Chapter 3.6

Oh my God I am just so… ugh. I can’t. This is just too much.

You’ll see what I mean by the end of this chapter.

08-29-15_10-31 AM

Merlin welcomes you to this update with an awesome roundhouse kick.

08-29-15_10-37 AM

Cecil works on his skills. Good Cecil.

08-29-15_10-40 AM-2

Carlos is upset because his parents just kicked him out of the observatory to woohoo.

08-29-15_10-40 AM-3 08-29-15_10-42 AM

I have so much love for these two… but Merlin, be careful. You don’t want to knock your wife’s head against the concrete.

08-29-15_10-43 AM

I really like the half wall. I’m going to use them in the next Reagan house. (I’m planning on moving them once the fourth gen TH takes over)

08-29-15_10-45 AM

08-29-15_10-46 AM-2

Dana: Excuse me, put food into my mouth! It’s right here!

08-29-15_10-50 AM-3


08-29-15_10-53 AM

Elaine and Merlin go on a date at the Oasis Springs park, and they’re just cuddling on the bench when some random lady in bunny slippers sits next to them and has a nap next to them.

08-29-15_10-57 AM 08-29-15_10-58 AM

Um… that looks uncomfortable.

08-29-15_11-14 AM

Morgana came over, and Geoff arrived home from work while she was still waiting to be let inside.

08-29-15_11-14 AM-2

Elaine has level 2 mixology now.

08-29-15_11-15 AM 08-29-15_11-15 AM-3

This. Is EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO HAPPEN. I wanted an alien baby. One alien baby.

08-29-15_11-19 AM

Oh, Merlin, what mysterious things are happening to you?

08-29-15_11-32 AM

Thank you, Manda.

08-29-15_11-34 AM 08-29-15_11-35 AM 08-29-15_12-14 PM 08-29-15_12-15 PM 08-29-15_12-16 PM 08-29-15_12-19 PM

08-29-15_12-25 PM

I knew this was coming, but it’s still sad. Also, why did it have to be the bathroom? I can’t get good pictures in there.

08-29-15_12-25 PM-3 08-29-15_12-26 PM 08-29-15_12-26 PM-3 08-29-15_12-26 PM-4 08-29-15_12-27 PM

RIP Geoff Selby. Thanks for being the Gen 2 spouse. You were pretty great, even if you sometimes seemed helpless with the babies, you always had good relationships with your children and grandchildren.

08-29-15_12-28 PM

And there is Amanda crying under the covers. Oh, Amanda. ❤

08-29-15_12-32 PM

Merlin, are you gaining weight?

08-29-15_12-38 PM

This was Merlin’s sad painting.

08-29-15_12-41 PM-2

Good way to cheer up after a loved one’s death. Selfies.

08-29-15_12-51 PM

This reminds me of when Amanda was a teenager and would go and mourn at her father’s grave.

08-29-15_12-51 PM

This… is actually a couple of hours later than the previous picture.

*shoves grave in inventory* I won’t have you with extra sad moodlets all the time, Manda.

08-29-15_12-56 PM 08-29-15_12-56 PM-2

Awww, Dana sweetheart ❤

08-29-15_12-59 PM

Dana, please don’t take your paint out on your recently widowed grandmother.

08-29-15_1-06 PM

Ignoring the fact that Merlin is growing alien life form inside of him, he’s gotten pretty muscly with all his working out. Well done, Merl.

08-29-15_1-09 PM

Merlin is really freaked out.

08-29-15_1-12 PM

Look at him with his space suit and a bump what is this.

08-29-15_1-22 PM-4 08-29-15_1-23 PM

It’s Cecil’s birthday! And if it’s Cecil’s birthday, it must be Dana’s.

08-29-15_1-24 PM-2

08-29-15_1-42 PM

Dana’s traits are evil and genius (yes. that is seriously what was randomly rolled), and her aspiration is musical genius.

08-29-15_1-42 PM-2

Cecil’s traits are music lover and childish and his aspiration is joke star.

He… he looks like Merlin and Geoff, just slightly darker and brown eyes.

08-29-15_1-50 PM-2

Merlin is telling Cecil an outrageous story.

Merlin, I think the fact that you are growing alien life form inside you is pretty outrageous.

08-29-15_1-51 PM-3

Dana is pretty.

08-29-15_1-52 PM

Carlos is still doing science.

08-29-15_2-07 PM-5

They seem to be aware that it’s a baby.

08-29-15_2-08 PM-3 08-29-15_2-09 PM-2

Cecil decided to just hang around in a towel. Ok.

08-29-15_2-13 PM

Wow, Cecil, what did the brownie do to you to make you look at it like that?

08-29-15_2-18 PM-4

Selfies are constant.

08-29-15_2-23 PM

Amanda, please stop talking to Merlin so he can finish eating quickly and go to the bathroom he really needs to pee.

08-29-15_2-23 PM-3

… Too late

08-29-15_2-26 PM-2

After a shower and trying to sleep so his energy doesn’t get too low (I s2g the last day of a pregnancy in this game is impossible I hate it) Merlin goes into labour.

08-29-15_2-28 PM

Merline goes to the hospital because seriously. If you are a cis male showing all the signs of pregnancy and going into what seems to be labour, of course you’d go to a freaking hospital.

08-29-15_2-28 PM-5 08-29-15_2-29 PM 08-29-15_2-32 PM-2 08-29-15_2-32 PM-3

This seems sweet, doesn’t it?


08-29-15_2-34 PM


08-29-15_2-34 PM-2


08-29-15_2-35 PM


So, the birth was happening and the pop up telling me to name the baby boy came up, and I type in ‘Kevin’ and then ANOTHER ONE POPS UP and I stop and stare. And cry. And whisper ‘please God no’.

And then type in Steve.

Ugh ugh.

And then get back home, take these pictures, and then quit the game because ugh. Twins. Again. Twice in this generation. Ugh.

I wanted an alien baby but only one.

I am so mad and sad right now, this is the end of this chapter.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.6

  1. Double wow! Two sets of twins, in the same Gen, what are the odds of that!??? That’s crazy, but yay to the alien baby all the same, even if it comes with a shadow attached. hehe. Sorry, I know this was not exactly what you wanted, but in sim life what is, huh? Still not had that in my S4 game yet. Fingers crossed it happens tho.

    Great chapter tho, even with the mixed happy/sad ending for you.


  2. Don’t freak out! Twins are great. A. Because you still have the ‘yay, multiple birth!’ happiness and B. Because it ISN’T TRIPLETS. They are the worst. In an 100BC I was trying to take care of them, get the Sim pregnant again and stop her passing out every hour.


  3. The 100BC is at first chaotic, because you have no money, the cheapest of everything and too many people for your small house. However once you get better stuff and a bigger house and more spare money it’s a lot easier. I’m on Baby 83 and it’s a breeze by now.


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