Chapter 4.1

Hello and welcome to the first chapter of Gen 4! A lot happens in this update, so be ready.

10-09-15_1-09-48 PM

First things first, after grabbing all the work rewards and paintings by Merlin and things made by Izzy, Kevin gets us moving.

I chose the biggest lot in Newcrest, which already has a few houses around. 10-09-15_2-07-02 PM

This is the house, since it was dark when we moved. It’s not quite finished, I started to run out of money, and I’ll probably add bedrooms and such as more family members arrive and more money arrives.

I’m not a builder, so I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done.

10-09-15_2-08-06 PM

This is the kitchen, which is subject to change.

Everything is subject to change.

10-09-15_2-20-10 PM 10-09-15_2-20-16 PM

Living room

Not much in it at this point. Like I said, after building everything, doing wallpaper and the kitchen, and the pool outside, I started to run out of money and I figured it was better to keep it for the bills.

10-09-15_2-26-03 PM 10-09-15_2-26-16 PM 10-09-15_2-26-18 PM

In the middle of reading, Kevin tells a very expressive story… to himself.

10-09-15_2-25-48 PM

Merlin is confused by the move and just stands outside for a very long time.

10-09-15_2-27-12 PM

It’s back to crappy level 1 cooking for the Reagans. Oh well, Kev will get there.

10-09-15_2-29-15 PM

Kevin is very expressive.

10-09-15_2-37-36 PM

This is Catilin Gleason, who is a sim in one of my other saves. She’s gorgeous, and I put her and her sister Cara in the neighbourhood because I wanted Caitlin as Kevin’s spouse.

I was going to send Kevin over to their house (the one in the background), but I saw her walking about and so sent Kevin over to talk to her.

10-09-15_2-46-25 PM

Also, this is the house in the daylight, and Merlin is still standing in the front.

I tried to go for a different texture look thing, but it may change. Not too sure how I worked out.

10-09-15_2-45-19 PM 10-09-15_2-46-42 PM

Cait and Kev get on pretty well.

10-09-15_2-47-26 PM

She’s also very receptive to Kevin’s flirts.

10-09-15_2-48-35 PM

10-09-15_2-49-37 PM

When they kissed, Caitlin figured out that Kevin is an alien.

Is there like a weird alien way of kissing?

10-09-15_2-51-28 PM

Kevin: Look at my muscles.

Kevin, you have no muscles.

10-09-15_2-52-21 PM

10-09-15_2-51-36 PM

They’re now boyfriend/girlfriend

10-09-15_2-54-12 PM

This is Cara, Caitlin’s sister. She takes after their mother, while Cait takes after their father.

Cara came by to welcome the Reagans to the neighbourhood.

10-09-15_2-55-20 PM

Cara realised Kevin is an alien immediately because Kevin is glowing pink from being very flirty.

10-09-15_2-56-58 PM 10-09-15_2-58-19 PM 10-09-15_2-59-10 PM

Ice cream!

10-09-15_3-02-24 PM

10-09-15_3-02-57 PM

Kevin asked Cait to move in, and so now she’s joined the household. Also, I found out she had only a few days left until she becomes an adult. So we’ll have to move things pretty quickly.

10-09-15_3-06-00 PM

*sigh* Merlin. He got confused because we moved and he’s not used to having to take care of himself.

10-09-15_3-06-52 PM 10-09-15_3-06-55 PM 10-09-15_3-06-58 PM 10-09-15_3-07-02 PM


10-09-15_3-08-19 PM

And instantly on to baby making.

10-09-15_3-09-31 PM

And Cait is pregnant!!

10-09-15_3-13-27 PM

Don’t drop the book, Kev.

10-09-15_3-44-05 PM 10-09-15_3-44-08 PM

All dressed up for their wedding.

Be careful with that ice cream and your wedding dress!

Actually, that reminds me of my friends wedding a month ago. I was a bridesmaid, and the bridal party went to the McDonald’s drive thru and got McFlurry’s on the way to the reception. Had to be quite careful, especially since we were having them in the car on a long, winding country road.

10-09-15_3-44-30 PM 10-09-15_3-44-49 PM 10-09-15_3-44-52 PM 10-09-15_3-44-56 PM 10-09-15_3-45-09 PM

It’s so good to see these guys again. Though Cecil and Dana don’t look very happy.

ALso, Dana and Morg have the same dress in different colours. I really like that dress, and didn’t realise until now.

10-09-15_3-45-53 PM

They are so cute, and Cait’s little bump is adorable.

10-09-15_3-46-32 PM 10-09-15_3-46-38 PM

And now they’re married.

I should have gotten Kevin out of his disguise. Oh well, too late now.

10-09-15_3-46-54 PM

Cait: Yeah, I’m married.

10-09-15_3-49-18 PM

Sisterly hugs.

10-09-15_3-54-22 PM

Cait, it’s your wedding, don’t do the cleaning up.

10-09-15_3-56-36 PM

Gwaine isn’t even dressed up nicely.

10-09-15_4-10-16 PM

The pregnant woman in the wedding dress hangs out in the sauna because of the music.

10-09-15_4-13-19 PM

For Kevin’s aspiration he has to upgrade or launch the rocket five times, and as he has no rocket science skill, it will be launching since he can’t upgrade.

10-09-15_4-15-55 PM

Kevin also needs handiness for his aspiration, so I guess we’ll be having furniture made by a TH again.

10-09-15_4-20-58 PM

This is the house from the back.

The roof of this house is a mess and doesn’t make sense. I know.

10-09-15_4-25-18 PM

Gwaine was walking past the house.

Why are you so angry?

10-09-15_4-26-27 PM

Caitlin is in her second trimester.

10-09-15_4-32-24 PM 10-09-15_4-37-50 PM

For his first day, I follow Kevin to work.

10-09-15_4-44-23 PM

I started Kevin on gardening because 1. why not and 2. he needs a bit of gardening for science, he needs some specific ingredients in some of the serums, and the science lab doesn’t have them.

Gardening also helps work towards breakthroughs.

10-09-15_4-53-48 PM


10-09-15_4-54-02 PM

So this is Merlin’s garden so far.

10-09-15_4-58-06 PM

Merlin and Cait get along, which is definitely better than the last spouse and the in-laws.

10-09-15_5-03-28 PM


10-09-15_5-03-35 PM 10-09-15_5-04-03 PM 10-09-15_5-04-46 PM

Merlin doesn’t even get to meet his first grandchild. But at least he saw Kevin married and happy with a baby on the way.

RIP Merlin. You were a really great TH, and you made five (FIVE!!!) awesome children.

10-09-15_5-07-42 PM

*sigh* I’m going to blame the third trimester for being impossible, and also mourning.

10-09-15_5-07-56 PM

And then she goes into labour, with Kevin gardening in the background.

10-09-15_5-09-02 PM 10-09-15_5-09-06 PM

It’s a hybrid girl, who was named Arianna.

10-09-15_5-13-37 PM 10-09-15_5-14-59 PM

10-09-15_5-22-01 PM 10-09-15_5-22-38 PM 10-09-15_5-27-29 PM 10-09-15_5-30-07 PM 10-09-15_5-31-43 PM 10-09-15_5-32-29 PM 10-09-15_5-34-07 PM

Another day at the science lab.

10-09-15_5-37-39 PM 10-09-15_5-38-02 PM

10-09-15_5-41-31 PM 10-09-15_5-42-35 PM

And the next baby is on the way.

10-09-15_5-55-19 PM

Ha Kevin set the couch on fire with his raygun when he was trying to transform.

10-09-15_6-04-07 PM

It’s Arianna’s birthday! Her trait is Cheerful and her childhood aspiration is Artistic Prodigy.

10-09-15_6-14-00 PM 10-09-15_6-14-07 PM

So this is Ari’s bedroom.

10-09-15_6-21-20 PM

And Ari after giving her a makeover.

So with Ari a child now, this chapter comes to a close. Next update will include the birth of a new child.



3 thoughts on “Chapter 4.1

  1. Wow! That was a huge update. Loved it tho! Caitlin is fantastic and what beautiful eyes she has too. The house looks wonderful, I’ve always loved the two toned look, but when I do it with my houses, it never seems to look right. 😞

    It was was great to see Gwaine, Morgana, Dana and of course our favourite Cecil at the wedding. I wonder if Cecil and Cait’s sister, Cara, will hit it off and maybe get hitched. Hehe. 😀

    Arianna is such a cute, she clearly takes after her Mom and Dad with her looks. Mom’s hair colour, eyes and chin and Dad’s skin colour, nose and eyebrows. 😀

    I knew it. 😢 R.I.P Merlin. You will be missed, but at least you’re with Elaine now. 💜


  2. I love Cait’s eyes!

    And Cait cleaning up during her own wedding reminds me of when Ryan and Natalie got married in my own ISBI, and then the first thing she did after was to take out the trash, still in her dress!


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