Chapter 3.5

Hello again, it is time for another update on the lives of the Reagan family.

Last time the third Reagan child of the fourth generation (what?) was born, named Carlos. He is a miniature of his mother.

08-26-15_4-06 PM

Dana has apparently taken to sleepwalking.

08-26-15_4-06 PM-2

Merlin decided he should get to know his youngest son.

08-26-15_4-11 PM-2 08-26-15_4-12 PM

These two argue a lot.

08-26-15_4-12 PM-3

And then this happens.

I don’t understand their relationship.

08-26-15_4-13 PM 08-26-15_4-14 PM

I love this kid.

While playing I was like ‘why is he doing all this cleaning’ and I just realised it’s because his child trait is neat.

08-26-15_4-15 PM

Carlos: So… if you’re my grandfather, why are you white?

Oh my god Carlos, you can’t just ask people why they’re white.

I’m sorry. I’ll stop quoting Mean Girls.

08-26-15_4-18 PM 08-26-15_4-18 PM-2

Gwaine: What stinks? Oh, it’s me. Gross, dude.

08-26-15_4-21 PM

Seriously, you two.

08-26-15_4-42 PM

Bro selfies

08-26-15_4-46 PM

Merlin made some cookies for his family.

08-26-15_4-48 PM-2

Got enough coffee there, Gwaine?

08-26-15_4-51 PM

Manda is shittalking Elaine, I’m certain. Look at Gwaine’s face. Lol.

08-26-15_4-55 PM-2

Poor Merlin

08-26-15_5-07 PM


08-26-15_5-07 PM-2 08-26-15_5-08 PM

These two do not have the same complicated relationship that Amanda and Geoff do.

08-26-15_5-09 PM-2

The best way to eat dinner is with a duck face.

08-26-15_5-11 PM-2

Dana: Sorry, Mum, my homework is more interesting than what you have to say.


08-26-15_5-14 PM

Geoff likes to sit and eat on the picnic seat just out the back. It’s kinda cute.

08-26-15_5-14 PM-3

Merlin has taken up boxing.

08-26-15_5-18 PM

I lika Dana’s jammies.

08-26-15_5-26 PM-2

At least she’s not pregnant anymore.

08-26-15_5-30 PM-3 08-26-15_5-31 PM

OMG OMG OMG!!! It’s Carlos the Scientist!!!

08-26-15_5-33 PM

Merlin deserves a bit of relaxation.

08-26-15_5-35 PM

Wow, Gwaine, what’s up your butt?

08-28-15_1-38 PM-2

That’s Cecil hiding in the bed from embarrassment. Poor kid.

08-28-15_1-39 PM-3

Fun fact: These two have a completely full relationship bar. They have the closest relationship in the household, apart from Merlaine. Completely autonomously. Kind of sweet. (Everyone else has half full bars or less. Mostly less)

08-28-15_1-43 PM

I put a half wall in this room for no particular reason tbh.

08-28-15_1-44 PM

08-28-15_1-59 PM 08-28-15_1-59 PM-2

Gwaine’s birthday to YA! Enjoy this last picture of him because I apparently did not get another one before moving him out.

His adult trait was noncommittal. So he’s lazy, creative, and noncommittal, and his aspiration is friend of the world.

Bye Gwaine. I love you and I’ll miss you.

08-28-15_2-07 PM-3 08-28-15_2-07 PM-4

It’s also Amanda’s birthday, and she’s now an elder. Oh no. I’m sad thinking about her dying soon.

08-28-15_2-11 PM

I decided to change Amanda’s outfit a bit.

Yes, with a top that came with that kitchen stuff pack. I bought it.

08-28-15_2-22 PM

Cecil: Gotta get a selfie with grandpa before he dies.


08-28-15_2-28 PM-3

These two were actually having a pleasant conversation, it shocked me so much I nearly fell out of my chair.

08-28-15_2-31 PM

Merlin got a promotion to Space Cadet.

When do I get a free rocket? Like level 9 or 10 right?

08-28-15_2-33 PM-2

Excitable Carlos is excitable.

08-28-15_2-36 PM-3 08-28-15_2-36 PM-4

And for the third birthday of this chapter, it is Elaine, who is no an adult.

Honestly, this is probably the most boring birthday and the only reason she had a cake was because I didn’t want her to get the sad moodlet.

And this is the end of this chapter. Next time, I plan to at least get to Dana and Cecil’s birthday.


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