Chapter 3.10

I only updated yesterday, I know, but I was keen to play some Reagans, so we get another update.

09-27-15_1-29-47 PM

We open with Elaine and Merlin going in to the rocket for privacy.

09-27-15_1-37-38 PM

Carlos is… autonomously working out?

09-27-15_1-40-24 PM

Elaine tells a very expressive story in her space suit, and Steve is a bit freaked out.

09-27-15_1-43-01 PM

It’s been all night and Elaine is still in the space suit.

Fond memories, Elaine? *waggles eyebrows*

09-27-15_1-45-19 PM

Well, that’s the end of the space suit then.

09-27-15_1-55-20 PM

Cecil: Hey, Reagan readers. Did you miss my beautiful self?

I’m not sure we were given time to miss you.

Cecil: Of course you did.

09-27-15_1-55-43 PM

Cecil: Mummy, can I move back in? I don’t know how to look after myself, I set fire to the kitchen.

Elaine: We only just got rid of you.

Wow. What a nice mother.

09-27-15_1-56-07 PM

Cecil: Why can’t I sit in that seat that my father was just in and is blocking the way of? I want to sit there. Not the other five vacant seats, three of which I have perfect access to!

09-27-15_1-56-21 PM 09-27-15_1-56-34 PM 09-27-15_1-56-45 PM

Elaine is now an elder.

And Cecil was singing in the middle picture, it was really cute.

09-27-15_2-05-05 PM

I gave Elaine a new look.

09-27-15_2-04-45 PM

Uh… Carlos? Hello? Carlos?

09-27-15_2-22-04 PM

Carlos: … Did I fall asleep?


09-27-15_2-23-45 PM

How on earth do you stay up, Merlin?

09-27-15_2-24-17 PM

Just doing some sit ups on the kitchen floor.

09-27-15_2-32-32 PM

It’s birthday time again.

Not Merlin, though.

09-27-15_2-32-41 PM 09-27-15_2-33-37 PM

Steve goes first for no particular reason.

He grew up with the trait hates children, so I guess it’s a good thing he’s not our TH. His other trait is creative. He also now has the aspiration fabulously wealthy.

09-27-15_2-34-05 PM 09-27-15_2-35-13 PM

Next is Kevin. He grew up with the Art Lover trait, and his aspiration is Nerd Brain. His child trait was Squeamish.

09-27-15_2-36-15 PM

Then is Carlos for his YA birthday. He grew up with the trait Family-Oriented. His other two traits are Neat and Glutton, and his aspiration is Outdoor Enthusiast.

09-27-15_2-38-12 PM 09-27-15_2-38-14 PM

Those pictures maybe don’t show it the best, but the top is Kevin and the bottom is Steve. There is actually a bit of difference between them. Steve is a bit slimmer in the body and the face, and Steve has pointed ears. Also, I think Steve’s eyes are closer together than Kevin’s. And I think they have different noses, too.

Also, I was just playing around and discovered something interesting.

09-27-15_2-41-51 PM

This is Kevin with naturally red hair.

09-27-15_2-41-59 PM

And this is Steve with naturally blonde hair.

I’m not keepng hair on them, I just thought it was interesting.

Anyway, I dressed Kevin into ‘human’ clothes for every outfit, and Steve has the alien outfit for every outfit.

09-27-15_2-48-31 PM

Carlos getting some coffee is the last picture we get of him before I moved him out to the spare household.

09-27-15_3-05-58 PM

Aww, some brotherly love.

09-27-15_3-14-18 PM

Dana: I’m back!

09-27-15_3-07-09 PM

Comparison picture. See, they are different? I’m not crazy, am I?

Most noticeable is the ears though.

I think Kevin also has a smaller mouth?

09-27-15_3-21-26 PM

Dana: Yeah, this place is the same.

You’ve barely been gone!

09-27-15_3-31-50 PM

Steve has some hard earned (?) relaxatin in the sauna.

09-27-15_3-32-45 PM

Kevin: Is that my twin brother wandering around the house in just his towel.

Confidence is a Reagan family trait, apparently.

09-27-15_4-00-45 PM

Check out Merlin’s snazzy work uniform.

09-27-15_4-05-00 PM

Elaine came home from work angry.

Elaine: Let me retire.


09-27-15_4-08-15 PM

This is Merlin’s first masterpiece painting.

09-27-15_4-13-40 PM

Like his older brother and stepmother, Steve takes to napping on the bench in the backyard.

09-27-15_4-18-45 PM

See? Confidence runs in this family.

09-27-15_5-18-50 PM

I would have thought that someone who just got promoted to the top of their career would look a bit happier.

09-27-15_5-22-23 PM 09-27-15_5-29-01 PM

This rocketship is awesome.

09-27-15_5-34-40 PM

Is that the best thing to swim in? I probably should have at least given him proper swimming togs.

Ah well.

09-27-15_5-36-20 PM

Elaine: Let me retire.


09-27-15_5-49-38 PM

Merlin: You have one hot husband.

Elaine: I sure do.

09-27-15_5-53-49 PM

I spotted Morgana going past the house quite morose.

09-27-15_5-56-45 PM 09-27-15_5-57-43 PM

Multiple spares turning up in their party outfits. It must be party time.

09-27-15_5-59-07 PM 09-27-15_5-59-13 PM

Merlin is now an Elder. They grow up so fast. *sniff*

09-27-15_6-00-05 PM

Ahh, I love seeing the family together.

09-27-15_6-03-32 PM

Aww, Morgana is still sad 😦

I don’t get enough pictures at parties, I’m so focused trying to get a gold medal. Which is hard in an ISBI when things involve multiple people and I can only control one. Making a toast is very difficult.

09-27-15_6-07-20 PM

Bye Gwaine, you’re welcome over anytime, I just won’t be able to let you inside.

09-27-15_6-07-40 PM

Cecil stays after the party is over to play some chess.

And that’s it for this update. There were so many birthdays, but it’s really weird having a small household again. Only four sims. Ah well. That’ll change soon enough.


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