Chapter 3.2

07-09-15_11-38 AM

So… Gwaine is adorable and I want to keep him forever but also I don’t because the household has six members and Elaine is pregnant.

Oh well, it’s ages until he’s a YA.

07-09-15_11-39 AM-2

Merlin’s siblings decide to get to know his wife.

Gwaine’s face is amusing.

07-09-15_11-42 AM-3

Merlin is looking forward to being a father.

I’m not looking forward to him being a father. There are three other adults in the house other than Merlin, and two teenagers, and I am scared that no one will look after the baby while Merlin is at work and they’ll be taken away. Just like almost happened when Merlin was a baby.

07-09-15_11-42 AM-4 07-09-15_11-42 AM-5

While Merlin and Elaine have a moment, Morgana gets down beside them.

07-09-15_11-43 AM-3

Amanda, don’t you dare pee where you are. Go find a toilet. Please.

07-09-15_11-53 AM-2

My sims really like dancing. And making interesting facial expressions when they talk.

07-09-15_11-56 AM

Amanda found the pool.

She also has mismatched togs.

I could fix that but meh.

07-09-15_11-57 AM-2

Bless you, Gwaine.

07-09-15_12-01 PM

Merlin made breadsticks and now I really want a nice warm load of home baked bread and for the smell of it to fill my house.

07-09-15_12-01 PM-2

It’s not as if there’s a table and chairs downstairs in the kitchen.

07-09-15_12-01 PM-4 07-09-15_12-01 PM-5 07-09-15_12-01 PM-6 07-09-15_12-01 PM-7

Let’s just all appreciate Morgana’s dancing.

07-09-15_12-02 PM-2

Family meeting in the parents bedroom.

07-09-15_12-03 PM

Thank you, Elaine.

07-09-15_12-05 PM

These two do not get along.

07-09-15_12-05 PM-2

Just look at her face.

07-09-15_12-11 PM

Merlin made his Mum cry.

Merlin: Mum? What’s wrong?

Amanda: That girl you married! We don’t like her! You broke my heart by marrying her!

07-09-15_12-13 PM

Gwaine: Calm down, Mum, one day you’ll die and won’t have to be around her anymore.

07-09-15_12-16 PM

Elaine is now in her third trimester and is really huge and I am terrified.

07-09-15_12-17 PM

Ah look. Family bliss as father and son hug and the dislike daughter-in-law complaing about a sore back from pregnancy.

Seriously. Amanda and Geoff hate her. But then they argue with each other half the time. The other half they’re lovey dovey. I don’t get their relationship.

07-09-15_12-18 PM-3

I never noticed just how similar they look. Merlin has his father’s exact facial structure, and he only looks different because his hair and eye colour are different.

07-09-15_12-18 PM-4

Elaine is filthy and is also heading to work.

07-09-15_12-20 PM-3

That’s gross, sorry Merl.

07-09-15_12-20 PM-4 07-09-15_12-20 PM-5

Well, Amanda’s is enjoying herself.

Amanda: Retirement is good.

… You still have a job.

Amanda: Retirement from being TH.

07-09-15_1-16 PM 07-09-15_1-17 PM 07-09-15_1-17 PM-2

Morg came home from school angry as usual.

This is a very angry family.

07-09-15_1-27 PM

So I changed the top outdoor area. I went with a lime/wood theme. There’s a bar, a barbecue, table and chairs, etc. Watch no one ever use it.

07-09-15_1-46 PM


Geoff: I love you, son, even if you married a woman no one likes.

07-09-15_1-50 PM-2

Elaine: I’ve gone into labour!

Gwaine: I don’t care.

07-09-15_1-52 PM-4

?? So many questions.

07-09-15_1-55 PM

Elaine is still in labour.

Elaine: Why won’t anyone take me to the hospital?

Sorry, Elaine. Technically I could send you but I want to see how long this will last.

07-09-15_1-56 PM 07-09-15_1-57 PM

Elaine gave birth to a baby boy named Cecil!

07-09-15_1-57 PM-2


07-09-15_1-58 PM


Mixed gender twins. Cecil and Dana. (If you can guess my naming theme, ten points).

Twins are you KIDDING ME!

Yeah also I might change those posters.

07-09-15_2-00 PM

Also, Elaine is SICK!


07-09-15_1-59 PM-3 07-09-15_2-00 PM-2

This autonomous baby socialisation gives me some hope.

But twins…

07-09-15_2-02 PM

While you’re dancing, Elaine, there’s some medicine behind you if you’d like to take it. No?


Ok I am done. Twins. Illness. Nope. That’s it for this chapter.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 3.2

  1. I love your Reagans family, they are just awesome. They make me laugh, cry and smile with their antics. You do a really fantastic job with them. I can’t wait to see what happens. Keep up the amazing work!! 😀


  2. My own Gen 1 ISBI founder gave birth to twins. My Sim went to work but the husband skipped work but spent the whole day watching TV and napping. The kids almost got taken away, but yeah, he’s just a loser. He skips every second work day.


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