Chapter 3.9

Merlin’s gen is getting quite long, isn’t it?

09-25-15_1-33-45 PM

Dana: Gotta take my morning selfie.

09-25-15_1-34-07 PM

These two tend to stick together.

09-25-15_1-41-17 PM

Kevin: Yeah, I’m awesome.

09-25-15_1-42-38 PM

Thank you, Carlos.

However, if you’re trying to get into my good books by cleaning so you can be TH, you’re out of luck.

09-25-15_1-47-05 PM

Now that Merlin is level 8 in the Astronaut career, he needs rocket science skill (only from level 8? Seriously?) so he’s building a rocket.

09-25-15_1-48-53 PM

Is that bench really all that comfortable to nap on?

09-25-15_1-49-09 PM

It’s Morgana!

Morgana: Wow this place looks the same learn to change things up Anneliese.

I’m waiting until Kevin becomes TH and then building a new place.

09-25-15_1-50-03 PM

Dana: Ugh, got a crick in my neck.

What, from all your hard work of taking selfies?

09-25-15_1-50-13 PM

Morgana: What is this thing?

Your nephew.

Morgana: That doesn’t make any sense biologically.

Yes well this game doesn’t make sense biologically.

09-25-15_1-51-25 PM

Gwaine was walking past the house so we had to say hello. Hello, Gwaine bby. I miss you.

09-25-15_1-51-54 PM 09-25-15_1-51-57 PM

Morgana has some real issues with her alien nephew.

09-25-15_1-52-31 PM 09-25-15_1-52-39 PM

Oh, angry Morgana. I’ve missed you.

09-25-15_1-53-06 PM

Cecil: Hey readers. Did you know that I am hot? You made a mistake not voting for me as TH.

09-25-15_1-54-24 PM

Morgana stomps off home.

09-25-15_2-04-28 PM

The rocket is finished.

09-25-15_2-17-25 PM


09-25-15_2-17-31 PM

Merlin? Merlin, can you hear me?

09-25-15_2-17-41 PM

Oh Merlin, you’re alive. Thank God.

09-25-15_2-18-05 PM 09-25-15_2-18-34 PM

Gwaine turned up so I had Merlin go trick and then treat. Idk.

09-25-15_2-18-57 PM 09-25-15_2-19-10 PM

Gwaine figured that one of his nephews is an alien. He was not impressed.

09-25-15_2-36-47 PM


09-25-15_2-40-20 PM

Merlin: Have a good day at work honey.

09-25-15_3-06-56 PM

So that’s where Cecil gets it from.

09-25-15_3-19-06 PM 09-25-15_3-19-13 PM

Well, here’s Morgana and Gwaine in some party outfits. It’s someone’s (two someone’s) birthday, and I decided that there should be a birthday party.

09-25-15_3-19-21 PM 09-25-15_3-20-46 PM

First up is Cecil. He great up with the trait bro. His other traits are music lover and childish, and his aspiration is joke star.

09-25-15_3-21-39 PM

A birthday hug from Auntie Morg.

09-25-15_3-21-47 PM 09-25-15_3-21-49 PM 09-25-15_3-21-54 PM

Next up is Dana! She grew up with the trait ambitious. Her other traits are evil and genius, and her aspiration is musical genius.

09-25-15_3-25-08 PM

Family dancing time.

09-25-15_3-30-16 PM

And the party is over (I really didn’t get any pictures of it) with Morgana and Gwaine leaving. Bye guys. You’ll see Cecil and Dana soon because this is about when I went into manage worlds and moved them in with you.

09-26-15_10-41-05 AM 09-26-15_10-41-19 AM

Kevin just enjoying some dancing.

09-26-15_10-48-10 AM

Merlin keeps working on his painting. I’m actually keeping some of his paintings.

Not this one though.

09-26-15_10-52-44 AM

Merlin is drinking a protein shake and enjoying lemon aromatherapy in his spa so that he is energised for work.

09-26-15_11-00-12 AM

It must have worked, because he got promoted and got this statue.

And with the news of Merlin’s promotion, we end this update. The next chapter will be 3.10. Though Kevin and Steve should become teenagers in the next update, so we’re getting there.



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