Chapter 3.1

Hello and welcome to the beginning of Generation 3! Merlin is now officially the TH.

06-23-15_5-52 PM

And here’s our TH now! What are you doing, Merl?

Merlin: Gotta go out and find a wife.

Spouse hunting! Fun!

06-23-15_5-53 PM

Merlin: Alcohol. PLEASE.

06-23-15_5-54 PM

She’s a YA. She’ll do.

Merlin (out of frame): She’ll DO? My aspiration is SOULMATE. She needs to be PERFECT for me.

Well, she is now.

06-23-15_5-57 PM-2 06-23-15_5-58 PM-2 06-23-15_5-58 PM-3 06-23-15_5-59 PM

They talked for awhile, and sat that far apart the whole time.

Merlin, you have NO game.

06-23-15_6-09 PM

Merlin: How YOU doin’?

06-23-15_6-12 PM

So, for awhile I couldn’t decide which career to give to Merlin, but then I decided to put him in the astronaut career. Because he had an A in high school, he started at level 3, so this career reward was in the inventory.

06-23-15_6-12 PM-3

Merlin gets started on the cooking. Sorry, that’s the lot of life for a TH. All the cooking. The fridge needs to be fully stocked.

06-23-15_6-19 PM-2 06-23-15_6-19 PM-3 06-23-15_6-19 PM-4 06-23-15_6-20 PM-2

These two talk for awhile because we may as well as keep our options open.

06-23-15_6-20 PM-4

Elaine: Hey Merlin!

Merlin: Who are you?

Elaine: I’m the girl from last night!

Merlin: Oh. I didn’t recognise you without the hat.


06-23-15_6-22 PM 06-23-15_6-23 PM-2 06-23-15_6-24 PM 06-23-15_6-24 PM-2 06-23-15_6-24 PM-3 06-23-15_6-25 PM 06-23-15_6-25 PM-2

They went on a date since Merlin has to go on like a billion of them for his aspiration. *sigh* I’m a really lazy player so my sims barely ever have dates. He has to have two for the first step of the soulmate aspiration, and then later like three at a certain level and another three at a different level or something ridiculous like that ugh.

06-23-15_6-25 PM-3

They shared their first kiss!

06-23-15_6-26 PM 06-23-15_6-26 PM-2 06-23-15_6-26 PM-4

They’re not boyfriend and girlfriend!

06-23-15_7-12 PM

Then Merlin asked Elaine to move in, and I changed her clothing.

So, Elaine Brunner is nor part of the family. Her traits are Glutton, Bro, and Cheerful, and her aspiration is Nerd Brain, which also gives her Quick Learner as a trait.

06-23-15_7-12 PM-2 06-23-15_7-12 PM-4 06-23-15_7-12 PM-5 06-23-15_7-13 PM

Elaine and Merlin have some fun in the hot tub.

06-23-15_7-21 PM

Hey, Amanda, how are you going with being a non-TH?

Amanda: I can relax!

As long as you’re happy.

06-23-15_7-22 PM

Elaine is taking the rubbish out. I like Elaine.

06-23-15_7-22 PM-2 06-23-15_7-22 PM-3 06-23-15_7-22 PM-4

Elaine and Amanda don’t get on.

06-23-15_7-24 PM-4

Elaine does enjoy the hot tub, though.

06-23-15_7-26 PM

Thanks, Geoff!

06-23-15_7-26 PM-2

Elaine found a bed.

06-23-15_7-38 PM 06-23-15_7-38 PM-2

So, from the money from Elaine’s move in, and from what I’d saved for them, I built on to the house, added a rather bare third floor, plus a pool and top outdoor area. I like it. More will be added on as more money comes in.

The house is very square lol. I’m not very good at building.

06-23-15_7-44 PM

Elaine and Merlin have a bit of fun in the pool.

06-23-15_7-45 PM 06-23-15_7-46 PM

They’re pretty cute together.

06-23-15_7-46 PM-2 06-23-15_7-46 PM-4


06-23-15_7-50 PM 06-23-15_7-50 PM-2 06-23-15_7-51 PM 06-23-15_7-51 PM-4 06-23-15_7-51 PM-6

And now married!

06-23-15_7-52 PM 06-23-15_7-52 PM-2

A bit of celebration.

06-23-15_7-54 PM-2 06-23-15_7-54 PM-3

And she’s preganant!


There’s already 6 people in the house apparently I’m nuts.

06-23-15_7-54 PM-4

Elaine: I’m pregnant!

Merlin: Great, more people to clean up after.

Merlin! You’re going to be a father!

06-23-15_7-54 PM

Amanda: So, what do we all think of this Elaine?

Geoff: I like her.

Amanda: Well, I don’t like her. She isn’t good enough for my son.

Gwaine: Well, they’re already married.

Amanda: Marriages can be broken.

Morgana: I think she’s pregnant, too.

Amanda: Dammit!

06-23-15_7-57 PM

Elaine naps while Gwaine works on his logic skill.

06-26-15_6-16 PM

Morgana, there are plenty of places to sit down.

06-26-15_6-18 PM 06-26-15_6-18 PM-3

So… I may have forgotten Gwaine’s birthday.

06-26-15_6-25 PM 06-26-15_6-26 PM

He’s cute!

He grew up with Creative as a trait, and his aspiration is Friend of the World.

06-26-15_6-26 PM-2

I love him.

06-26-15_6-28 PM-2

Father/son selfie time.

06-26-15_6-31 PM-2

Geoff and Amanda aren’t getting along. 😦

06-26-15_6-34 PM-6

They get on well.

Okay the rest of the pictures I have are just sleeping pictures which is boring and also I’m too lazy to continue with this chapter, so that’s it for now.

Next time, there will be a baby! Also, I have to decide what my naming theme is going to be.


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