Chapter 3.7

So the last update found me in ISBI hell when twin aliens were born to Merlin. I almost cried several times while playing this update.

09-08-15_11-07 AM

Dana is getting to know one of her new brothers.

Dana: Why is he green? Why does his cry echo weirdly?

Um… I think your father should explain.

09-08-15_11-10 AM

09-08-15_11-12 AM 09-08-15_11-12 AM-2 09-08-15_11-13 AM-2 09-08-15_11-13 AM-3

Amanda seems to be fairly accepting of her new alien grandchildren, but she seems to only remember how to feed one of them while they are crying, hurting my ears.

09-08-15_11-14 AM-2 09-08-15_11-14 AM-3

Luckily, Elaine deals with the second one, and seems to accept her alien stepsons.

09-08-15_11-15 AM

I wouldn’t want to eat with that disgusting plate right there.

09-08-15_11-15 AM-4

You know, I have a lot of respect for Elaine still attempting to have a relationship with her mother-in-law. Amanda is still not very impressed with her.

09-08-15_11-18 AM 09-08-15_11-18 AM-2 09-08-15_11-18 AM-3

The kids get home from school and immediately go to have a nap.

What teenager doesn’t have a nap with their mother or grandmother?

09-08-15_11-21 AM

Merlin can breastfeed… ok

09-08-15_11-22 AM-3

Amanda: Ugh, my back.

So, by the end of playing this update, I’d received two notifications that Amanda was reaching the end of her days. Which makes me sad. ;(

09-08-15_11-22 AM-4

I know he’s yawning, but it kind of looks like Cecil is pretending there’s a mic in his hand and he’s singing.

09-08-15_11-24 AM

Carlos: I need to pee so I’ll just jump up and down, that will calm my bladder.

09-08-15_11-26 AM

Spaghetti for breakfast, nice nice. And that gross plate is still there, joined by another.

09-08-15_11-28 AM-2

So Merlin had a birthday (that I forgot about) and is now an adult.

And now he’s going to have that damn sad moodlet because his birthday was forgotten.

09-08-15_11-29 AM 09-08-15_11-29 AM-2 09-08-15_11-32 AM 09-08-15_11-33 AM-2

These goddamn babies won’t shut up.

09-08-15_11-33 AM-3

Cecil’s got to keep himself clean.

09-08-15_11-34 AM


09-08-15_11-37 AM 09-08-15_11-37 AM-2

Cecil (and Carlos if you can see him) try to get the twins to calm down unsuccessfully.

09-08-15_11-34 AM-3

Merlin just gave Dana the WooHoo talk. I love their reactions.

09-08-15_11-38 AM

Cecil: Feed me.

09-08-15_11-43 AM 09-08-15_11-44 AM 09-08-15_11-44 AM-2

I s2g Merlin does not get a second to himself. Is this what parenting is like in real life? I don’t want it.

09-08-15_12-17 PM

Oh look, Merlaine.

09-08-15_12-15 PM

Bless you Manda.

09-08-15_12-20 PM

And with this hand hold, Merlin completes his aspiration. Yay!

09-08-15_12-22 PM-3

It’s time for birthdays, thank GOD!

09-08-15_12-24 PM

I think??? this is Kevin. He grew up with the trait squeamish and his childhood aspiration is social butterfly.

09-08-15_12-24 PM-2

This is Steve, he grew up with the trait creative and his childhood aspiration is social butterfly.

I can’t tell the difference between them. I know they can disguise themselves as humans, but I can’t control them to do that.

09-08-15_12-27 PM

Breakfast with their stepmum. I really really can’t tell the difference between them.

09-08-15_12-28 PM-2

Uh… Elaine? Who are you talking to?

09-08-15_12-28 PM-3 09-08-15_12-29 PM

Carlos is now a teen! His traits are neat and glutton, and his aspiration is outdoor enthusiast.

09-08-15_12-38 PM 09-08-15_12-38 PM-2 09-08-15_12-40 PM

I changed all the boys outfits. Obviously you can tell who Carlos is. Kevin is in the green stripes, Steve in the blue hoodie.

09-08-15_12-42 PM 09-08-15_12-43 PM 09-08-15_12-54 PM

09-08-15_12-55 PM-2 09-08-15_12-55 PM-3 09-08-15_12-56 PM 09-08-15_12-56 PM-3 09-08-15_12-56 PM-4 09-08-15_12-56 PM-5 09-08-15_12-56 PM-6 09-08-15_12-56 PM-7

I spotted Morgana crossing the road near the house so Merlin went to say hi.

09-08-15_12-57 PM

Kevin gets into science.

09-08-15_12-59 PM

Steve, on the other hand, does homework when he hasn’t even started school.

And now, for an heir vote!

This generation has five options (oh god), so I’ll go through them all with their personality traits and aspirations.

First option is Cecil, from the elder twinset.

09-08-15_12-39 PM

His traits are music lover and childish, and his aspiration is joke star.

Next, we have Dana, Cecil’s twin sister and the only girl this generation.

09-08-15_12-08 PM-2

Dana’s traits are evil and genius, and her aspiration is musical genius.

Next is Carlos, the only singleton this generation, and Elaine’s youngest.

09-08-15_12-38 PM

Carlos’ traits are neat and glutton, and his aspiration is outdoor enthusiast.

Next option is Kevin, one half of the alien twinset.

09-08-15_12-40 PM

Kevin’s trait is squeamish and his childhood aspiration is social butterfly.

And finally, Steve, the second half of the alien twinset.

09-08-15_12-38 PM-2

Steve’s trait is creative and his childhood aspiration is social butterfly.

So please, vote! I can’t possibly choose because I’m still so mad and sad about having two sets of twins in one generation.

Next time, whenever that is, I’ll announce the winner of the heir vote and then who knows. I haven’t played yet.


105 thoughts on “Chapter 3.7

  1. Brilliant chapter! Can’t wait to see who will be continuing the Regan family. Looks like it’s between Kevin and Cecil. Aww, I feel sorry for Steve, Carlos and Dana. Maybe they can live near by, maybe with their Aunt Morgana. hehe.


  2. Gwaine! How could I forget Uncle Gwaine? He was my fav from last gen. I love Merlin, of course, but Gwaine had such funny moments. He loved himself and I always laughed when he stated what was obvious to him. For example, him stating that he was Hot lol. Brilliant.


    • Well for Gen 3 children I used the names from BBC Merlin rather than just Arthurian, because then Gwaine most likely would have been Gawain. For the Gen 4 kids I used Welcome to Night Vale, an amazing podcast I love (and I’m going to the live show in February!!). So I’ll continue with my fandoms. Can’t do Harry Potter because my TS3 legacy A Dash of Magic is all Harry Potter every gen. But I have more than enough.


      • BBC Merlin. Ah, that would explain it then. I thought you just used a different spelling of Gawain.

        I thought it was Welcome to Night Vale, but wasn’t completely sure. 🙂 You’re going to see them live, you lucky thing!

        Lolz. I was just gonna suggest HP to you, haha. Love HP myself, both books and films. What about Once Upon a Time? Plenty of wonderful names to pick from. 😀


      • Yes! They’re coming to New Zealand so I’m flying up to Auckland with my boyfriend to see them! I’m so excited about it!!
        I’m not personally into Unce Upon a Time, though that could change. IDK. I’m thinking of using A Series of Unfortunate Events, or the Stravaganza series next, both of which I was really into as a child. Of course, I can use one and then the other one the next gen.


      • Excellent! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. Plus bonus, you get to share it with your boyfriend. Everything is more fun when you can share with your other half. I’m quite lucky, my fiancé and I pretty much love the same stuff.

        I’ve never read the books of A Series of Unfortunate Events, however I did see the film with Jim Carrey. I’m sorry to say I’ve never read any of the books of Stravaganza, but after looking them up on wikipedia, I’m gonna check them out on my kindle. So thanks for telling me bout them. 🙂

        By the way – I’m from Scotland, UK. I love New Zealand by the way, my Dad went there 16 years ago, after I told him it such a beautiful, amazing place. I’ve always wanted to go there and so he went after I talked about it for 10 years lol. I will get there some day. -fingers crossed-

        Once Upon a Time is an interesting show, I never thought I’d like it and watched it cause my sister said it was awesome. I watched it to make her happy and so she’s stop going on about it. Turns out – I loved it. lol.

        Did you ever read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? It’s a book by C. S. Lewis. Some cute names in that book.

        Oh boy, I rambled on, sorry about that. Normally my fiancé stops me offline when I do this, but he’s on Youtube. lol.


      • Ugh, as a reader of the books, I hated the movie with Jim Carrey. Completely messed everything up, tried to shove three books into on movie, dropped hints about future books in terrible ways and then never continued.
        Stravaganza is definitely more aimed at like 12 year olds (about when I got into it) but I loved it so much and it still has a place in my heart. It never really got very big, which was a bit of a disappointment. Never had anyone to talk to about them.
        Once Upon a Time is on my list, but I have a very long list to watch, and also I can’t find it on Netflix so…
        Yes I love the Narnia books. They’ll probably be on my list of naming themes at some point.
        Scotland is on my list of places to go. Well, the British Isles in general, actually. One day, when I have money…
        Haha, don’t worry about rambling, I do it all the time, and I like talking to others in the sims community.


      • It wasn’t one of Jim Carrey’s best films and the fact it was trying to squeeze 3 books into one film would explain a lot as to way it was hard to watch and follow. I liked the premise which is why I looked it up and found out it was based on books.

        I used to watch a show here when I was 12 called – The Tribe. It was filmed in New Zealand actually. I loved that show and it was like Stravaganza in the sense that it never really got very big here in the UK which sucked and I never had anyone to talk to about it – except with my Mum, which was so much fun – not. lol.

        My fiancé managed to change our IP address on his xbox 360 so we could get the USA Netflix, since our UK Netflix only had up to Season 2 of OUAT. Thanks to the IP address change we got to see Season 3 and 4 and will see Season 5 later this month. You can find the code online to change your IP address so you can use the USA Netflix too. Don’t worry, you can change it back at any time 🙂


      • I don’t trust myself with computers enough to do that. I’ll just wait. Or talk to my boyfriend about getting his hands on Once Upon a Time for me.
        I think the Tribe sounds familiar, I was never into it but one of my friends found it on youtube and showed it to me I think.
        I’m hoping that when Netflix does A Series of Unfortunate Events it won’t be as terrible as the movie.


      • I hear you, I’m as fluent in computers as much as I need to be. I can switch it on and search online, watch dvds and play sims. That’s it. lol. The rest of the stuff, I leave to my fiancé who knows more than I could ever 🙂 My fiancé says it’s pretty simple, you just download a program and it does all the rest for you. Have a look into it and if it’s not for you, then you have your boyfriend as a back up 😀 always handy to have a back up. 🙂 are selling Season 1 and 2 for $12.99 each and I think season 3 for $19.99. Not sure if Season 4 is available in New Zealand yet – if not you could get it imported from the USA.

        Oh. I never knew Netflix were doing A Series of Unfortunate Events. That’s so cool. Well, they can’t make it worse that the film so, here’s hoping it’s awesome. 🙂


      • Yeah, with my comptuer I can play sims, play music, use the internet, and write. That’s about it.
        Ugh, money. I’m studying at the moment so have about none. But maybe I’ll talk to my boyfriend about computer things and getting shows to watch.
        Yeah, they announced it last year! I’m so excited about it. I have trust in Netflix to not screw it up.


      • Money, ugh. So annoying when you really would love something, but no money to get it. Oh, however if you have a birthday coming up, birthday money always comes in handy. lol.

        Sadly mine has passed, but Christmas is coming up. Would it be selfish of me to ask for nothing but Sims stuff do you think?? lol. J/k. Maybe. hehe 😀


      • My birthday is just after Christmas, so it means that everyone just buys things really cheap to afford everything. I manage to buy the sims things, but birthday/Christmas money is always helpful.


      • At least they don’t just give you one gift as a birthday/Christmas gift. That happened to an old high school friend of mine and he hated it. Poor thing. It’s good that you managed to buy the sims things yourself, but it’s nice when some one treats you to it too.

        I got TS3 Seasons and Generations for Christmas a few years back from my fiancé. I was so shocked I just sat and looked at them with the biggest grin on my face that I think my families ever seen on me.

        Have you managed to get most of the TS4 packs?


      • Oh, I do get combined presents, believe me. I think my boyfriend is the only one who attempts to differentiate and give me seperate things without being a cheapskate about it.
        Yeah, I got a few expansions packs from my family, it always meant ignoring my family the rest of Christmas day and just playing my game lol.
        Yeah, at this point I have al the TS4 packs. I haven’t pre-ordered Get Together yet, I probably should do that. It’s just being certain I have the money in my account when it’s time.


      • :0 It’s official. I’m 100% jealous of you lolz. I need to sell one of my fiancé’s kidney’s so I can get all the S4 packs 🙂 Shh. don’t tell him. lol. I just checked, to get all the packs for TS4 it would cost me £107.44 that’s $258.71 in your money. Holy cow. lol

        I think for now I’ll just set my sights on Get Together it’s £29.99 😀


      • Hmm… well the ‘Game packs’ which are outdoor retreat and spa day are $29.99 each. The stuff packs are $14.99 each. And then of course, the expansion is $49.99. so yeah. So far, apart from the base game, I’ve spent $155 ish and then I’ll add another $50 when I get the next expansion. And the base game was $99 so… *sigh* It’s lucky I never spend money on anything else except food.


      • Same here. Bills are low thanks to good insulation, lovely landlord that doesn’t ask for my first born for rent money (lol) and the only thing I buy is Sims games and the a few books.

        Most of the other books I get on my Kindle are free . . . well not complete free. I pay £7.99 a month for unlimited books which I take full advantage off. I Love to read, it’s my passion next to Sims and music and of course a small handful of TV shows.

        My fiancé and I love to shop around for food so we don’t get over charged for stuff. Supermarkets these days can be such a minefield when it comes to getting ripped off on prices.

        -pushes the figures away- It’s all worth it tho, the Sims is a brilliant game, so worth it and the makes know it too. 🙂


      • I only have free books on my kindle because I download heaps of fanfiction and put it on there lol.
        I love the sims. I just love creating these lives, and even when I’m playing a save that I don’t post about anywhere, I’m still creating a story in my head about the lives of my sims. And it’s really easy to get attached to them.


      • Oh, I never knew a kindle could do that. I must have Paul (aka fiancé) look into that.

        Tell me about it. The best part of Sims is the stories you can play out and the families you can make. Nothing is off limited. Even Aliens babies! Are Ghost babies possible???

        To date, I’ve never lost a sim to death (two got electrocuted but I begged Death and he spared them) and non have aged past Adult – cause I don’t wanna lose them.

        The Goths don’t count cause I never made them – although I did copy them from the base game library and put my own wee twist on them.

        I gave them a wee make over, nothing to drastic. Mortimer was untouched cause he just didn’t look right out of his original clothes. Bella I changed her hair and dress. Cassandra I changed clothes and hair and Alexander I left untouched cause he was cute already.

        I also gave them a sister (Evangeline), same age as Cassandra but blonde and dressed her in light clothes. Just to make her stand out and a younger sister (Darla) that was born from Bella and Mortimer that turned out ginger somehow lol.

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      • I don’t think you can have ghost babies in TS4 unfortunately. I loved having ghost babies in TS3 and even managed to get on in to the Gilberts, Gen 6 heiress had a ghost baby.
        Losing sims is hard, but you’ll notice, if you read the Gilberts, that I killed off a few characters on purpose. I’m a writer, I can’t help it. People sometimes just need to be killed off for the story.
        Genetics are weird sometimes, aren’t they? Ginger Goth somehow.


      • Yeah IDK. I know in TS3 when one of the sims came from CAS before having children, the game made up genetics for the non-existent parents. So my legacy founder wouldn’t have in-game parents, but the game would make up genetics that the founder had from parents that don’t exist. Somehow.


      • Hmm. Smart game.

        It’s the one thing I love to see – the genetics carrying forward like eye colour, hair colour or a nose or chin or ears.

        When I aged Alexander Goth from a child to a teen – his ears were rather big, I don’t know where he got them from tho lol. I was gonna change them, but the longer I looked at them the more they become him and I never changed them in the end. 🙂


      • The genetics in the game have always interested me, too.
        I had a similar thing happen. I had a sim, Fender Kleos, who was the second gen heir of my Kleos Famacy, and he had this really big nose. At first I hated it, but in the end I just loved it because it just sort of suited him somehow.


      • The Kleos Famacy is on my list to read now. I wanna see the nose of Fender. 🙂 Is that a HP reference too with the name – Fender?

        Have any of your sims ever had pink eyes, without your making them pink? Not bright pink, just a light pink.


      • Ahh, no. I saved all my HP names (except Seamus because I had an Irish naming theme for one gen of the Gilberts) because I’ve wanted to do a Harry Potter based legacy for awhile. I’ve changed it a lot, but I’m not posting it in my simblr.
        I use naming themes a lot because otherwise I just can’t think of names.


      • Ooh, I’d love to read the HP Legacy. I’m still a huge HP fan. Although my sister Ashley is an even bigger fan, she’s even been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, USA.

        I usually use names from books I love, TV shows or just favourite names I like or by letter like Bella, Beth, Ben, Cain, Carl, Cara, Dana, Dave, Drew…etc.


      • Haha, you should do an alphabetacy 😛
        I so want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I went to the Harry Potter Exhibition when it was in Sydney.
        It’s not really a HP legacy. My founder is a witch, and my heirs will all be witches too, but all it is really is that they will all be named after Harry Potter characters. Originally my founder was going to be a sim version of Harry Potter, who ran away after the war to live a normal life, but then I changed it up a bit, and my founder isn’t anything to do with Harry Potter (though he did ran away from a magical war lol). I’m still on Gen 1 though.

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      • Oh, I might do!

        To be honest there is so many different kind of Legacy challenges that I wanna do that I could be doing them for a very long time, till I complete them all or I get bored or lose my patience. whichever comes first. hehe. I’d love to do a Cinderella Legacy and a 4 season Legacy.

        I missed the Harry Potter Exhibition when it come to London. I was sick at the time and by the time I was well again, it had move on. I was so bummed.

        Is it gonna be TS3? Since TS4 hasn’t released a Supernatural pack yet. Or did you find a mod for that?

        I know you said she weren’t gonna post it, but will you maybe further down the line?? It would be so cool to read.


      • I know, there’s so many. I’ve done a vampiracy, a famacy, now an ISBI. Actually, I attempted an ISBI in TS3 but I lost the save 😦 I have a whole lot of challenges bookmarked to consider later, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get many of them done.
        Yeah, it’s TS3. I actually am posting it, it’s called ‘A Dash of Magic’ and it’s on my sim tumblr, I think I have a link directly to all of the info about A Dash of Magic in my sidebar. Posting things on tumblr is a bit different than posting them on wordpress, but I like it. I have a few unfinished projects on my simblr, and I just post general things sometimes too.

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      • If I actually manage complete my legacy challenge I’ll reward myself by do another challenge. If I started doing another one before then – I know I’ll forget about the legacy one and get lost in the new ones and I don’t wanna do that.

        I’m really enjoying the legacy one and I wanna finish it and not let it get lost in my saves. If I don’t limit myself, it will get out of control lol. I know myself to well.

        My version of the Goths is my change of scene when I’ve been playing the legacy for 4 or 6 hours straight. It’s my cool down game 😀

        Yes, – A Dash of Magic – it’s there and I have it open too. I forgot lol. It’s next to the Skinners legacy tab on my screen.


      • Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on more than one challenge at a time. Now I’m trying to juggle three. *sigh*
        Oh yeah, the Skinners… I really need to catch up on them. I haven’t read any of those posts since January I think. I took a very long break from simming and reading legacies and stuff because I was working about six days a week, and then I just never caught up when I came back.

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      • You seem to be a natural at it. Me, I know I’d get over whelmed and forgetful and end up neglecting one or two of them.

        On when you get a spare few minutes you should. I only just caught up myself. So much has happened! I won’t spoil it for you! 😀 -zips mouth-

        I wonder if anyone has done a Spares Legacy? Where once the Heir is picked and the Spares move out, the game follows the Spares instead of the Heir.

        See what they do with their lives, free of the burden of carrying on the main Legacy of their family.


      • It took a lot of practice. Also… I did stop updating the Reagans for about six months earlier this year, and I’ll take breaks every now and then from updating any of them at all.
        I’m always interested in what the spares get up to, not confined by the rules of the legacy. I like to keep up to date with my spares, but I don’t often play them after they move out of the legacy home unless it’s in a seperate save.

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      • Everyone needs a break no and again and RL has to take president over Simming. As hard as that might be for the simming side of our brain to understand. lol.

        I think I’ll add that to my growing list of things to-do. Do a Spares only Legacy-ish game 🙂


      • So very true. The transition can be quite hard – whether it’s coming back from a long break or taking a break after a long time writing non stop – it’s hard all the same.

        I’ve been there and done that with my RPGing.

        With taking a break – you’re left worrying that you’ll lose your train of thought of the story you’re trying to tell and that maybe people will stop reading if you don’t update it regularly (just so you know they won’t stop checking, I didn’t with the Regans! Love ’em to much to not come back regularly to check when you took the break. I knew you’d be back).

        With coming back – you’re worried people have left, no one is reading, that you’ve lost the spark that made you start the story in the first place…etc.

        It’s difficult when you’re passionate about something, to not get caught up in it and forget about everything else.

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      • You’re so right. I thought no one was reading the Reagans anymore since it was like a six month break, and was happily surprised when people voted in the last heir poll. I enjoy playing and writing the Reagans, so I’d still do it even if no one was reading it. But it was really hard to make myself get back into it. I wasn’t sure if I’d be back at any point.

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      • Us diehard Regans fans are still here. lol 🙂

        I whole heartedly believe that if you enjoy doing something, it shows in whatever you’re making/sharing. In your case, because you enjoy playing them and writing them, it shows in the brilliants of your writing. And it’s why people keep coming back for more and more.

        A long time away from something, is difficult to return to, especially if it’s writing. Even if you love it. I do think once you work past the hardest part, it does get easier. How long it takes is up to each individual, as we’re all different.

        No matter how similar we might be at our core, there are subtle differences in all of us. It’s what makes us unique.

        I think I can speak for all the fans when I say we’re glad to have you and the Regans back! 😀

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      • I only recently started my very first Legacy S4 game and it is a challenge hehe. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try ISBI just yet, but it does look so much fun.

        I don’t normally cheat in my games, except to give my sims lots of money to play with, so the Legacy was a challenge I wanted to try. See if I could have my sim live off the land and not give them money on tap, so to speak.

        So far it’s been fantastic, so much fun and so rewarding too. To see your sim one day sleeping on a park bench and then slowly over the sims days saving their money from painting, collecting and fishing and slowly building a little house to call their own. Fantastic.


      • I know, it’s so great. Though once you get to gen 5/6/7 you end up with too much money, and you can’t spend it all. At least, that’s what I found when I played the Gilberts (though that was TS3 I imagine it would be the same with TS4).
        Are you posting your legacy anywhere?


      • I haven’t yet, no. As this is just my first Legacy, I don’t feel confident enough to share it just yet. I’ll probably do several different Legacies before I ever share one online. That way I won’t make a tit off myself lol


      • Ha, fair enough. I’d started playing a few but never got further than the second or third gen until I started posting the Gilberts. Then I had to continue because other people were reading about it. Though reading back the first few gens of the Gilberts is slightly embarrassing. I’m glad my writing has improved since then.


      • Hehe. I’d love to read The Gilberts. You’ve peeked my interest 😀

        Another reason I wanna wait to post, so I can work on my story telling skills. Currently I’m level 2 – maybe.

        Also I’m dyslexic, so that knocks my confidence in my writing skills from time to time. I used to RPG with my sisters on a Charmed board we made that helped me a lot, but I’ve not done that in a while. lol.


      • Well, I have a link to the Gilberts in my side bar ;P Actually, I think the link in my username goes directly to them rather than any of my other blogs.
        The great thing about the sims community (well, a lot of the people in the sims community) is that they’re all so supportive, and it’s about a love of sims rather than writing ability.


      • Clicked your name and found the page for the Gilberts! Whoohoo! I also found links to others on your page too. I’m gonna be busy reading for the next few days, heck maybe even weeks. There are soooo many. 🙂


      • Aww. You should be really proud of that achievement. How many people do you think managed to complete their legacies? I’d be happy to have them get to Gen 3 without losing anyone, but that’s hard unless you start them really young and don’t hang around and keep them away from swimming pools when they are overly tired. hehe. 🙂


      • I’ve read quite a few completed TS3 legacies actually. It’s always bittersweet when they end. In the Gilberts I managed to keep my founder around the whole time (but they were vampires so…, and then they took the freeze aging potion because the vampires age, just a lot slower).


      • That’s awesome. Oh, that’s another thing I miss about TS3, the vampires. I’d just gotten Late Night and had been playing it for about 2 months when TS4 come out and I got lost in TS4 world. I might have to go back on TS3 cause I miss vampires oh and Aliens too.

        Ah, I didn’t know about the vampires ageing slowly, I thought they didn’t age at all. That’s so cool to know.


      • Yeah, they have about 90 days or so in each adult age stage? I think.
        See, this is why I play both TS3 and TS4. I love the emotions thing in TS4, and I love the things that have come out for it as well, and it runs a lot smoother, and it’s a fun game, but all the other expansions from TS3 are so good.


      • See I come into TS3 world late, so almost all the EP and SP were already out and were quite cheap for a late comer to the game like me, but in the S4 case I was here at the very beginning so I now know what it felt like for everyone else at the beginning of TS3 game.

        I’ve never played TS1 or TS2. I actually started out playing SimCity on the Nintendo and PC and a Sims game on my Mum’s mobile phone.


      • Oh wow. I’ve been playing since TS1 days. Back then I waited and waited until the games were cheap to buy them because I had even less money than I do now, and then with TS2 my friend and I were both really into it so we sort of went halfsies and shared the expansions, but even then we would tend to wait. NoCD hacks were the way.
        Then with TS3 most of the expansions and stuff packs were presents from my family. I still paid for some, but a lot of them were presents so that certainly made things cheaper. It’s been with TS4 that I’ve bought them all as they came out.
        I’ve never played SimCity. I did do a trial of the new SimCity but that was on my old computer and it couldn’t even handle the trial, though I did enjoy the little I played of it. I’m considering getting it.


      • Wow. You were there at the beginning. That’s so cool. I’d love to have played it from the very start. Tell me, if you could only play one game for the rest of your life which would it be – TS1, TS2, TS3 or TS4? (All packs are included) 🙂

        What did you think of the demo of SimCity?


      • Oh god I couldn’t possibly decide. Probably not TS1 or TS2. I haven’t played either of those in so long, and TS1 doesn’t have genealogy or aging or anything, which I like. I like playing mutiple generations of the same family. In TS2 the rest of the neighbourhood didn’t grow with your family, so that was a bit annoying.
        Probably TS3 actually. While the rest of the neighbourhood grows up with the family in TS4, there’s no story progression. No one has children or get married unless you direct them to, which is something I really like about TS3. My family would expand over the neighbourhood.
        The demo for SimCity was pretty good. I enjoyed it a lot.


      • I actually never noticed that till you pointed it out. lol. They age when the family I’m playing do, but you’re right they don’t have kids or marry unless I was to tell them too. That is a shame. I thought they did.

        -Adds another reason to miss TS3 to her list-

        Maybe they will add that in later in another update. Who knows.


      • Never touched Mods, been to scared too. I did try CC which I fell in love with and visit TSR quite a lot, but have since curbed it so as not to over load my game. It’s never happened to me, but I’ve read enough horror stories from those who have so, I’m very careful. I love my games to much to mess about with them. 🙂

        What’s NRaas?


      • NRaas Industries was a bunch of TS3 mods made by someone called Twallan which basically made the game a lot better. I was scared at first, but none of the NRaas ones are core mods.
        I love CC, though I stay away from TSR. I used to get a lot from there, but they broke my game or were awful, and now I’m a lot more picky. I mostly get CC from mysims3blog (though that hasn’t posted since new years) or mysims4blog. Also, I keep an eye out on tumblr.


      • Ah, sounds interesting. Does Twallan make stuff for TS4?

        CC is tricky. I tend to just use stuff from a small handful of creators (about 8) that I’ve learned through trial and error are the best. My magic 8 as I call them. Nothing I’ve gotten from those have ever messed my game.

        Although, as a newbie simmer, I did download something of off the Sims3 exchange that messed my game. Thankfully a sim friend saved my life by giving me a list of bad CC and I managed to find the bad shoes and dumped them from my game, saving it.

        I’ve never downloaded from tumblr or from mysims3blog or mysims4blog.


      • No, Twallan has retired from making mods.
        I’m very careful when I download. Like you, I have a few trusted creators, but if you go off recommendations from other simmers, you can usually find good stuff. I generally don’t download something from an unknown (to me) creator unless someone I follow recommends it, because the simmers I follow would definitely not recommend anything that messes up their games. But generally the stuff on mysims3blog or mysims4blog is safe.


      • I’m actually in a group on facebook with some of my magic 8 creators from TSR and I generally trust them like you do yours. Like you said, they wouldn’t recommend something that messed your game.

        It’s a shame Twallan retired, he sounded good. Maybe he’ll come out of retirement at some point down the road.

        I’ll check out mysims3blog and mysims4blog and see what they’re like. If you’re interested their is a wonderful creator on TSR called Ms_Blue

        She’s amazing. She makes everything from clothes to sims to skins. She has a real gift for making all things sim related. She’s my #1 of my magic 8.


      • Can’t you share some of the money to the spares when they leave the family home? That way a big chunk of the money goes when they go. Kind of like a perk for the spares since they got passed over for Heir. 🙂


      • I’m not entirely sure how to do that in TS4. In TS3 I used to buy the spares a really nise house with the money, but I think it’s only a set amount for Ts4. I haven’t figure it all out properly yet. Since you have to go to manage worlds to move them out and in TS3 you could just use the phone to move them out.


      • I do miss some of the things from S3 like that for example, come to think of it, I’ve not played S3 since I got S4. That makes me sad. I still love S3.

        I had to use a cheat to reset my money in my Legacy game because when my sim’s daughter married Alexander Goth, all his money come with him when he joined the family.

        You could use the same cheat to shall we say lose some of the money that you don’t need . . . you could say your sim lost it in a bad business deal or the investment he put it into went bust. 😀

        Then that money could be transferred cleanly (with-in game challenge rules I mean) using the cheat to the spares. So that it all ties up.


      • Yeah, I suppose I could do that.
        I only started playing TS3 again when I got a new computer that could handle it. My old computer had started to die and I wasn’t able to play any sims games for ages until TS4 game out.


      • My old laptop (which my fiancé now uses for his one PC game) I use for S3, but it was not fast enough for S4, so we used some money we inherited when my fiancé’s Gran died to buy a faster laptop that runs S4 perfectly.

        It’s the forth most expensive thing I’ve ever bought in my whole life ,(the other things been 2 couches, fridge/freezer and a new bed frame + mattress) I was hugging it close to me on the bus ride home, hoping I wouldn’t fall and drop it. lol.

        Is it just me or are the packs for S4 even more expensive that S3 were? And they weren’t cheap then either. I mean for what you’re getting it just seems to expensive. I only have i think 6 pack for S3 and non for S4 apart from the base game.


      • I don’t know. I’m terrible when buying the packs and have gotten every single one. I think the only ones I didn’t get for TS3 were the Katy Perry one and the Movie Stuff pack because by the time that came out my computer couldn’t handle playing TS3 anymore.
        I don’t think each pack is more expensive, but I think overall it’s more expensive because they seem to all be coming out really rapidly. Like… there was nothing for ages and then there was at least one a month and I really had to stretch to pay for it.


      • Wow. All the packs for S3. Holy cow. My old laptop was just about managing with the 5 I had. (the 6th one was or the xbox 360, it was Pets. loved pets). Your computer deserved a medal for managing to handle the ones it had. Your computer must have been pretty powerful to managed all but 2 of the S3 packs.

        My old PC, which is sitting in my spare room like a paper weight just ding nothing, would never have been able to run that many. It was pretty crap to be honest. My laptop runs much better than my PC ever did. Love my laptop.

        That’s true. I wonder why they haven’t staggered the packs releases like before. It makes no sense, unless they were responding to all the sims fans complaining about the base game lacking a lot of stuff promised and what was originally in the S3 base game.

        A few people on the sims boards feel things like the dishwasher should have been in the base game and I found myself agreeing with them. I was over joyed when they finally gave it to us along with the update.

        The expansion pack I really one right now is Get Together. It looks awesome and I already have an idea in my head for the DJ and the redhead and a cool legacy family 😀


      • Actually, my computer couldn’t handle the game with all of the expansions. It was constantly crashing and going slowly and just being a pain in the arse. My new PC though was built specifically for me to play sims on so it handles it all pretty well, not that I have everything installed. I got lazy when installing them, and I don’t find myself missing some of the things I don’t have installed.
        The dishwashers absolutely should have been in the base game, and pools should have been too. And genealogy and ghosts. Like yeah, they came in updates later that we didn’t have to pay for, but still. They gave us an incomplete game.
        I’m looking forward to Get Together as well. I always look forward to the expansion packs and adding more interactions and gameplay.


      • It’s funny that, isn’t it? You’d think you’d miss the ones you didn’t install, but somehow you don’t.

        If it was just me, I’d just install them as I need them for storytelling.

        I jealous tho off all the packs you have for TS3 😀 lol.

        How did you like the Get to Work pack? I watch a youtuber who’s doing the kidnapping challenge and her sim Jake had the cop job and it looked pretty fun.


      • I quite like Get to Work. It’s fun playing those sims at work, I’m thinking that depending on who wins the heir vote that I’ll use one of those careers for the next gen. I quite like the detective career.


      • I think I have my Christmas list for Santa. lol. Get Together and Get to Work. I’ve only seen the Science Career and the detective career, but they both look really fun. The Surgeon career one also looks fun from the preview shown when it first come out.

        From the looks of the vote – Kevin will be joining the police force 😀


      • Kevin to the suspect: “I know you’re the alien I’m looking for damnit!”

        Suspect Alien: “How could you??”

        Kevin: “Because I’m one too!” -laughs-

        lolz. Think I’ll change my vote to Kevin cause this just sounds perfect. Kevin, police detective by day – alien by night. 😀


      • Oh that’s another think I meant to ask you. In the ISBI game, do you build a big house near your main heir house to send the spares too? And if so how big do you usually build them so no one is left homeless?


      • The spare house is the house Isabel grew up in, actually. It’s a four bedroom house, with room for eight people though. But Isabel’s younger siblings were in that house their whole lives, and that’s where I sent Gemma after she became an adult, and that’s where Morgana and Gwaine are. It’s not actually near the ISBI house. The ISBI house is in Oasis Springs (but I’m planning on moving them to Newcrest for the really big lot there) and the spare house is in Willow Creek. The great thing about TS4 though is that they can easily move about different worlds. I see Morgana all the time wandering around.


      • I never knew they could move between worlds! Holy cow. That’s just changed my game play completely. I just kept my families in which ever world they were living in. Oh man. This is awesome. Thanks for telling me. 😀

        Newcrest is a beautiful place to raise a sim family. Plus like you aid it’s got the huge lot and it’s right next to a play park for the kids and fishing spots for the adults.

        I moved my Goths to Newcrest after they grew to big for their original home. 😀

        My Legacy family (the Redwood family) live in Willow Creek on the Oakenstead lot.


      • Moving between worlds is so great. It means that I can shove things like the yoga studio in Newcrest while my sims live elsewhere and they can still get there.
        Is the Oakenstead lot the empty one near the Goths?


      • Yes. The big 50×50 lot. I’ve barely made a mark on it with my wee house and it’s quickly filling up too.

        Mum – Lorelai
        Dad – Caiphus
        1st Daughter – Amber
        2nd Daughter – Bella (i forgot there was a Bella in the game already lol)
        Twin Boys – haven’t named them yet.

        Lori was pregnant when I switched to playing my version of the Goths and she made friends with Bella Goth and one day she went into labour at the Goth house and then left.

        Next thing I knew when Lori come to see Bella Goth again she was not pregnant anymore and I looked on the map and saw the Redwood family with twins – boys- i think.

        I’ll know for sure when I play them again and Lori actually goes through labour with me present lol.


      • haha!! It’s never happened to me thankfully. Although I did get asked out in high school by a friend of mine that had the same name as my older brother.

        He was cute, and I liked him, but it didn’t last. It just got weird in the end lol.


  3. Wow. We’ve been talking (typing) for 11 hours. Where did the time go?? lol. I should really get some sleep and you’ve got some Skinner news to be reading about. Oh, sooo much has happened since January!!! 😀 -covers mouth- Must not tell! 🙂

    It was really great talking to you and thank you for all the sims things you told me. I really appreciated the help and the info.

    Have a great night, happy sims reading and I’ll see you later some time 😀


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