Chapter 4.3

Hello and welcome to another update of the Reagan ISBI. If you’ve missed a couple of updates, Kevin is now our TH, married to a gorgeous woman named Caitlin, and they have three kids, Arianna, Georgia, and Francesca.

I will also begin this update with the sad news that Morgana has passed away.


Gwaine is now the only one left of the third gen children.

RIP Morgana. Your facial expressions were always amazing.

10-15-15_3-58-01 PM

If you don’t remember, Francesca is evil (taking after her Aunt Dana), and she broke the dollhouse.

10-15-15_3-58-47 PM

Georgia: Oh no! The p-poor dollllssss! *sobs*

10-15-15_3-59-27 PM

Not to worry, Georgia! Daddy is to the rescue!

10-15-15_4-01-16 PM 10-15-15_4-02-15 PM

A couple of Mummy hugs.

10-15-15_4-03-37 PM 10-15-15_4-03-45 PM 10-15-15_4-03-46 PM

Well, if Ari is too cool to dance with Mum, Georgia isn’t.

10-15-15_4-03-59 PM

Cait looks so angry.

Cait: Don’t you dare walk away while we’re having fun dancing, young lady!

10-15-15_4-06-34 PM

Ah well, Caitlin can dance on her own.

10-15-15_4-11-22 PM

I feel like Cait has made it her mission to be the most embarassing Mum of the ISBI or something.

10-15-15_4-14-46 PM


10-15-15_4-15-56 PM

There’s no particular reason for this picture, I just like it.

10-15-15_4-27-47 PM

10-15-15_4-37-55 PM

Kevin is still inventing things.

Seriously though, if Carlos was the TH, he would be Carlos the Scientist and everything would be perfect.

10-15-15_5-04-38 PM

I love your super healthy dinner of a brownie.

10-16-15_4-59-58 PM

Caitlin is just… so pretty. So so pretty.

10-16-15_5-02-23 PM

10-16-15_5-03-33 PM

Wow, okay Ari.

10-16-15_5-04-11 PM

I just find it amusing that she’s watching something in a fire station and the fire is going in the back.

10-16-15_5-05-13 PM

Georgia is very excited by the TV.

Georgia: They beat the fire!

10-16-15_5-05-41 PM


10-16-15_5-06-29 PM

Ari: I’m doing my homework. Aren’t I great TH material?

It’s going to be another vote this gen.

10-16-15_5-07-58 PM 10-16-15_5-08-04 PM

Georgia is taking after her dad.

10-16-15_5-08-49 PM

Arianna: I’m awesome.

I’m glad you’ve inherited the Reagan confidence.

10-16-15_5-09-20 PM

Stop being cute, dammit! Where is the sibling drama?

10-16-15_5-10-37 PM

This was one of Kev’s careers rewards.

10-16-15_5-13-46 PM

Georgia: Ari isn’t the only one who does their homework around here.

10-16-15_5-14-44 PM 10-16-15_5-14-54 PM

A bit of relaxation time. Though she doesn’t look relaxed in the second picture.

10-16-15_5-18-51 PM

I feel like Georgia made a comment about Cait’s towel, and Cait wasn’t impressed.

10-16-15_5-20-52 PM

Gotta love the peepee walk.

10-16-15_5-32-21 PM

Francesca: Daddy is such a good cook.

Sucking up won’t help you become TH.

Fran: Dammit!

10-16-15_5-34-13 PM

Kevin: Oh my creator, Microwave! I can’t believe someone would use you in that way!

10-16-15_5-47-06 PM 10-16-15_5-47-16 PM

Kevin successfully cloned a serum!

10-16-15_5-50-41 PM

Kevin: It’s Friday evening. Time to slip into something a bit more comfortable.

10-16-15_5-50-44 PM

Kevin: That’s better.

10-16-15_5-52-54 PM

Got to keep you brain working.

10-16-15_5-54-09 PM

10-16-15_5-56-36 PM 10-16-15_5-56-49 PM 10-16-15_5-57-06 PM

Some fun in the hot tub.

10-16-15_5-57-28 PM

So Fran chose eggs and toast for dinner, and Georgia chose ice-cream.

10-16-15_6-27-24 PM

Cool dancing, Fran.

10-16-15_6-29-23 PM

Kevin’s sick! 😦

10-16-15_6-30-10 PM

I just gave him orange juice.

10-16-15_6-33-35 PM


10-16-15_6-53-11 PM

Now Cait is sick.

10-16-15_6-54-20 PM

Fran: Ahh, all my worries have just melted away.

What worries could you have?

10-16-15_6-56-44 PM

That looks good.

10-16-15_6-58-36 PM

Hey there, Cecil! Are there any good novels coming out soon?

Cecil: Books are dangerous.

(I’m really sorry I had to make that reference, carry on)

10-16-15_7-03-51 PM

Uh… Kevin is okay.

10-16-15_7-10-07 PM


And with this touching moment between father and daughter, this update comes to a close.

Next time will be a couple of birthdays so we will be seeing the spares. Should be fun!


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