Chapter 3.11

Another Reagan update! Yay!

10-03-15_10-43-13 AM

10-03-15_10-52-11 AM

Steve: Homeworks is boring, selfie is better. #lookattheseguns

10-03-15_10-43-51 AM

Elaine: Urgh, this drink is disgusting.

That’s because it’s spoiled.

Elaine: *keeps drinking*

10-03-15_10-58-51 AM

Kevin is having a good time.

10-03-15_11-01-47 AM

This isn’t a particularly interesting picture, but it’s important to note that this is when I got the first notification saying Elaine didn’t have much longer.

10-03-15_11-04-14 AM

When Kevin becomes TH, the family sure will miss good cooking like Merlin’s.

10-03-15_11-05-25 AM

Elaine: Get out of here! This is our bedroom!

10-03-15_11-15-37 AM

Kevin is working on programming.

10-03-15_11-25-29 AM

Cecil came over.

10-03-15_11-26-57 AM

After a mud bath, Merlin got a confident moodlet. I don’t think I’d feel confident after bathing in mud.

10-03-15_11-28-35 AM

Carlos came over as well.

I like that the spares just keep popping over.

10-03-15_11-30-01 AM

Brother bonding time.

10-03-15_11-30-17 AM

Steve: Gross, I’m sitting next to a human.

10-03-15_11-30-48 AM

Kevin going for a swim.

10-03-15_11-33-46 AM

Elaine is up to her old drinking habits.

Elaine: I am happiest *hic* with a drink in my hand.

10-03-15_11-36-05 AM

Merlin just told an amazing story, judging by Steve’s reaction.

10-03-15_11-39-24 AM

Steve’s happy face is adorable ok.

10-03-15_11-46-02 AM

Hey Gwaine bby.

10-03-15_11-47-06 AM

This was one of Merlin’s masterpieces.

Get good money for those, it will go towards the house I’ll build when Kevin becomes TH.

10-03-15_11-47-40 AM 10-03-15_11-47-43 AM 10-03-15_11-47-44 AM

Steve’s reactions to funny stories or jokes is so cute.

10-03-15_11-54-50 AM

Awww, my loves.

10-03-15_11-56-46 AM 10-03-15_11-57-12 AM

Seriously, Elaine. You drink a lot.

10-03-15_11-58-48 AM

It’s only ever Steve taking selfies, I don’t think I’ve seen Kevin take even one.

10-03-15_12-03-05 PM 10-03-15_12-03-07 PM

No… Elaine…

10-03-15_12-03-32 PM

Merlin just got home..

10-03-15_12-03-52 PM 10-03-15_12-03-55 PM

Merlin went and autonomously pleaded for Elaine’s life, but it didn’t work.

10-03-15_12-04-04 PM

Aww, poor Merlin. ❤

10-03-15_12-04-46 PM

I’m so sad.

And it doesn’t even feel like that long ago that we lost Amanda.

10-03-15_12-06-11 PM

Kevin is quite upset.

10-03-15_12-07-18 PM

Apparently loss causes Kevin to feal nauseous.

10-03-15_12-53-26 PM

Kevin: Relaxing in the sauna will help me move on from the loss of my stepmother.


10-03-15_1-06-49 PM

Aww, brothers there for each other during time of loss.

10-03-15_1-14-06 PM

You might think that Merlin is surprisingly chirpy during his time of loss, but really it’s because I kep doing things so that the moodlet would go away quickly, like pep talk and calling the sadness hotline.

10-03-15_1-15-45 PM

Gwaine was walking by so I had Merlin talk to him for a bit.

10-03-15_1-22-54 PM

Merlin: Ow, my back.

Please live until Kevin is a YA please live until Kevin is a YA

Lol nah I haven’t even got one notification saying it’s nearly the end of his life.

10-03-15_1-24-40 PM

Anyway, it’s birthday time! I got Merlin to make this fancy cake because I’ve never had it as an option at any time in any of my saves, and I know I won’t be able to make Merlin make it if he’s even still alive when and if Kevin gets married.

10-03-15_1-24-54 PM

Aww, Morgana’s old now too.

10-03-15_1-26-06 PM 10-03-15_1-26-08 PM

Steve goes first, and his new trait is loner. His other traits are hates children and creative, and his aspiration is fabulously wealthy.

10-03-15_1-27-32 PM

Then Steve had a fail.

10-03-15_1-27-57 PM

Cecil arrived at the party and immediately went upstairs to take a soak in the bath.

Yeah, go ahead, make yourself at home.

10-03-15_1-28-18 PM 10-03-15_1-29-42 PM

Now it’s Kevin’s turn, and he grew up with Insane as a trait. This will be fun. His other traits are squeamish and art lover, and his aspiration is Nerd Brain.

10-03-15_1-29-47 PM

Merlin: I make some pretty awesome children.

10-03-15_1-34-29 PM

This is Kevin in disguise. He looks a lot like Merlin in disguise, I think. And I gave him red hair since he naturally has red hair.

It may take getting used to.

10-03-15_1-35-07 PM

10-03-15_1-36-32 PM

Cecil and disguised!Kevin look very similar.

10-03-15_1-38-27 PM

How much coffee do you need, Steve?

10-03-15_1-40-45 PM

10-03-15_1-41-08 PM

That coffee must not have worked, huh, Steve?

10-03-15_1-41-35 PM

Cecil, if you have to stand so close to the TV, maybe you need glasses.

10-03-15_1-41-50 PM

Look, the third gen siblings all together, possibly for the last time.

Oh god I’m making myself sad.

10-03-15_1-42-19 PM

Gwaine: Alright, see you around.

Well, we will, you’re not an elder yet. It’s Morgana and Merlin I’m worried about.

Anyway, this is the end of this update. Next chapter, Kevin takes charge as TH. He’s already got a job in the scientist career, and next I have to find him a spouse.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.11

  1. Aww. So sad that Elaine died. Kevin and Steve look so awesome. I love Kevin’s disguise. He really does look like Cecil. Cecil. Oh how I miss him, it was great to see him popping in to visit though. He’s always a joy to see and you can’t help laughing at how much he loves himself. Not looking forward to when he ages into an elder. I want him to live forever. He’s my favourite this gen, Kevin too. And Steve. 😀

    I can’t wait to see what the new house will look like, although it’ll be sad too, cause Merlin will be gone. 😞


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