Chapter 2.5

I am the worst. It has been over six months.

Wow Anneliese what are you doing?

The kicker of this is that the pictures have been sitting in my folder for most of those six months. I could claim health issues and work issues (that led to be quitting my job) and all sorts of other issues.

Mostly I’m just lazy.

BUT! I am here now and posting this without any idea of the context.

So I just had to reread the last update but we left off with the birth of baby Gwaine!

03-06-15_4-03 PM 03-06-15_4-07 PM-3

So Isabel and Geoff seem to get along well while ignoring baby Gwaine.

03-06-15_4-08 PM-2

No, wait, there Geoff goes to change Gwaine’s nappy.

03-06-15_4-08 PM-3

Gwaine and Morgana arrive back from school. Merlin seems pretty happy but Morgana. Wow. Take a shower, girl.

03-06-15_4-11 PM-2


Morgana: Who wants to shower when you can DANCE!

03-06-15_4-11 PM-4

Okay now she’s just going to stomp around the house.

If you take a shower you’ll be a lot happier, Morgs.

03-06-15_4-12 PM 03-06-15_4-12 PM-2

Good girl.

03-06-15_4-12 PM-3

Merlin has a nap, which is good. They’re looking after themselves. Somewhat.

03-06-15_4-13 PM-2

Geoff: Ew what stinks.

I don’t know, maybe your screaming baby????

03-06-15_4-13 PM-5

Are you actually kidding me right now?

03-06-15_4-14 PM 03-06-15_4-14 PM-2

Amanda’s home which means the baby can be taken care of.

03-06-15_4-16 PM-2 03-06-15_4-17 PM 03-06-15_4-17 PM-3

I think Geoff had a birthday but I didn’t get any decent pictures because apparently I am an amateur who doesn’t have one and a half legacies under her belt.

03-06-15_4-18 PM-2 03-06-15_4-18 PM-3

Someone destroyed the dollhouse.

03-06-15_4-19 PM

Amanda gets to fixing it.

03-06-15_4-19 PM-2


While Amanda fixes the dollhouse, Morgana keeps her stinky brother company.

03-06-15_4-20 PM-2

Isabel: Why am I stinky and standing a puddle of pee?

03-06-15_4-23 PM-2

Isabel: Uh… creator? Excuse me? Aren’t you supposed to look after me.

No. Look after yourself.

03-06-15_4-25 PM-3


03-06-15_4-25 PM-4 03-06-15_4-26 PM

At least Geoff is looking after himself.

03-06-15_4-27 PM-2

Look, Isabel. People around you are looking after themselves! You can too!

03-06-15_4-31 PM-3 03-06-15_4-31 PM-4

Geoff is doing so well at the moment well done Geoff.

Isabel, why can’t you follow your son-in-laws example?

03-06-15_4-31 PM-6 03-06-15_4-31 PM-7 03-06-15_4-31 PM-8

And again.

03-06-15_4-35 PM 03-06-15_4-35 PM-3

And again. The puddle reappeared as well.

03-06-15_4-36 PM-2

What is that look about, Morgs? Wow.

03-06-15_4-36 PM-3

Oh, here’s trouble.

Merlin: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Wrong fandom there, buddy.

03-06-15_4-38 PM

Push ups next to the dining table seems like a great idea.

03-06-15_4-40 PM-3 03-06-15_4-40 PM-4

It’s Merlin’s birthday!

03-06-15_4-54 PM

Looking good, Merl!

His new trait is Gloomy, which makes him a gloomy geek, and his aspiration is Soulmate. As a reminder, I randomise using this website.

03-06-15_4-54 PM-3

Isabel is… doing something??

03-06-15_4-55 PM


I really miss the customisation in TS3, I could make his shirt look so much better… oh well. I’ve actually reinstalled that and am playing both TS3 and TS4.

Also I’m thinking heir poll for the Gen 3 TH. If anyone is still going to read this ISBI.

03-06-15_4-56 PM-3 03-06-15_4-58 PM

Twice more… at least she’s moved.

03-06-15_4-58 PM-2

Merlin chooses to sleep in his Dad’s bed.

TBH I don’t care where they sleep, my general rule is have more beds than people then there’ll always be somewhere for someone.

03-06-15_4-58 PM-3 03-06-15_4-59 PM 03-06-15_5-01 PM

Izzy!!! Well done!

*standing ovation for Izzy*

03-06-15_5-04 PM-2

Oooh, sparkles.

03-06-15_5-07 PM

Gwaine as a child! He’s cute!

Gwaine grew up with Lazy as a trait, and his childhood aspiration is Artistic Prodigy, which we all know he won’t reach.

03-06-15_5-09 PM 03-06-15_5-09 PM-2

Wow. Izzy is even working on her social need, even if it is with a giant stuffed dragon.

03-06-15_5-11 PM

Gwaine has found a bed.

03-06-15_5-11 PM-3

Wow, Izzy, what’s gotten up your arse?

03-06-15_5-12 PM

Morgana is autonomously skilling!

Also that looks like a slightly awkward angle.

03-06-15_5-13 PM-2

Awww, sibling love.

03-06-15_5-14 PM

Okay, the previous picture is slightly less cute now that Morgana is stomping away.

Morgana: I have his germs on me now.

Gwaine: *blissfully unaware*

03-06-15_5-15 PM-2

And I’ll finish this update with a picture of Izzy and Merlin eating on the couch together.

The expression on Merlin’s face looks particularly evil.

I promise the next update won’t take nearly seven months! In fact I’m about to open TS4 and play the Reagans (and not any of my other saves) I promise!!



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