Chapter 3.4

Yeah it’s been a few weeks.

Most of this update was actually played nearly a week ago. So… this might be a surprise to me, too.

08-09-15_3-46 PM-2

*Angel choir sings* Hallelujah

This dishwasher really should have been with the base game right from the beginning. Oh well.

No, I haven’t gotten the kitchen stuff pack yet. I am a poor student and my money had to go to other things this week (my friend’s bachelorette party). Even though actually 15NZD isn’t too bad. Oh well. I will get it. I want to renovate the Reagan’s kitchen.

08-09-15_3-47 PM 08-09-15_3-48 PM

Geoff is the first to use the dishwasher.

08-09-15_3-49 PM

Gwaine: Ta da!!


Gwaine: I’m awesome!

08-09-15_3-54 PM

Cecil is very into science these days. *giggles hysterically*

08-09-15_3-55 PM-2

Uncle Gwaine is helping Dana with her homework.

08-09-15_4-00 PM 08-09-15_4-00 PM-2

Geoff had a birthday and is now old.

08-09-15_4-01 PM 08-09-15_4-01 PM-2

Omg…. Cecil…

08-09-15_4-02 PM

The whole family ran outside and waited for the fire to die down.

08-09-15_4-02 PM-2

Elaine: We haven’t spent much time together, but you can feel the baby bump if you like.

08-09-15_4-03 PM

Merlin decides this is a better response.

Man, these two. ❤

08-09-15_4-18 PM-3

Wow, that grumpy face reminds me of your father.

08-09-15_4-19 PM

Elaine: If I just look away I can just pretend that my awful mother-in-law isn’t standing behind me in her underwear.

08-09-15_4-20 PM-2

Amanda: Merlin, your wife is awful.

Elaine: Sitting right here.

Merlin: Nope, can’t hear anything.

Also I super love your brownies for breakfast meal plan.

08-09-15_4-21 PM

Good on you, Cecil.

08-09-15_4-23 PM-3 08-09-15_4-23 PM-4

Cecil and Dana are off to their first day of school.

08-09-15_4-27 PM-4 08-09-15_4-27 PM-5

Elaine… you are pregnant.

08-09-15_4-29 PM-2 08-09-15_4-30 PM-4

And then she has some fun with horseshoes.

08-09-15_4-34 PM

School a bit tiring, Cece?

08-09-15_4-36 PM

Gwaine is not in a good mood.

08-09-15_4-42 PM-2

What’s wrong, Cecil?

08-09-15_4-43 PM 08-09-15_4-44 PM 08-09-15_4-44 PM-2 08-09-15_4-44 PM-3 08-09-15_4-44 PM-4

Manda enjoys the sauna.

08-09-15_4-46 PM


08-09-15_4-50 PM

Geoff: What the hell is this thing?

Your… grandson?

08-09-15_4-51 PM

Don’t worry, Uncle Gwaine knows who Cecil is.

08-09-15_4-57 PM-2

Yeah, Cecil, get down.

08-09-15_5-04 PM

Dana is entranced.

08-09-15_5-20 PM-3 08-09-15_5-21 PM 08-09-15_5-21 PM-2

Elaine gave birth to a baby boy who was named Carlos. With perfect hair and teeth like a military cemetery.

Except he has neither teeth nor hair. Ignore that.

08-09-15_5-21 PM-4 08-09-15_5-22 PM

Carlos gets a welcome from the family. Geoff remembers what grandchildren are, now.

08-09-15_5-22 PM-2

Merlin: Oh my god I’m a father!!!

You were already?

08-09-15_5-26 PM

Cecil: Ew, a baby brother!

08-14-15_5-19 PM-2 08-14-15_5-20 PM

Bless you, Uncle Gwaine.

08-16-15_10-50 AM


08-16-15_11-01 AM-3

Gwaine: Hell yeah, I’m hot.

08-16-15_11-01 AM

Dana skilling up. Good girl.

08-16-15_11-08 AM

I sent Merlin and Elaine our on a date to the park for Merlin’s aspiration and I realised that Merlin is still in his athletic wear that I never actually changed.

08-16-15_11-10 AM-3 08-16-15_11-11 AM

Morg showed up during their date and wasn’t exactly thrilled.

Morgana: They’re still together? I thought Mum was going to try and break them up!

08-16-15_11-21 AM-3 08-16-15_11-22 AM

Nice face, Dana.

08-16-15_11-23 AM-2

Merlin: Wow, kid, you don’t even look related to me.

The beauty of genetics.

08-16-15_11-25 AM

Is it just me or does this seem incredibly awkward and wrong?

08-16-15_11-31 AM-3

Wow wtf is going on with Carlos.

Anyway. Um. This babyhood went by really quite quickly.

08-16-15_11-39 AM

And this is Carlos. Really, a miniature of his mother. His childhood aspiration is rambunctious scamp, and his trait is neat. (I LOLed a lot when that was rolled. If you are familiar with Welcome to Night Vale, you will understand.)

This is all for now. Hopefully the next update won’t be so long. I don’t have anything going on next weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to play the Reagans then.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.4

  1. As soon as Carlos was named, then I immediately clicked what the theme was from the last chapter with Cecil and Dana, heh. I was going to gloat about figuring it out, but then that last note at the very end of the chapter kinda ruins that… darn it! 😛


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