Chapter 3.8

This is going to be a very long generation because the next TH is only a child.

That’s right, Kevin won the heir vote! It will be interesting having an alien TH, but I’m looking forward to it. I closed the vote about a week ago? And then was intending to work on the next update but I broke my toe, and to get to my computer I have to go down a step that is very daunting with a broken toe so I didn’t.

09-12-15_3-08 PM

Our welcoming shot is a lovely picture of our Second Gen TH on her porcelain throne.


09-12-15_3-15 PM 09-12-15_3-15 PM-2 09-12-15_3-15 PM-3 09-12-15_3-16 PM-2

Reactions when the kids get back from school always amuse me.

Cecil is always so angry.

09-12-15_3-36 PM

Awww, a lovely mother/son moment.

09-12-15_3-41 PM 09-12-15_3-41 PM-2

Wha-? no

09-12-15_3-41 PM-3

Noooo NO

09-12-15_3-41 PM-6

Elaine: Excuse me, why are we all standing around, I need to use the bathroom!

Your sons are standing next to you sobbing because your mother-in-law is dying I think we have other worries.

09-12-15_3-45 PM

Merlin found out what’s happening.

Oh, poor Merl. Now he’s lost both his parents.

09-12-15_3-45 PM-3 09-12-15_3-45 PM-5 09-12-15_3-45 PM-6 09-12-15_3-46 PM-2

This breaks my heart.

RIP Amanda. You were a great TH, you had three awesome children, and I’ll miss you.

09-12-15_3-47 PM

And there’s Elaine’s pee puddle.

09-12-15_3-49 PM

Merlin boxes out his feelings.

09-12-15_3-52 PM-3

Elaine uses Manda’s death as an excuse to drink.

09-12-15_3-51 PM-2 09-12-15_3-55 PM-2

There’s a fair amount of crying under the covers.

09-12-15_3-58 PM

Cecil is not impressed.

09-12-15_3-47 PM-2

Dana takes out her feelings on one of her younger brothers.

09-12-15_3-58 PM-3

Carlos is moping around.

09-12-15_4-23 PM-2

And now Cecil is sick.

09-12-15_4-38 PM

Steve: Gross, my brother is behind me.

09-12-15_4-39 PM

Cecil is bored and tired, Dana is not impressed by him, and IDK what Carlos is doing.

09-12-15_4-43 PM

Kevin: It’s not fair. Why do I have to put the rubbish out?

You chose to.

09-12-15_4-44 PM

Bro hang out time by the outdoor bin.

09-12-15_4-44 PM-2

09-18-15_2-50 PM 09-18-15_2-50 PM-2


Merlin: what the hell?

She just came up to him and starting yelling at him while he was relaxing in the sauna. Calm down girl.

09-18-15_2-52 PM

Carlos went all the way to the bin to clean something up, then just dropped it on the ground to cry.

09-18-15_2-53 PM-2

I’m getting Merlin into painting because why not?

09-18-15_2-54 PM-3 09-18-15_2-54 PM-4

Cecil and Dana still get on well. Though in that second pic Cecil looks like he’s about to slap her.

09-18-15_2-55 PM-2

Cecil’s up to something, just look at his face.

09-18-15_2-58 PM-3

Aww, Kevin.

09-18-15_3-11 PM

Cecil: Is that really what I smell like? I’m disgusting.

I love his eyes can I just say.

09-18-15_3-11 PM-2

Dana: DAYUMMM I’m hot.

09-18-15_3-12 PM-3

I love how comfortable this family is with each other.

09-18-15_3-14 PM-2 09-18-15_3-17 PM

Steve is really excited about Science!

09-18-15_3-18 PM

Cecil: I swear I am not a model.

09-18-15_3-19 PM-2

Dana: And that’s how we covered the principals desk in slime.

Elaine: That’s disgusting.

09-18-15_3-23 PM-2 09-18-15_3-23 PM-3 09-18-15_3-23 PM-5

Carlos grilled some fruit and then set the place on fire. Merlin extinguished the fire.

09-18-15_3-24 PM 09-18-15_3-24 PM-2

I’m glad they run out to the front of the hose during a fire. I remember one time early on in the Kleoses when there was a fire and I directed Roxy and Fender away from the fire multiple times but they still went running back to it and panicking.

09-18-15_3-26 PM

Cecil and one of his younger brothers chat in the sauna.

I feel like the younger one is too young for a sauna? Even Cecil. All the saunas around here have an age limit, genrally 16 or 18.

09-18-15_3-37 PM

Merlin: Have a great day, son!

09-18-15_3-37 PM-2

Cecil: Yeah right. You get to go in space. I have to go to stupid school.

09-18-15_3-45 PM-3

Elaine questions the kids when they get back from school.

Elaine: How are your grades? Carlos, why are you so dirty?

09-18-15_3-45 PM-5 09-18-15_3-45 PM-6

No. Kevin no.

09-18-15_3-47 PM-2

I forget that Dana is evil sometimes. And then this happens.

09-18-15_3-48 PM-2

Dana: So, Anneliese and readers, I have some news. After this announcement, you should make me TH.

09-18-15_3-48 PM-3

Dana: I’m pregnant!

No, I don’t hae a teen pregnancy hack so you can’t be. Nice try.

And that’s it for this update. I don’t know when the next one will be. Hopefully soon. Also… this is going to be a very long gen while we wait for Kevin to grow up.


One thought on “Chapter 3.8

  1. Wonderful chapter. Loved it!! Poor Dana tho. Trying to pull the “I’m pregnant” card. She must really want to be the next TH. However, yay to Kevin been the next TH!!

    Ooh. That means you can pick his human disguise! Yay. I wonder if he’ll take after Merlin or Elaine? Or maybe a mix of the two.


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