Chapter 2.7

Well, three people voted, and the winner was Merlin! So as soon as he becomes an YA, he will be the new TH.

06-21-15_4-49 PM

Merlin: I’m TH? Look at me. I don’t think I’m TH material.

Well, as TH I can command you to have a shower, so you won’t get that dirty.

06-21-15_4-50 PM-2

Merlin: Man, I stink.

06-21-15_4-54 PM-2

Yes, Merlin, work on your homework, get an A!

Morgana: He’s the TH? Hmph!

06-21-15_4-57 PM

Family bonding sans Amanda. Because she has important TH things to such as clean and fix everything in her family’s wake.

06-21-15_5-02 PM-2 06-21-15_5-02 PM-3

Amanda: Mwaa haahaha! I will soon be under the creator’s control no longer, and I can start taking over the world.

Uh… okay there Manda.

06-21-15_5-05 PM

I got them a treadmill in the hopes that Morg would use it since she has an athletic aspiration, but lbr, that’s not going to happen.

06-21-15_5-17 PM

Uh, Morg? Weren’t you going to school?

Morgana: Nah, don’t feel like it today.

06-21-15_5-19 PM-2 06-21-15_5-19 PM-3

Morgana spent her chosen day off watching TV and making odd faces.

06-21-15_5-18 PM

Geoff: Hey, Morg, check out my moves.

Morgana: Please stop, Dad.

06-21-15_5-24 PM

And then Morgana had a nap to finish her day off.

06-21-15_5-27 PM

Merlin: What? Morgana took a day off and is napping right now? That’s not fair!

Sorry kid.

06-21-15_5-27 PM-2

Merlin: Gotta send a pic of my pretty face to all those girls out there.

06-21-15_5-28 PM 06-21-15_5-28 PM-2

Merlin has a bit of an angry dance.

06-21-15_5-32 PM

Morgana: You know what? I’m pretty fantastic.

Merlin: Yeah, keep telling yourself that, sis.

06-21-15_5-55 PM

Merlin: Oh no! I think being voted TH made me pregnant!

That’s… that’s not how it works, Merlin.

06-21-15_5-56 PM

Gwaine: By the way. I’m adorable.

06-21-15_5-58 PM-3


06-22-15_1-04 PM-2 06-22-15_1-04 PM-3 06-22-15_1-04 PM-4

Sibling dancing time! Woo, Morgana, get down!

I love Gwaine’s face in the last pic.

06-22-15_12-26 PM

Amanda rolled a wish to get a hot tub, so I decided why not.

06-22-15_12-26 PM-2

Amanda immediately upgraded it to have aromatherapy.

06-22-15_12-28 PM 06-22-15_12-28 PM-2

Amanda: Ah yes, this is the only way to enjoy the hot tub.

Manda, youre kids could wander into the backyard at any moment.

06-22-15_12-29 PM-2 06-22-15_12-29 PM-3 06-22-15_12-30 PM 06-22-15_12-30 PM-2 06-22-15_12-30 PM-3

Geoff and Amanda… *ahem* christen the hot tub.

06-22-15_12-32 PM-2

I forgot it was Amanda’s birthday. She’s an adult now.

06-22-15_12-33 PM

Morgana also joins them in the hot tub.

06-22-15_12-43 PM

Thank you, Morgana.

06-22-15_12-43 PM-2

Morgana: Umm… it wasn’t me?

06-22-15_12-50 PM-3 06-22-15_12-51 PM

So this is cool. I didn’t know they would play with the toys in their inventory in the bath.

06-22-15_12-54 PM 06-22-15_12-54 PM-2 06-22-15_12-54 PM-3

That looks like a very interesting conversation.

06-22-15_12-56 PM-5

I had Amanda invite the kids to play horseshoes together because she had very little relationship with any of her children.

06-22-15_12-57 PM-2 06-22-15_12-57 PM-3 06-22-15_12-58 PM

Their faces amuse me.

06-22-15_1-16 PM-2 06-22-15_1-17 PM

Gwaine and Amanda have an argument in the hot tub.

06-22-15_1-20 PM

Morgana: What, Merlin has a B and not me?

Merlin: Maybe you should go to school, fool.

I don’t know why, but Merlin always comes back from school angry.

06-22-15_1-24 PM

Look at this sweet computer Amanda got for being promoted!

06-22-15_1-28 PM

Good boy.

06-22-15_1-30 PM

Merlin: Hmmm, yes, doing my homework sitting on my parents bed while my father is sleeping is an excellent idea.

06-22-15_1-39 PM-2


06-22-15_2-03 PM

I love Morgana. I’ll be sad to see her go.

06-22-15_2-39 PM-2 06-22-15_2-41 PM

Oh look, a cake. It must be someone’s birthday!

06-22-15_2-40 PM

Well, Amanda, you’ve been great. When you get home from work, you will no longer be the TH.

06-22-15_2-41 PM-3 06-22-15_2-41 PM-4 06-22-15_2-41 PM-5

And now Merlin is a YA and our TH! He grew up with the Childish trait. Next chapter will be 3.1 and him looking for a spouse.


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