Chapter 3.3

So two and a half weeks ago (oops. Sorry. Started a new course, been busy during the weekends, and been writing fanfics and working on other sims stuff – simsonmars) we left off with Elaine having given birth to twins, Cecil and Dana. (PLEASE tell me someone understood the naming scheme)

Also, Elaine was sick briefly.

07-27-15_4-37 PM

We start this update off with the news that OF COURSE I got the Spa Day game pack. And I built the Reagans a sauna. Will it be used without their sim god forcing it? Probably not.

07-27-15_4-38 PM

Elaine is over her illness, but now Geoff is sick.

07-27-15_4-39 PM-2 07-27-15_4-39 PM-3

Amanda is having a great time with horseshoes.

07-27-15_4-40 PM

Hello? Crying infant? Merlin’s at work. Anyone?

07-27-15_4-40 PM-2

Um… thanks for trying, Manda, but that’s the wrong one. It’s Cecil who is crying, not Dana.

07-27-15_4-41 PM-5

Gwaine: Awww, look at the cute little bubba!

Cooing at him will not help his dirty nappy or his hunger.

07-27-15_4-42 PM-2

Finally, someones gets the right idea and changes the dirty nappy. Thank you, Morg.

07-27-15_4-42 PM-3 07-27-15_4-42 PM-4

Elaine wandered in to see what in the fuss was about and then left.

07-27-15_4-47 PM 07-27-15_4-47 PM-2

Merlin is hope, thank goodness, and can finally get the babies under control.

07-27-15_4-49 PM

I bought them an observatory.

07-27-15_4-56 PM 07-27-15_4-59 PM

Merlin made a cake because it is someone’s birthday.  Who?

07-27-15_4-59 PM-2


07-27-15_4-59 PM-3 07-27-15_4-59 PM-4

Morgana is now a Young Adult, and gained the trait music lover. So, her traits are Hot-Headed, Perfectionist, and Music Lover. Her Aspiration is Body Builder. And this is the last we see of her because I moved her out immdeiately.

07-27-15_5-04 PM

Elaine: No, not sitting at the same table with in-laws who hate me.

07-27-15_5-04 PM-2

Elaine: I’ll hang out with my husband who is working out instead. 07-27-15_5-04 PM-3

These two are so cute.

07-27-15_5-06 PM-2 07-27-15_5-06 PM-3 07-27-15_5-06 PM-4

Elaine and Merl make use of their new sauna.

07-27-15_5-09 PM

Amanda: What’s that I hear upstairs.


Amanda: Is that my son and his wife… oh… no don’t want to know.

Actually, I just liked this picture of her.

07-27-15_5-10 PM

Gwaine: Gotta check instagram

07-27-15_5-10 PM-2

Amanda and Gwaine have a bit of a chat.

Amanda: Make sure you marry someone the family approves of.

Gwaine won’t be getting married. Sorry, Manda.

07-27-15_5-11 PM-2 07-27-15_5-14 PM

Amanda seems to love her grandchildren, even if she doesn’t like their mother.

07-27-15_5-14 PM-3

Elaine: Urgh, I feel sick. That time in the sauna must have had some results.

07-27-15_5-15 PM-3 07-27-15_5-15 PM-4

Yep. Elaine is pregnant.

07-27-15_5-19 PM

Working together!

07-27-15_5-22 PM

Gwaine: Time for a midnight brownie snack.

Oh, yes please.

07-27-15_5-27 PM

These two ❤

07-27-15_5-31 PM-2

BIrthday time.

Also, note Cecil’s hair colour.

07-27-15_5-44 PM

This is Cecil after I planned his and Dana’s outfits.

I did not change his hair colour, it was still black in CAS. I went into CAS again to change it back to black, and when I got out of CAS, it was ginger again.


Anyway… Cecil’s trait is Music Lover and his childhood aspiration is Social Butterfly.

07-27-15_5-44 PM-2

This is Dana. No issue with her hair colour.

Her trait is Evil and her childhood aspiration is also Social Butterfly.

And this is where I leave you this time.


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