Chapter 4.2

Yes, already another update. I really wanted to play the Reagans some more. Mostly I wanted to see what other babies Caitlin and Kevin could create.

10-10-15_3-26-49 PM

The child they do have is pretty adorable, though.

10-10-15_3-33-36 PM 10-10-15_3-33-47 PM

I smashed down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to make one room because I prefer it that way.

10-10-15_3-35-34 PM 10-10-15_3-35-37 PM 10-10-15_3-35-41 PM

This is Kevin and Caitlin’s room. There’s a little wardrobe area thing.

10-10-15_3-50-05 PM

Caitlin is in her second trimester.

10-10-15_3-42-40 PM

Kevin can now make food with fresh veggies from the garden.

10-10-15_3-50-32 PM

Arianna: I’m awesome, I’ll be the perfect TH, no need for any other children.

Sorry, Ari, but ISBI rules state that there has to be at least two children each generation.

Ari: Dammit. I’m not guaranteed heirship.

10-10-15_4-01-23 PM 10-10-15_4-05-04 PM 10-10-15_4-07-41 PM 10-10-15_4-10-25 PM

Kevin had a ‘collection day’ at work.

10-10-15_4-18-05 PM

Ari: Changed your mind?

No, your mother is already in her second trimester.

10-10-15_4-20-28 PM 10-10-15_4-20-43 PM 10-10-15_4-21-09 PM

It’s the weekend so I let Kevin out of his disguise. These two are super cute.

I have honestly loved all the pairings between TH and spouses.

10-10-15_4-29-10 PM

10-10-15_4-32-08 PM

Just talking to himself… the usual.

10-10-15_4-33-29 PM

I thought Kevin could take Ari to the park.

10-10-15_4-35-31 PM 10-10-15_4-35-43 PM 10-10-15_4-36-27 PM

Dana, Morgana, Steve, and Cara were all at the park as well.

10-10-15_4-38-09 PM 10-10-15_4-38-12 PM 10-10-15_4-38-13 PM 10-10-15_4-38-14 PM

They have a secret handshake.

10-10-15_4-39-04 PM

Dana and Morgana play a bit of chess.

10-10-15_4-41-16 PM 10-10-15_4-41-35 PM 10-10-15_4-41-55 PM 10-10-15_4-42-02 PM

They have a bit of fun with the pirate ship.

10-10-15_4-52-05 PM

Ari is clapping at the TV. I’ve never seen a sim do that before.

10-10-15_4-55-12 PM

They were playing chess together quite happily and then Kevin scolded Ari and I’m not sure why.

10-10-15_5-08-46 PM

Cait looks ready to burst at any minute.

10-10-15_5-13-15 PM

Oh wait, she is.

10-10-15_5-17-00 PM

So this is Georgia.

10-10-15_5-17-27 PM

And Georgia has a twin sister named Francesca.

An all girl gen!

And I may as well tell you my naming theme, which is the Stravaganza book series which I adored when I was 12.

10-10-15_5-18-40 PM

And then Cait goes to have a nap, which I can’t blame her for, after giving birth to twins.

10-10-15_5-27-22 PM

Cait also does some autonomous baby care, which she never did with Ari, so yay!

10-10-15_5-30-08 PM

Ari: This one isn’t so bad. But was twins necessary?

I didn’t plan that, but it’s not really that much of a surprise considering Kevin is a twin, and he had twin older siblings.

10-10-15_5-35-41 PM 10-10-15_5-36-17 PM

Kevin got an ice cream headache.

Man I really want ice cream now.

10-10-15_5-55-44 PM 10-10-15_5-55-48 PM

Freezing coworkers is fun.

10-10-15_6-03-54 PM 10-10-15_6-03-55 PM

Why are you two arguing?

10-10-15_6-07-29 PM 10-10-15_6-07-38 PM

He’s an alien being abducted by aliens.

10-10-15_6-08-30 PM

Cait got an ice cream headache.

Ari: You are weak.

10-10-15_6-04-37 PM

Cait: Ari, dance with me.

Ari: Mother, you are embarassing.

10-10-15_6-10-38 PM

She goes to have a dance later though.

Ari: Don’t let Mum see me.

10-10-15_6-14-04 PM

The twins aged up!

10-10-15_6-26-50 PM

So this is Francesca. Her trait is Evil, and her childhood aspiration is Artistic Prodigy.

10-10-15_6-46-55 PM

This is Georgia. Her trait is Bookworm, and her childhood aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp.

10-10-15_6-46-36 PM


And now we’ve come to the end of this update. I’m quite happy with the kids of this gen, though I don’t know yet if Kevin’s ended up pregnant from his alian abduction. I guess we’ll see next update.

Also! On my sims tumblr I’m posting a Sims 3 Legacy, a Dash of Magic, and drama has recently happened, so if you’re interested, you can check it out here. On that blog I’m also finishing my Famacy, which is now on Gen 6.


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