Chapter 2.6

I promised the next update wouldn’t take so long!

So, at the end of this update will be an heir vote. I can’t decide who I want for TH. Even if just one person votes, they will be a lot easier for me.

Amanda's aspiration

We begin the update with this. At some point, Amanda reached her aspiration! Yay!

(100 hours on the computer. Wow. Is that all?)

06-16-15_6-56 PM 06-16-15_6-56 PM-2 06-16-15_6-59 PM

Just a few pictures to show the state the house is in.

06-16-15_6-58 PM-2

Gemma, no one is coming to let you in.

06-16-15_7-01 PM-2

What, no!!!

06-16-15_7-02 PM

Oh no, everyone is so upset.

06-16-15_7-02 PM-4

And with that, Isabel Reagan left behind an urn.

Rest in peace, Izzy. You were a great founder.

06-16-15_7-03 PM

Merlin and Gwaine are just going to mope around now I think.

06-16-15_7-05 PM 06-16-15_7-05 PM-2

The Grim Reaper stuck around for a bit, watching the news.

06-16-15_7-09 PM

Goeff: Excuse me, I stink!

Yes, take a shower.

06-16-15_7-10 PM

Aww, Merlin 😦

06-16-15_7-13 PM-2

Morgana doesn’t seem too bothered by her grandmother’s death though.

Morgana: I just really like this show!

06-16-15_7-22 PM


So I changed the layout a little, made the kitchen smaller and added a small activities room. Hopefully they use it and won’t just stand around. Put some things in for the kids as well, so hopefully they will skill and get better grades.

06-16-15_7-23 PM-2

I also got them a bigger TV.

06-16-15_7-23 PM-3

And I put horseshoes into the back yard.

I hope now they’ll do interesting things.

06-16-15_7-27 PM

Merlin: Oh yeah, you can definitely do my homework, it’s easy.

Gwaine: I can barely do my own.

06-16-15_7-33 PM

Travis and Isabel, together once more.

(Until I opened the game again and it had purged them from existence. Then I put the graves in Amanda’s inventory)

06-16-15_7-39 PM

I didn’t get a picture of it, but Amanda looks so happy here because she just spat in the food she was cooking for her family. Wow. I didn’t know you held so much resentment towards your family.

Amanda: Evil, remember?

Oh yeah. You only really show it when you laugh maniacally every now and then, I tend to forget.

06-16-15_7-41 PM

Morgana and Gwaine get alone well.

06-16-15_7-43 PM

Aww, yay, skilling.

06-16-15_7-48 PM

Gwaine: Hey good buddy, how you doing?

06-16-15_7-49 PM

Gwaine: No answer? Fine then, you’re a big weeny face!

06-16-15_7-50 PM

Merlin: Uh, excuse me, my mother is wandering around in her underwear and it makes me uncomfortable.

Just eat your cake.

06-16-15_7-51 PM-2

Please don’t set the house on fire, Amanda.

06-16-15_7-55 PM-2

I think Amanda is due a bit of fun.

06-16-15_7-56 PM

Amanda: That was not close at all.

06-16-15_7-57 PM

And then Amanda went to go greet one of the passer bys. The first person Amanda has ever met who is not family. Geoff doesn’t count because she married him later.

06-16-15_7-57 PM-2

Of course, Amanda is evil so she has to jeer at her.

Amanda: Haha, your face looks like a giant turd.

Random passerby: What is your problem?

06-16-15_7-58 PM-2

And then she tricked her with a hand buzzer.

Which improved their relationship.

Sims are weird.

06-16-15_8-20 PM

Morgana is constantly making amusing facial expressions and I love her.

06-16-15_8-20 PM-2

Gwaine looks like he’s about to fall asleep where he stands.

06-16-15_8-21 PM

He promptly went up and had a nap.

06-16-15_8-29 PM 06-16-15_8-29 PM-2 06-17-15_2-56 PM

I changed the kitchen a little. Added some decorative items, moved one of Amanda’s job rewards so that there’s a focused moodlet, changed the wallpaper and flooring. It looks somewhat like a kitchen now.

06-17-15_3-01 PM-2

Geoff: Hey son, how’s the game going?

Merlin: Better if you weren’t here, Dad.


06-17-15_3-01 PM-4

Merlin: Woo, that was awesome. Thanks for leaving, Dad!

06-17-15_3-03 PM

I also changed Izzy’s old room, different wallpaper, better bed. Merlin has claimed it.

06-17-15_3-03 PM-2

Also Geoff apparently.

No boundaries in this family.

Also I think I need to change the door, the fact that it’s white while the skirting board of the wall is brown is bugging me.

06-17-15_3-08 PM-2

Morgana got out of her bath and just kind of stood there like this for two hours.

06-17-15_3-14 PM


06-17-15_3-17 PM-2

What a face, Gwaine.

Gwaine: I stink so much I’m gonna hurl.

06-17-15_3-18 PM

This is Ezequiel Rosen (here on in known as Zeke) who Morgana met at school because I set her to make friends. And then I got a pop up saying ‘should Morgana invited him over’ and I was like sure. Friends are good.

06-17-15_3-18 PM-3

He went straight into the kitchen and started to boogie.

(I’m considering him for a spouse maybe if Morgana becomes TH. But only maybe.)

06-17-15_3-17 PM-3

Someone is angry.

06-17-15_3-18 PM-2

Geoff: Merlin, you seemed upset about something, so here’s a hug.

06-17-15_3-19 PM

He’s using the science table!

06-17-15_3-19 PM-2

Morgana: Urgh, Dad, gross!!

He just farted.

06-17-15_3-19 PM-3

Morgana: Actually, that was a pretty good one. *claps*

Goeff: Oh, I’m so embarrassed.

06-17-15_3-19 PM-4

Morgana: Haha, you’re embarrassed!

Geoff: Where can I hide?

06-17-15_3-19 PM-5

Geoff: Don’t laugh at your father, young lady!

Morgana: Whoa, Dad, calm your tits.

06-17-15_3-21 PM

Someone’s angry after that encounter.

06-17-15_3-20 PM-2

The focusin decor works! Even for Zeke.

06-17-15_3-24 PM

A budding friendship!

06-17-15_3-25 PM

Geoff really loves spending time with his family.

Oh wait. His aspiration is Big Happy Family.

06-17-15_3-26 PM-2

Amanda was feeling a little cooped up so I sent her outside and thought ‘why not build a new skill?’

06-17-15_3-26 PM-5

The family seems to enjoy horseshoes. Good buy.

06-17-15_3-31 PM-4

Gwaine also likes the science table.

Gwaine: Hmm, this slide seems to show that SCIENCE RULES.

06-17-15_3-35 PM

Geoff just came up to Amanda and started making out with her. Cuties.

06-17-15_3-42 PM

Zeke came over again the next day of school. He might become a permanent fixture. We’ll see.

06-17-15_3-46 PM

Gwaine was angry for some reason, so kicked the rubbish bin over.

06-17-15_3-46 PM-2

Merlin: Someone needs to pick the bin up so I can kick it over again.

Why can’t you pick it up?

06-17-15_3-56 PM-2

The table outside is being used! And Gwaine is doing homework. Good boy!

06-17-15_4-02 PM-2

Yes, Amanda is making a cake. Birthday coming up!

06-17-15_4-04 PM-2

These two have suddenly become extra adorable.

06-17-15_4-04 PM-4

Now we can celebrate Morgana’s birthday!

06-17-15_4-05 PM

Amanda is the only one celebrating.

06-17-15_4-14 PM 06-17-15_4-14 PM-2

She still makes good facial expressions.

She grew up with the Perfectionist trait, and her aspiration is Body Builder.

06-17-15_4-14 PM-3

Your foot is twisted. That looks really uncomfortable.

Morgana: Nah, I like it.

06-17-15_4-14 PM-4

Morgana looks nervous about something. Perhaps the heir vote, which it is time for!

Why am I doing it now? Because Merlin is going to be an adult before Gwaine becomes a teenager, so you have to base your vote on Gwaine’s child trait.

As a reminder, our three options are Merlin, Morgana, and Gwaine. Merlin’s traits are Geek and Gloomy, and his aspiration is Soulmate. Morgana’s traits are Hot-Headed and Perfectionist, and her Aspiration is Body Builder. Gwaine’s trait is Lazy, and his childhood aspiration is Artistic Prodigy.

Please vote! Thank you!


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