bath.

10-31-15_3-33-16 PM

Thank you for cleaning, Cait.

10-31-15_3-34-09 PM

Fran fell asleep in the spa.

10-31-15_3-49-07 PM

There was an option to press big red button and… oops… ?

10-31-15_3-50-06 PM

The ice cream is bigger than her head.

10-31-15_3-51-12 PM

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many options for the barbecue. Never really used it in this game. He’s making shish kebabs!

10-31-15_4-00-16 PM 10-31-15_4-00-17 PM

These two don’t really spend much time together, so this is nice.

10-31-15_4-17-03 PM

10-31-15_4-17-54 PM 10-31-15_4-20-15 PM

Georgie and Fran have their teen birthdays!

10-31-15_4-42-36 PM

This here is Francesca (though I might change her make up, I was playing around the the alien ones that come with GTW). She grew up with the train Romantic, and her aspiration is Mansion Baron. Her child trait was Evil.

10-31-15_4-42-52 PM

And this is Georgia. She grew up with the trait Clumsy, her aspiraiton is Successful Lineage, and her child trait was Bookworm.

And now that they’re all teens, it’s time for a TH vote again. Options are Arianna, Francesca, and Georgia. As a reminder, Ari’s traits are Cheerful and Insane, and her aspiration is Friend of the World.

And the poll brings this update to a close. There most likely will not be another post until December, due to NaNoWriMo. Good luck to anyone else taking part!


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